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User agreement NYiGDE?

  1. 1. General provisions.
  2. 2. Terms of use of the resource "NYiGDE?".
  3. 3. Limitation of responsibility of the Administration resource "NYiGDE?".
  4. 4. The procedure for the "User Agreement".

This document is a current, current "User Agreement" and represents an offer of conditions for the use of the platform "NYiGDE" (hereinafter referred to as the site, resource, platform, platform, business platform) represented by the Site Administration and an individual (hereinafter referred to as the User).

1. General provisions.

1.1 In this User Agreement and outgoing / related relations of the Parties, the following definitions and terminology are used:

* User agreement is a contract between the owner of an electronic product, the Administration of a site (resource) and an individual using the product.

* User - an individual, an organization that has ever accessed the site in their own interests and purpose.

* The site is an automated system of web pages that has an individual address, unique content and is perceived by users as a single whole.

* Content - text materials, audio, video, photos, images, objects with copyright and related rights.

* Service - a set of services for the use of applications provided to the user.

* The application is an auxiliary software tool designed for automated execution of actions on servers.

* A mobile application is software that is designed to work on tablets, smartphones and other typical devices.

* Server - a computer that is designed to solve specific tasks, store information, execute program codes, databases.

* Internet - a system of combining computer networks for the transmission and storage of information.

* The User's Cabinet (Personal Area) is a personal service in the online mode, access to which the User receives after registration / authorization on the resource NYiGDE? and is designed to store, view and manage personal data.

* A database is a collection of information organized and stored in accordance with a conceptual framework that describes the characteristics of the data presented and the relationships between them.

* Push notifications are messages that appear over the windows of running programs.

* HTTP "Cookies" (Cookies) - used to describe information in the form of text or binary data received from a website and stored on the user's computer.

* A blog is an online journal of recent events, useful and effective information, an online diary of the company NYiGDE ?, the main content of which is the regular addition of unique records with embedded photos, images, video, text, translations into foreign languages.

* Forum - is the user creating topics on the resource NYiGDE? with their subsequent discussion by other users.

* Events (billboard) - an online announcement on NYiGDE? about the upcoming concert, film premiere, celebrations, fairs and other activities.

* Bulletin board NYiGDE? - announcements, publications on NYiGDE ?, posted by users of the resource about buying, selling, exchanging, searching for something.

* Internet Shop NYiGDE? - part of the resource NYiGDE ?, a site that distributes goods / services directly through the Internet.

1.2 In this User Agreement, other terms that are not specified in clause 1.1. May also be used. Other not specified concepts should be interpreted according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.3 The mandatory documents specified in this Agreement determine the main conditions for the use of the Annexes, as well as their development, addition of functions.

1.4 The provision of the Service is governed by the provisions of this Agreement and the additional documents on its basis.

2. Terms of use of the resource "NYiGDE?".

2.1 Each User is obliged to familiarize himself with the Terms (clause 2 of the User Agreement), the General Provisions (clause 1 of the User Agreement) of this current Agreement until the moment of registration on the site "NYiGDE?".

2.2 This "User Agreement" may be supplemented / amended by the Administration of the site "NYiGDE?" Without sending personal notices to the User. Terms are absolutely open and generally available to all users of the resource at any time.

2.3 If the User does not agree to the Terms of this "User Agreement", he undertakes to stop using the "NYiGDE" platform in all cases and for any purpose.

2.4 Registration on the resource "NYiGDE?" Speaks about absolute agreement with all rules, conditions and full acceptance of the "User Agreement". In the event of non-agreement with the clauses of the Agreement, the User must stop using this resource for any purpose.

2.5 The user selects himself, sets the login and password for access to the Personal Area / Account at registration. The site "NYiGDE?" Reserves the right to set the requirements for symbols, the length of characters registered in the logins, and the right to prohibit the approval of certain logins and passwords.

2.6 Each User of the resource can contact the technical support of "NYiGDE?" With questions, suggestions, suggestions for improvement of work and claims. For each appeal, the User is personally liable for calls containing threats, foul language, discrimination, insult, eroticism, illegal actions according to the current legislation of Ukraine.

2.7 Any use of the functionality of the site is permissible after passing the registration / authorization by the User, regarding the rules of the business platform "NYiGDE?".

2.8 The information that the User provides to the site during registration is subject to the terms of the Privacy Policy.

2.9 For registration, the User undertakes to provide true information about his personality. If site administrators have doubts about the credibility of the account / account or the account / record is accompanied by obscene language, pictures of vulgar nature, other violations of rules - this allows you to block or delete the account / account.

2.10 The resource "NYiGDE" at any time may require confirmation of the identity and other data of the User that were indicated during registration and request the provision of an identity document.

2.11 The "NYiGDE" platform reserves the right to send informational, including advertising messages, notifications to e-mail, to the mobile phone of the User "NYiGDE" with his consent. Each User may refuse to receive information. Service messages informing the User about anything, as well as Push notifications (Push messages) are sent automatically and can not be rejected by the User.

2.12 Push notifications or Push messages are used to notify important changes, updates, events, new applications, or new versions of existing applications. Push notifications report on promotions, offers, news.

