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Rules for using online stores NYIGDE?

  1. General provisions.
  2. Item of sale.
  3. Range, prices, delivery.
  4. Packaging and labeling.
  5. Copyrights.
  6. Disclaimer.
  7. Forbidden on NYiGDE?.


1. General provisions.

All Users Platform NYiGDE? undertake to act in accordance with the laws of their country. Terms of action, rules of transactions, articles in this document are interpreted according to the legislation of Ukraine. If you are not a citizen of Ukraine, then you undertake to act in accordance with the laws of your country. Please do not violate the current rules and laws of your country and Ukraine!

1.1. Before using the function of online shopping in NYiGDE? read the terms of use carefully. If you do not agree with any conditions of the company NYiGDE? (hereinafter referred to as platform, marketplace, business platform, site, resource, platform) - stop all activities. Any action on the platform NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) will be considered as acceptance of all the terms and conditions of NYiGDE?.

1.2. Before using the Online Store on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел User undertakes to familiarize themselves with the following terminology:

* Website, Resource, Platform, Business-Platform, Marketplaces — a set of hardware, software, the result of computer programming in the form of an Internet service (platform, resource, platform, business platform, marketplace), which is available on the Internet at and is owned by LLC “NYiGDE?” (identification code 39960875).

* Resource Administration (Site, Resource, Platform, Platform, Business Platform, Marketplace) —NYiGDE? LLC and / or persons duly authorized by it to manage the Portal and provide services to Users.

* Seller - physical / legal. person, physical / legal. entity-entrepreneur engaged in the sale of goods / services, registered on the Platform NYiGDE? and subdomains. It also has access to the Business Account / Office of the User, where it can publish information about itself, including contact information, about the goods / services offered, commercial offers, as well as advertisements and other information. The seller receiving the Access Service can simultaneously be the Owner of the site (online store), ad, enterprise created on the platform,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел. The Seller may also make purchases on NYiGDE?, that is, to be a Buyer. Individuals who are not registered as an Entrepreneur, cannot use the Resource to sell goods / services for profit, but have the right to create ads in the appropriate section.

* Buyer - Phys./Lur. person, physical / legal. an entrepreneur who has accepted the terms of the current “NYiGDE?” Agreement and who, using the resources of the Resource, buys / orders goods / services offered by sellers / authors of announcements. The buyer can use the opportunities of the Marketplace by registering on the Portal with the creation of his “User Cabinet”, and without such registration (for example, viewing blogs, forums, events, etc.). The buyer can be both the author of the ad, the owner of the online store, that is, the Seller.

* Site - an automated system of web pages that has an individual address, unique content and is perceived by users as a whole as well as the Seller’s Internet site, created on the Marketplace of NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) with the domain name format, registered and decorated using NYiGDE?.

* Commodity position (product / service) - objects of the process of sale. Commercial offer of the Seller to sell a product or service, which is published by him on the Resource NYiGDE?, online store, ads.

Model - product designation assigned by the Seller when creating a product card.

Order - a request made by the Buyer for the purchase and delivery of goods / services, issued through the online store of Marketplace NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел).

1.3. The current rules for the creation and use of online stores in NYiGDE?,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел can be changed. Changes take effect from the moment they are posted. Using the Online Store by the User after changing the Rules automatically means accepting them in full size as they are. NYiGDE? may not personally notify users of changes.

1.4. All changes in these Rules are available to users at any timeon the marketplace NYiGDE?. The user must periodically re-read the items in order to remain aware of the current Rules.

1.5. When jointly referred to, the Seller and the Buyer are referred to as the “Parties”, and each is referred to as the “Party”.

1.6. When creating an online store on the Marketplace NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) The user provides the Resource for the free use of all the necessary information for cooperation.

1.7. All Internet Shops (Sites) on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел should be created according to the current Rules.

1.8. If you have questions in the process of creating the Site, adding products / services, the User can ask for help in technical support NYiGDE?:  

Phone for companies: +380670119119

Phone for users: +380673837080

1.9. NYiGDE? is not responsible for errors and inaccuracies, omissions that made when placing information, creating an online store, adding products / services User on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел, incl. all material or non-pecuniary damages arising from this.

