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ADS.Terms of use

  1. 1. General provisions.
  2. 2. Rules for posting ads.
  3. 3. Deleting an ad. Causes of destruction.
  4. 4. Information provided by the User.
  5. 5. Rights and obligations of the parties.
  6. 6. Processing of personal data.
  7. 7. Limitation of responsibility of the resource NYiGDE ?.
  8. 8. Changes in the Rules for the Use of Advertisements.

1. General provisions.

1.1. LLC "NYiGDE?" (Hereinafter referred to as the Contractor and / or the Company) publishes this Public Service Agreement on the Contractor's Internet resource

1.2. In accordance with Article 633 of the Civil Code of Ukraine (Civil Code of Ukraine), this Agreement is a public contract, and in the event of acceptance (acceptance) of the conditions set forth below, any capable individual or legal entity (hereinafter User) undertakes to comply with the terms of these Rules for the use of NYiGDE Announcements.

1.3. Before using the Announcements section on the NYiGDE resource for any purpose? (hereinafter referred to as the platform, site, site, company), it is mandatory to familiarize yourself with the Terms of Use and Terminology:

Announcement board NYiGDE? - place, platform section, where each User, Business user can add his advertisement, and any other visitor of the resource - read it, use the specified information;

Services / service NYiGDE? - any paid and free services provided by the Contractor using the Site (for example, including but not limited to all its capabilities, text, data, information, software, graphics or photographs, drawings, etc., etc. .), as well as any other services provided by the Company.

Acceptance - full acceptance by the User of the conditions;

User - any capable physical or legal person who has accepted the terms of use of ads and who uses the services of the company NYiGDE ?;

Business user is the user who uses the NYiGDE website for business purposes. The User can be considered a Business User regardless of whether such a user is registered as an entrepreneurial entity in the manner prescribed by law, or performs such activity without proper registration;

Goods - any material and immaterial object that is subject to sale;

A service is an operation that is not a delivery of goods associated with the provision of a service that is consumed in the process of performing a certain action or carrying out an activity to meet the personal needs of the User, the Business user;

Placement is the action of the User, the publication of the Business user or the activation of one advertisement. Also, the placement is a modification of an existing announcement, the addition of goods, a change in the essential characteristics of the goods, a change in the region.

1.4. If the User, the Business user does not agree with the current Terms of Use of Ads in whole or in part, he undertakes to refrain from adding ads and to refuse any further use of ads from any device.

1.5. If the User, the Business user continues to use the Ads feature, add, view the publications on the NYiGDE platform, he automatically agrees with all clauses of the current Terms of Use of Ads, accepts the terms without any exceptions, is satisfied with the quality of the services provided by the NYiGDE platform.

1.6. Company NYiGDE? offers the User services for using sites to post information about goods / services for the purpose, including but not exclusively, of the subsequent purchase or sale of various goods and services by other Users.

1.7. All arrangements, transactions are concluded directly between users, directly. So, the company NYiGDE? is not a participant in the User's transactions, but only provides a communication trading platform for the placement of ads.

2. Rules for posting ads.

2.1. Access to the Announcement Board NYiGDE? only competent adults of 18 years of age are eligible.

2.2. Each User has the right to register on the NYiGDE resource by filling in the form with personal reliable data: specify the e-mail address, access and passwords to which the User has only himself, a telephone number, a true name. After completing the form, a confirmation e-mail is sent to the User with a confirmation of registration containing a link, the transfer of which is mandatory to complete the registration.

2.3. The user gets the right to place ads on the site NYiGDE? after filling in a special form indicating the parameters of the offered goods or services.

2.4. Using the capabilities of the NYiGDE service, both registered and unregistered Users means accepting obligations to follow the rules and instructions for using the services of NYiGDE ?.

2.5. The user is responsible for all activities using his e-mail address and password to log on to the NYiGDE website. The user has the right to use the site's services only with his own email address and password. In case of transfer of data for access to an account / account to another User (another person), such an account / account may be blocked at the discretion of the NYiGDE Administration.

2.6. The user placing an advertisement for the sale of goods / services on the NYiGDE platform ?, agrees to place information about the sale object in accordance with this Regulation and the instructions presented at the NYiGDE and provide accurate, complete information about the product / services and terms of sale. By posting information about the product and service, the User confirms that he has the right to sell this product or to provide this service in accordance with the requirements of the legislation of the countries in which they are implemented.

2.7. The user guarantees that the goods / services offered by him meet the quality standards established by the legislation of the countries for which they are implemented and are free from the claims of third parties.

2.8. The user is obliged to immediately change the data to enter the NYiGDE website, if he has the slightest reason to suspect that his email address and password are used by third parties.

2.9. Does the user agree to keep the password confidential for logging on to the NYiGDE resource? and not disclose it to third parties.

2.10. The user is obliged to carefully check all the information on the goods and services that he placed on the NYiGDE platform and, in the event of the discovery of incorrect information, agrees to add the necessary information to the description of the product / service. If you can not correct the incorrect information - cancel the announcement and re-place the information about the product / service.

2.11. Terms of delivery should be included in the description of the goods, and the conditions for the provision of services in the description of the service. Terms of sale of goods and services provided by the User must not conflict with these Rules and the current legislation of the countries for which they are implemented.

2.12. The User undertakes not to provide active support and not to disseminate information about the services provided by the Contractor's competitors, including:

* information on other bulletin boards, trading floors, online auctions, online stores;

* Internet resources offering goods and services prohibited for sale by this platform NYiGDE and Ukrainian legislation.

