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Rules Forum on NYiGDE?.

  1. General terms and conditions of use of the Forum.
  2. Register and set up a personal profile.
  3. Messages and topics on the Forum.
  4. General recommendations.
  5. Responsibility for violation of the Rules.


1. General terms and conditions of use of the Forum.

This document is present, valid and constitutes an offer of conditions for the use of the platform “NYiGDE?” (Hereinafter referred to as the site, resource, platform, platform, business platform, marketplace) represented by the Site Administration and an individual / legal entity (hereinafter referred to as User, Visitor, Seller, Publication Owner, Online Store, Company, Organization).

All Users Platform NYiGDE? undertake to act in accordance with the laws of their country. Terms of action, rules of transactions, articles in documents are treated according to the legislation of Ukraine. If you are not a citizen of Ukraine, then you undertake to act in accordance with the laws of your country. Please do not violate the current rules and laws of your country and Ukraine!


1.1. The Forum Platform "NYiGDE?" created for free discussion of various topics by Users of this Resource.

1.2. Each registered user can contact with questions relating to beauty, health, technology, auto repair, education, search for stores and other categories of the Forum.

1.3. The use of the Forum services is absolutely free and accessible to each User after registration and familiarization with the current Rules. Ignorance of the Rules does not relieve the User from liability.

1.4. To Forum NYiGDE? was useful for Internet users. Site Administration has developed a number of rules. By observing them, you will help maintain a healthy and welcoming atmosphere at the Forum; help other participants to quickly navigate topics and find the information you need.

1.5. By participating in the creation of discussions, leaving at least one message you automatically agree with the current Rules.

1.6. At the Forum it is forbidden to publish information of pornographic, offensive and obscene nature, information that violates the laws of Ukraine and your country.

1.7. The actions at the Forum are constantly monitored by the administrators and moderators of the Resource NYiGDE?. In case of violations, the Administration has the right to apply measures according to the Rules of the site: permanently delete information / account, or temporarily restrict access to NYiGDE? ( as well as,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел).

1.8. Administration NYiGDE? is not responsible for the false and offensive nature of the information that Users indicate in their messages on the Forum ( as well as,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел).

1.9. Responsibility for content published on as well as,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел. The information is borne by the User, who posted it.

1.10. All participants of the Forum must comply not only with these Rules, but with all other blocks of the Rules, what is true for NYiGDE?.

1.11. The present and effective rules become from the moment of their publication on the Platform NYiGDE?.

1.12. This document uses the following terminology:

* Website, Resource, Platform, Playground, Business Platform, Marketplace — a set of hardware, software, the result of computer programming in the form of an Internet service (platform, resource, platform, business platform, marketplace), which is available on the Internet at and belongs to the company LLC “NYiGDE?” (identification code 39960875).

* Resource Administration (Platforms) - LLC “NYiGDE?” and / or persons duly authorized by them to manage the Portal and provide services to Users.

* User — an individual, organization, enterprise that has ever accessed the Site for its own interests and purposefulness. And also, the author of ads or a visitor, the creator of the online store, the user of the Forum that accepted the terms of this Agreement.

* Content — text materials, audio, video, photos, images, objects that have copyright and related rights. And also any information that is posted by the User on NYiGDE? ( as well as,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) including, but not limited to: name, description of product positions, photos, characteristics of goods and services, reviews, comments, any advertising materials, information about the Seller / User, ads, content in the Forum section, etc.

* Forum — User creation of topics on the resource NYiGDE? with their subsequent discussion by other users.

* Rules for posting information — a number of requirements of the Resource, which must be observed by all natural and legal persons when creating ads, online stores, creating other publications and performing any actions in the relevant sections of NYiGDE?. In the event of a violation of the Administration NYiGDE? has the right not to publish information or to deny the User access to the Resource or deny access to certain sections of it and even to stop submitting other opportunities to NYiGDE?. You can familiarize yourself with the current rules through links:


2. Register and set up a personal profile.


  • create more than one account on the Forum and intentionally register under an existing nickname;
  • register with the presence of service characters that are not numbers and letters ($ @% & *). Under this name, you simply will not miss the administrator;
  • register under indecent, obscene and vulgar pseudonym;
  • register under a false name and "fake" (a fictitious name);
  • specify a non-existent address, e-mail and phone number;
  • pick up passwords for other accounts;
  • fake other people's accounts;
  • use someone else's avatar for personal use on the Forum and the site as a whole;
  • to install an avatar in a personal account already existing on NYiGDE? User.

Platform NYiGDE? is not responsible for the information specified by the User when registering on as well as,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел.