1.10. Genuine information about the owner of the online store, product / service on NYiGDE?,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел, including contact information (real e-mail, telephone for contacting). Contact details are indicated in special fields, used by the Administration of NYiGDE? to contact the Content Author. It is forbidden to display contact information in titles and descriptions. Specified by the User when submitting an e-mail ad is used for the official newsletter to the address of the User on behalf of the Resource Services.


2. Item of sale.

2.1. The subject of sale in online stores on the platform NYiGDE? is the sale of food, clothing, shoes, appliances, tools, transport, and other consumer goods, which are listed in the categories of online stores NYiGDE?, hereinafter referred to as "product / service".

2.2. Sales and purchases of goods / services that are presented in online stores on the platform NYiGDE? Are made by users of the same Resource.

2.3. The sale of goods / services is carried out in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine and the country of the Seller / Buyer.

2.4. Using online shopping on business platform NYiGDE? The Buyer and the Seller - the “Parties” - confirm their agreement with the given terms of sale and undertakes to comply with them.

2.5. When adding goods / services, the User must show his product position in the photo, so that buyers understand and see what they are buying.

2.6. When creating the Site and / or adding products / services, the User must carefully check all information and, if necessary or non-compliant with the Rules, change / add content (including characteristics, photo, description, name, indicate the correct price, any other information) without violating any Rules as well as the legislation of Ukraine and their country. Rules for posting content.

2.7. Objects for sale may be randomly tested by the Administration of NYiGDE?. If a complaint is received from User NYiGDE? - verification is required!


3. Range, prices, delivery.

3.1. Only products / services that are presented in online stores on the Platform NYiGDE? Are available for sale. If the User wants to buy the missing product, he is obliged to consult with the Seller, the manager of the online store.

3.2. The entire range of goods must be distributed in the appropriate categories.

3.3. Prices for goods, currency (foreign / national) are determined by the Seller itself, without the participation of NYiGDE?.

3.4. In case of an incorrectly specified price of the goods ordered by the Buyer, the Seller shall, at the earliest opportunity, inform the Buyer of changes to confirm or cancel the order.

3.5. The price of the goods ordered by the Buyer, which is formed in the order and is ready for execution - is not subject to change. Seller must adhere to the rule. In case of violation of this paragraph of the Rules Resource NYiGDE? does not participate in the proceedings of the Parties.

3.6. Shipping options are determined by the Seller. When agreed with the Buyer, the delivery method may vary. NYiGDE? not involved in the transaction.

3.7. The Seller undertakes to inform the Buyer about changes to the order (terms, prices, delivery method, cost of the order, etc.).

3.8. The Buyer / Seller shall remain available to the Seller / Buyer until payment and receipt of the order.

3.9. Confirmation of payment of the order serves check, receipt, payment order.


4. Packaging and labeling.

4.1. Packaging and packaging of goods must comply with the requirements of the legislation regarding a certain type of goods. Packaging ensures complete safety of the goods, protects it from damage during transportation.

4.2. If the packaging does not correspond to the category of goods, the goods are sent / received damaged, poorly packed - Marketplace NYiGDE? not responsible. This problem is solved directly between the Seller and the Buyer.


5. Copyright Rights.

5.1. Content Resource NYiGDE? and subdomains (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел), the subdomains themselves, all the content, all pages, all sections, categories, including all online shopping templates are copyrighted. Use outside the platform of NYiGDE?, copying template information, assigning and publishing materials on any other platforms, sites, resources without the knowledge and permission of the Owner of NYiGDE? strictly prohibited and punishable.

5.2. Platform NYiGDE? has the right to complain to another resource or users for assigning content owned by,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел to the relevant authorities.


6. Disclaimer.

6.1. Platform NYiGDE? not responsible for sending / receiving defective goods / services.

6.2. NYiGDE? is not responsible for an incorrect, inappropriate, false description of the product / service / category / information about the company by the owners of online stores and for containing links in the content.

6.3. Company NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) is not the organizer / initiator of the transaction between the Parties. NYiGDE? is a trading communication platform that allows Users to create Internet Shops, use them, sell / buy goods / services permitted by the legislation of Ukraine and the country of the Seller.

6.4. Platform NYiGDE? not responsible for any unauthorized access or use of the servers of the Company NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) and / or any information stored on them about users, as well as for any errors, viruses, etc., which can be transmitted to the site pages by third parties.

