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PJSC "Plant" Neva", Kurchatov Street, 6, Khmelnytskyi, Ukraine

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Сергей Новохацкий
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Сергей Новохацкий


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Бенз ...авно что 92что 92+что 95 льют из одной бочки и страшный недолив Оператор Юля с небритой бородой обманывает клиентов будьте внимательны...

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Игорь Водяницкий
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Игорь Водяницкий

Internet-magazin Siboos

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Отличное место! Высокое качество обслуживания за малые деньги. Отличные ребята, обслуживание и качество всегда на высоте....

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About company: Online Gift Shop "Elf"

Online Gift Shop "Elf" offers you a wide selection of gifts for all occasions for both men and women, to anniversaries and New Year, corporate gifts. Our firm works with both organizations and private individuals. Online Gift Shop "Elf" was created specifically for those who value their time and want to please loved ones really original and beautiful gift, after all our things and will find good use in the office of the chief, and the home of a loved one! Online Gift Shop "Elf" - is always a high level of service and reasonable prices. It is always a refinement and the unusual design of products that perfectly complement your interior, make your gift is welcome and will help to create a unique atmosphere in your home.

Sincerely and successful shopping!

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