3. Forum posts and topics.

3.1. Messages and discussions.


  • duplication of messages;
  • writing messages in LETTERS;
  • use too many smiles in order not to litter topics and posts;
  • the use of statements, letters and symbols incomprehensible to other Users;
  • abuse of special characters, smiles;
  • leave blank, non-informative messages;
  • send messages using obscene language, vulgar and offensive nature;
  • an insult to the interlocutor, the expression of reproaches and hostility towards the person and the Platform NYiGDE?;
  • propaganda of politics (except the topic “Politics” within the framework of the Forum itself) and the current laws of the country;
  • relink, leave links to obscene, erotic and offensive information, videos, photos, images, viral content;
  • call for violation of the legislation of Ukraine and the country of the User;
  • publish messages containing text provoking hostility, hostilities and aggression of the Forum readers on NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел).


3.2. Discussion Topics.

Sure to: the title of the topic should be stated in a language understandable for the Users and clearly convey the essence, without using obscene expressions, so as not to provoke anyone into conflict.  


  • creating themes with a previously existing name;
  • use, as a table of contents, short words, expressions and spelling in capital letters: “URGENT !!!”, “Help!”, “Prompt! Very necessary";
  • posting messages containing only links, only characters, without any descriptions. Users of NYiGDE? have the full right to know where they will go by clicking on the link and whether it does not contain viruses;
  • engage in personal correspondence in public topics on the Forum. For this, the personal chat system is successfully functioning.


3.3. Images on the Forum NYiGDE?.

Opportunities: Registered User has the ability to add images when creating a forum thread. It can be several photos and pictures corresponding to the subject, up to 5000x5000 px. The total message size can be up to 30 MB (text, photos, pictures, etc.).

Recommendation: Attach the corresponding images to each topic you create.

Sure to:

  • each image must correspond to the content of the theme, without the use of uncensored, pornography and insults someone;
  • post only high-quality images. If it is demotivators - good visibility of the text;
  • image size should not exceed 5000x5000 px.


  • attach meaningless images, without any attachment to discussions at the Forum;
  • add images that are offensive, forbidden vocabulary, erotica, military provocation.

With prohibited for placement on NYiGDE? read the link.


4. General recommendations.

  • Registration must be done under a true, proper name. Fakes cause mistrust of other Users and suspicions of the Platform Administration NYiGDE?;
  • set real photo on avatar. Do not use photos of other personalities;
  • be vigilant and attentive, do not create identical topics;
  • choose the right category. If you are asking about cars - do not add a topic to the category "Computer equipment" or "Services". For this purpose, a special section has been created, under the direct name “Auto”;
  • re-read the message before its publication, check for grammar and style;
  • attach an image to the created theme;
  • confirm information with images, photos, videos;
  • to respect the participants of the Forum and other Users of NYiGDE?;
  • to coordinate advertising on the Forum with the Administration of the resource NYiGDE?.


5. Responsibility for violation of the Rules.

5.1. If User NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел), the Forum Participant has violated the terms of use, the Administration has the right:

  • prohibit actions, provide only reading / viewing of the Forum and / or the Site;
  • send a warning, and in case of repeated violation, block the Account;
  • limit the actions for a day;
  • limit the use of a month;
  • permanently delete the Account together with reviews, comments, publications.

5.2. Prohibited on (,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел):

- use the information of other Users for personal purposes: photos, full names, contacts, etc.;

- publish information provoking a conflict;

- create doubles;

- use obscene expressions, be rude, insult the traditions, culture, religion of other Users and Administration NYiGDE?;

- respond to messages, publications that contain a violation of these Rules;

- call for violation of the laws of the countries;

- register for more than one name;

- post advertising information;

- publish links to other sources, viral sites;

- publish sites that carry contradictions to the law;

- to abuse large / small letters / fonts and colors when writing topics and creating other information, to make grammatical mistakes, to use jargons;

- create topics that violate the law and / or were previously removed by the Administration of NYiGDE?;

- to discuss the actions of the Administration of NYiGDE?, the rules, the legality of punishments;

- to publish other people's photos, images of a pornographic nature, images that carry aggression and provoke scandals, as well as infringe upon the Users and the Administration NYiGDE?

- publish meaningless, false, outdated content;

- publish defamation;

- to insult the Power, Users, Administration of NYiGDE?;

- Discuss using insults, make changes to previously posted content for their own benefit;

- publish text, messages that are not related to this topic;

- publish provocative content;

- publish the topic in the wrong category.

5.3. Platform administration «NYiGDE?» (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел) have the right:

- change the Rules of Conduct on the Forum and the site as a whole. If the User after changing any of the Rules continues to perform any actions on,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел he automatically accepts the new Terms of use of the Forum on NYiGDE? (,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел);

- not to notify in writing about changes to the current Rules. The user at any time can get acquainted with the changes.

- edit, delete the content of the User, if he believes that it contains a violation of the Rights and Rules;

- move topics from a section to a more suitable Resource section;

- edit the account, apply sanctions, methods, measures that help to exercise control over topics, messages, publications and act in accordance with the law;

- follow the actions, behavior of users, their compliance with the Rules;

- to punish the User for non-compliance with the Rules and violation of the law.