6.5. Platform NYiGDE? is not responsible for the behavior of Users or for the goods / services they offer, indicated in the categories of online stores. All disputes and conflicts between the Parties (Seller, Buyer) are resolved independently, without the involvement of the Company NYiGDE?.

6.6. Administration NYiGDE? cannot control the accuracy of information posted by users in online stores. The company is not responsible for any damage caused as a result of a transaction or improper behavior of both Parties to the transaction on as well as,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел.

6.7. Safety, legality, quality and compliance of the product / service, their description, as well as the ability of the User to sell / purchase the product / service at,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел are beyond the control of the Company.

6.8. Users can not conclude that the offer, sale, purchase of any product / service is valid and legal, based on the fact of placement, sale and purchase of goods / services on the resource NYiGDE? ( as well as,,,,,,, nuigde.rf,,, nyigde. by, nuigde.bel). The company is not responsible for the completion of the transaction by the user of the resource. Each User assumes full responsibility for personal actions.

6.9. Under no circumstances, the Company NYiGDE?, its management, Administration, Owners, employees and agents, other employees are not responsible for direct, incidental, indirect, special damage, damages and any penalties paid of any kind (even if the Company was warned about the possibility of damage) as a result of using the Site NYiGDE? and,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел, online stores and its services by the User, including without limitation cases in which the damage was the result of the use or misuse of the site and its services.

6.10. If the packaging does not correspond to the category of goods, the goods are sent / received damaged, poorly packed - platform NYiGDE? not responsible. This problem is solved directly between the Seller and the Buyer.

6.11. Administration NYiGDE? has the right to independently, taking into account the requirements and criteria established by the legislation of Ukraine criteria, to decide on the classification of the Site, its content as prohibited by these Rules. The Marketplace Administration also has the right to decide to refuse to place certain goods / services, shops, descriptions, photos, if they consider their content to be such that it does not comply with the legislation of Ukraine, violate the rights of the Users and the Resource itself, and delete at its own discretion without warning or explanation.

6.12. Administration NYiGDE? may refuse the User to create the Site, publish a publication, photo, goods / services, to make restrictions on the number of additions of commodity items, without warning the Users, if there are any reasons (violation of the current Rules of NYiGDE?, the rights of Users and Resource, in order to improve the work of NYiGDE?)

6.13. Administration NYiGDE? can at any time require from the User (the Seller, the Site Owner, the Buyer) documents confirming the identity and the provision of a license for the goods / services sold on NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел). In case of refusal by the User to provide the requested Administration of NYiGDE? documents, the submission of false documents, ignoring the request of administrators of NYiGDE?, Resource NYiGDE? may limit access to the functionality of,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел for some time and / or terminate cooperation completely.

6.14. If you User NYiGDE?, his online store, goods / services, general content posted by him on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел at any time delete his Account and / or any information or content created by him without notice.

6.15. Administration NYiGDE? may not publish / delete any User content that violates the Resource Rules and the laws of Ukraine and his country.

6.16. The administration of the Resource cannot control the authenticity of the information that is posted by Users on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел. NYiGDE? is not responsible for the behavior of users, or the goods / services offered by them, placed in online stores. All disputes, conflicts between users are resolved independently by them, without the involvement of the Marketplace Administration. The quality, safety, legality and conformity of the goods or services, their descriptions, as well as the possibility of the User to sell or purchase the goods / services are beyond the control of the Administration.

6.17. NYiGDE? makes every effort so that Resource users can use Marketplace efficiently and profitably, while not violating the law and the rules of NYiGDE?.

6.18. Users cannot conclude that offers, sales and purchases of any product / service are valid and legal based only on the fact of placement, sale, purchase of goods / services in the relevant section of the Platform. The portal administration is not responsible for the completion of the transaction by the Users. Users assume full responsibility for their actions on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел.


7. Forbidden on NYiGDE?.

7.1. Users are not allowed to create Sites in the irrelevant category of NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел).

7.2. Sellers / Buyers are prohibited to make on NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) the sale of goods / services from the list of prohibited.

7.3. The User is prohibited to create Sites and fill them with content that in any way violates the current Rules, the legislation of Ukraine and his country.