2.13 Resource "NYiGDE" has the right to use the technology "Cookies" (Cookies). "Cookies" (Cookies) do not contain confidential information and are not transferred to third parties.

2.14 The platform allows the user to view, scoop content, share links from the site for personal use. Any copying of content from the site "NYiGDE?" As well as the use for the promotion of other people's sites is considered as plagiarism.

2.15 The administration of the site has the authority to change the User's entry and make edits, transfer to other categories, if it does not comply with the standards of this site (including in the Catalog of Enterprises, the Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops).

2.16 Images, addresses, contact numbers, descriptions must comply with this description and carry true information on the entire Site (including in the Catalog of Enterprises, the Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops).

2.17 In the process of registration, users are given a personal password and a login for the entry into the Site and the Personal Cabinet (including in the Enterprise Catalog, the Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops), the responsibility for the safety of which is borne by the User himself.

2.18 The site "NYiGDE" has the right to set limits and limit in the use of the Applications and the Services based on them for each User, depending on the location of the User and the language on which the Service itself is provided.

3. Limitation of responsibility of the Administration resource "NYiGDE?".

3.1 The administration of the site is not responsible for typos, errors, which are found in any way in the content of the resource (Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet-Shops). If the User has noticed inaccuracies, he can contact the administrator who will check the information and make corrections / changes, if necessary.

3.2 The administration of the site is not responsible for keeping the account on the platform "NYiGDE?" If it was hacked in any way and under any circumstances.

3.3 The information on the resource is constantly updated, modified, and edited. Administration of the site is not responsible for the User receiving obsolete information.

3.4 The administration of the site is not responsible for personal opinions, comments to the visitors and users of the site, in the comments and comments. The Opinion of the User, the authors of the comments, often does not coincide with the opinion of the Administration, but "NYiGDE?" Does everything possible to avoid discontent and negative statements by the User.

3.5 The administration of the site is not liable for damage, losses, expenses of Clients, Users, related to the use / inability to use the platform "NYiGDE" (including the Catalog of Enterprises, Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops).

3.6 The administration of the site is not responsible for incorrect, incorrect, incomplete and not accurate indication of personal data by the User when creating an account or during other actions.

3.7 If you received false and insulting information, untruthful or any other unacceptable statements from third parties that relate to this resource - the User can apply for verification and clarification of information to the site administrators "NYiGDE?".

3.8 In cases of involvement of the resource "NYiGDE?" To account for any errors, statements, violations committed by users who have infringed the rights / interests of third parties - the User undertakes to take all financial damage on himself and in full, to compensate losses to the site / resource / platform "NYiGDE" ? ».

3.9 In the case of a gross and repeated violation of the terms of the current "User Agreement" or the requirements of Ukrainian legislation, the resource has the authority to remove / block the User account or restrict its actions, prohibit access to the Applications, Services (including access to the Forum, Blog, Announcements, Internet Shops), and also remove posted content that was not agreed with the Administration of "NYiGDE".

3.10 When posting information about the company, when creating an account, the User agrees to verify the information, namely: telephones, addresses, company name, company, organization, e-mail, checking the personal site for the authenticity and the coincidence of all contacts of the site Administration. If the data is not correct, the Administration of the site "NYiGDE" has the right not to publish false information.

3.11 The administration of the site is not responsible for any problems with the Site (including problems in the Catalog of Enterprises in the Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops) caused by technical failures in the operation of the software, equipment including Internet problems.

4. The procedure for the "User Agreement".

4.1 This Agreement is a contract between the User and the Site Administration. Administration has the right to change the Agreement or completely rewrite all the items. Changes come into effect from the moment of their publication on the Site. If the User continues to draw information from the resource after the changes (including information from the Enterprise Catalog, Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops), he automatically agrees with the amended rules of this Agreement.

4.2 The resource "NYiGDE?" (Including Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops, Catalog of Enterprises) is subject to the intellectual property rights of the Site Administration. The database, all the text posted on the site, articles on the Blogs, description of categories, description of the administrative centers of Ukraine are unique and belong exclusively to the Administration of the site "NYiGDE?" And contain copyrights.

4.3 All trademarks, their names, which are referenced in the materials of this Site are the property of their owners. The resource "NYiGDE?" Does not appropriate other people's materials of a diversified nature.

4.4 The logo of the resource "NYiGDE?", The name, design are the property of the owner. Users, companies, organizations and other sites, for the use of the name and logo "NYiGDE?" For personal and commercial purposes are liable in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.

4.5 According to this "User Agreement", each User undertakes not to copy, reproduce or reproduce any parts of the Site "NYiGDE?" (Including part of the Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Internet Shops, Enterprise Catalog) without the permission of the Administration " NYiGDE?".

4.6 Termination of the Agreement by the resource "NYiGDE" may be held in the following cases:

a) the commission by the User of actions that contradict the current policy and rules of the site;

b) violation by the User of the provisions of this Agreement, damaging the platform "NYiGDE?" including financial damage to this resource, its reputation and reputation of other Users.