Is forbidden to place on NYiGDE? information, content, objects of sale and purchase by Users that do not make sense or contain the following:

1. Erotica, pornography, photo of erotic or pornographic content.
2. Information written in any foreign language, except the state and Russian (in some cases, English is allowed).
3. Any items and services that do not comply with the basics of the rule of law and morality.
4. Multiple spelling errors that distort the meaning and mislead.
5. Discrimination on the basis of national, racial, religious, sexual or other characteristics.
6. Description, photo and / or comments regarding any methods of fraud and / or extortion.
7. Writing names and other information in transliteration, use incomprehensible special characters that do not carry meaning.
8. Propaganda and / or calls for violence, racial hatred, illegal actions.
9. Offensive language, abusive language, incl. racist and religious sense.
10. Provide links to viral content.
11. Post photos that are inconsistent with the description.
12. Create the same Sites, with the same goods / services.


Also prohibited:

1. Combat vehicles.
2. Items that the User has no right to sell. The sale of goods and the provision of services are prohibited, for which an official request was sent to the Administration from the copyright holder of the TM (trademark) or the patent owner.
3. Any weapon (accessories and accessories to it), except antique. If the knife, bow, crossbow and other types of throwing weapons is not a cold weapon, you need to attach a certificate or a conclusion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the announcement that this product is not a cold weapon. Also indicate in the description of the announcement GOST, TU and the purpose of the knife, bow, crossbow or other type of throwing weapons as described in the certificate. According to the Law of Ukraine "On licensing types of economic activity" all proposals for the manufacture and repair of non-military firearms and ammunition, cold arms, etc. must be licensed in the ad description or as a photo.
4. Sale of goods and provision of services prohibited by applicable law. Goods prohibited for sale and / or withdrawn from civilian traffic.
5. Means of active and passive protection (electroshockers, gas cartridges, gas pistols, rubber bullets, noise and noise effects, signaling devices, rubber batons, handcuffs), special means containing tear and irritant drugs, which are special means of active defense used law enforcement agencies.
6. Radar detectors, radar detectors, frame-curtains, anti-listeners, anti-bugs and similar technical devices.
7. Special technical means for removing information from communication channels, other means of secretly obtaining information (earphones, key chains, glasses with a built-in camera, a watch-camera and the like), items related to law enforcement activities (radio electronic and special technical means) .
8. Human organs, donor services (rent / buy blood / sperm and the like).
9. Drugs that:
- restricted in free circulation, including according to the conclusion of international competent organizations;
- sold in pharmacies only on prescription;
- are in the list of prohibited to advertise;
- contain active ingredients of medicines, including sildenafil, avanafil, Levitra, minoxidil, dapoxetine, tadalafil, mucosate, generic Viagra, etc., as well as nootropics, steroids, peptides, anabolic steroids.
9.1. Drugs that are not listed in this paragraph are allowed to advertise on the Resource with a valid license.
9.2. Veterinary drugs that are not registered in the prescribed manner by the legislation of your country.
10. Surrogacy services, breast milk.
11. Explosive, pyrotechnic substances and materials.
12. Customs confiscated.
13. Narcotic, psychotropic substances, poisons, toxic substances and their substitutes, as well as plants and ingredients used for their preparation. Hallucinogenic plants, mushrooms and products derived from them.
14. Animals and plants listed in the Red Book. Announcement of the sale of animals raised in nurseries, but included in the International Red Book, must necessarily contain:
* correct and full name of the animal;
* name of the nursery and / or link to the official website of the nursery.
Without such data, the announcement is not allowed on NYiGDE?.
15. Pirate optical media with illegal copies of movies, music, games.
16. Software, application clones.
17. Smuggled goods and stolen property.
18. Vehicles in search, without documents.
19. State awards, the honors of the perpetuation of Victory in World War II.
20. Foreign currency and other currency values ​​(excluding sales for numismatic purposes).
21. Virtual money, tools, services / consultations, programs, devices and their components for earning or generating virtual currencies.
22. Shares and other securities owned by third parties.
23. Fake banknotes and fake postage marks.
24. Valid (including expired) or valid state identity cards and documents of any existing countries of the world (passports, id-cards, rights, student cards, transcripts, diplomas, travel tickets, permits, permits, certificates, licenses and the like), as well as forms of these documents.
25. Production and sale of license plates (standard, nominal, elite and the like). Service unwinding / winding of the vehicle, as well as instruments.
26. Official forms, forms of strict accountability.
27. Ready graduation, course, master's work, lecture notes.
28. Spam databases, products and services that may contribute to unauthorized distribution. Parsing - offering services and software.
29. Databases containing personal data (personal data).
30. Materials containing state, banking or commercial secrets.
31. Materials violating privacy secrets, infringing on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities.
32. Alcoholic beverages, tobacco, moonshine. Products containing ethyl alcohol.
33. Foods that have expired.
34. Skins, horns, limbs and stuffed rare and endangered species of animals.
35. Information about doubtful financial services (for example, “Credit for an hour without collateral”; “Sale / exchange of a confirmed tax credit”, “Assistance in payment systems”, etc.).
36. Fraud, extortion, request or offer of material assistance and support in any form, including the announcement “I will become a sponsor”, “I am looking for a sponsor”, “I will provide material support”, “I am looking for material support”, “commerce” and the like .
37. Universal keys (for the front door, for various locks).
38. Items with the image of Nazi, communist symbols, except antiques under the heading Collectibles.
39. Walrus tusks, tusks of an elephant, mammoth, whale's tooth (sperm whale) are not in the product, precious metals (sale, purchase) and precious stones (sale, purchase) are not in the product.
40. Offers, goods / items related to occult topics (love spells, conspiracies, fortune telling, Satanism, rituals, witchcraft, witches, magic, healing, psychics, etc.), as well as personal manuscripts on the subject.
41. Information whose sole purpose is to promote other online resources or online stores (there is no product / service and its descriptions or all the goods that are sold in this store are listed, for example: “We are an online store of household appliances, we sell microwaves, plates, televisions, etc.").
42. Placement of advertisements for advertising offline stores.
43. Materials that can be used as defamation of a person or a group of people. Calls for a strike, protest, offers to take part in any auctions, lotteries, rallies and the like.
44. Program activators, CD keys, registration numbers, database suggestions of original software.
45. Poaching tools and equipment (electric pens, nets, traps and the like), as well as services for their manufacture.
46. ​​Messenger accounts (ICQ, Skype and the like), email addresses, social network accounts.
47. Services related to the offer of assistance in gambling systems that contain a bet.
48. Sex services, prostitution, any services of an intimate nature, types of massage (erotic, body, lingam), any goods of intimate (sexual) purpose.
49. Doubtful job offers, including on the Internet without specifying the physical address and direct contacts of the employer (work for all, processing email at home, work without investments, passive income and the like).
50. Job offers in night clubs abroad, web-models, offers of services of swinger clubs, escort services, translators / translators to marriage agencies, assembling pens at home and the like.
51. Information on the offer of agency activities (PrivatBank agent), sales representative or any other activity that requires the recruitment of other members, subagents, sub-distributors, offers of earnings in stock markets, trader's activities (Forex trading and the like).
52. Information with the offer of franchising, multi-level (network) marketing (Avon, Oriflame and similar), except for the section Business and services.
53. Real estate: proposals from the so-called "information" agencies. Please note: a clear indication of information about the agency (company name and contact information) is a prerequisite for users representing a real estate agency. If this information is not specified in the ad, your account may be blocked.
54. Offers employment services, according to the memory "About employment". Only offers for job seekers of employment mediators in Ukraine are free. All offers from intermediaries for employment abroad must have the appropriate license or order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The number and series of the license or the date and number of the order must be indicated in the ad description.
55. Information about dissimilar personal things and objects in one ad. Incorrectly: “I sell blouses and boots”, “I will sell a mixer and a washing machine”, “I sell everything that you see in photos” and so on. Information is allowed on one item in one separate ad, or several items in one advertisement, when all of them are sold as a set for the total price.
56. Any new announcements about dating, friendship, easy relations.
57. Used underwear (bras, underwear, body, stockings, tights, corsets).
58. Cribs (clock-cheat sheets, handles-cheat sheets and the like).
59. Offers to replenish the mobile phone account by transferring funds, accruing bonuses.
60. Offers services of manual and program placement, sending out announcements on any resources, as well as vacancies for this position.
61. Goods / services encroaching on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.
62. Sale of political parties, public organizations and foundations.
63. Individual armor protection: hard protective elements (armored plates separately), body armor (of different types and classes of protection), bullet-proof shields, protective helmets (of different types and classes of protection), covers for body armor, etc.