2.13. Company NYiGDE? has the right to move, complete or extend the period for demonstrating the goods or services of the User for technical reasons that are under the control or outside the control of the Administration of the NYiGDE. The resource has the right to stop demonstrating the announcement if the User registered the product / service, violating the terms of these Rules and current legislation.

2.14. On the notice board NYiGDE? forbidden:

2.14.1. publish text with unnecessary characters, links to other resources, a set of keywords, spam;

2.14.2. publish a text that does not relate to the product / service and simultaneously distributes several goods / services;

2.14.3. The ads must match the geographic area and city selected in the relevant functional settings of the site;

2.14.4. Place the same ad in different categories / subcategories, create duplicates;

2.14.5. place an ad in an inappropriate category / subcategory;

2.14.6. add photographs that are not relevant to the product / service being distributed;

2.14.7. add information (description, name, photo) of obscene nature;

2.14.8. add an offensive advertisement containing abusive language, violating moral norms and ethics;

2.14.9. To publish an advertisement on the topic banned by the legislation of Ukraine;

2.14.10. publish an ad with the purpose of spreading false information, advertising other resources, creating links;

2.14.11. It is forbidden to place ads promoting the sale:

* non-existent goods;

* cigarettes and tobacco products;

* alcoholic beverages;

* precursors and narcotic substances;

* pornographic and obscene materials and objects;

* stolen goods received in a non-lawful way of goods;

* objects that present a danger to activity, a threat to human life and health;

* human organs;

* organs of animals;

* rare and prohibited for sale animals, animals from the list of the international convention CITES (on trade in rare and endangered species of flora and fauna);

* pharmacological products, medicines that require prescription, doctor's licenses, licensing;

* databases;

* special technical means of secretly receiving information;

* state awards, personal documents and forms of these documents;

* traumatic, firearm, cold steel, ammunition and components to them;

* special means of active defense used by law enforcement agencies;

* canines of walrus, elephant and mammoth tusks not in products (poaching catches / prey);

* precious metals and precious stones not in products.

With a complete list of banned goods / services and offers, please click on the link Prohibited products / services

2.15. Resource NYiGDE? the right to remove ads on demand of the right holder or competent state authorities. Platform NYiGDE? also reserves the right to remove any publications, announcements that in its opinion do not comply with the principles and principles of public morality. The decision to remove is final and can not be appealed.

2.16. Administration and moderators of the site NYiGDE (representatives of the company) are entitled to:

2.16.1. Transfer ads to other categories / categories of ads, if a more appropriate category / rubric is identified for their placement;

2.16.2. Add to the text of the User's announcement edits relating to spelling and punctuation that do not affect the general meaning of the content of the ad;

2.16.3. Refuse to publish if the ads do not correspond to the topics of the selected sections, or violate these Rules, and limit the number of ads from one User for the convenience of using the resource NYiGDE? Without explaning the reason;

2.16.4. The title of the posted ad should match the text of the ad itself and should not contain contact or personal information about the User (phones, e-mail addresses, Internet resource address).

2.16.5. A photo showing the product / service offered by the User for sale must match the title and text of the ad. The photo should only show the proposed object. Stock photos and / or photos downloaded from the Internet are prohibited.

2.16.6. It is not allowed to indicate the incorrect characteristics of the subject of the proposal in the ad. Including specifying a price that does not correspond to the actual price of the sale of the product or service. The price must be indicated in full for the entire product or service.

2.16.7. The company is not responsible for the content of ads or hyperlinks to the resources specified in the description of user announcements;

2.16.8. To facilitate interaction between Users, the company NYiGDE? can establish limited access to contact information of other Users;

2.16.9. The subject of ads on NYiGDE? there may be goods or services, the sale of which is not prohibited and not limited in accordance with the laws of the country in which they are implemented, and also do not conflict with these Rules.

2.17. To account for the number of placed ads per unit, 1 (one) placement is accepted.

In the event of violation of the current Terms of Use for Ads, the publication will be deleted without notice!

3. Deleting an ad. Causes of destruction.

3.1. Announcement of the user NYiGDE? can be deleted by the Administration of NYiGDE? due to violation by the User of the terms of these Rules, as well as for the following reasons:

3.1.1. The information contained in the announcement is false;

3.1.2. For the given User the active similar advertisement with the advertisement of the same product / service is already fixed on the site;

3.1.3. The information contained in the announcement contradicts these Terms of Use, the rules for publishing announcements ad publishing policies and / or legislation;

3.1.4. The title of the ad contains repeated exclamation and question marks, dots and other signs;

3.1.5. The title of the ad does not contain information about the proposed / claimed product / service;

3.1.6. Title or comment on the photo on NYiGDE? contain a link to Internet resources, competitors' sites, online stores, etc .;

3.1.7. The photo contains elements of the user interface, abstract drawings, etc .;

3.1.8. The photo contains any advertising information (a link to the site, ID in social networks, e-mail, phone number, Skype, ICQ, other messenger IDs and the like);

3.1.9. The photo does not have an obvious semantic connection with the ad text, it does not have the goal to adequately illustrate the ad text;

3.1.10. A photograph of poor quality, the depicted subject can not be identified;

3.1.11. The ad is filed in the category / category NYiGDE ?, which does not match the meaning of the submitted advertisement;

3.1.12. The Company is provided with a well-founded complaint of another User about violation of his rights in the announcement;

3.1.13. Company NYiGDE? a complaint was submitted from the owner of property rights of intellectual property, and / or a request from the authorized state authority.

4. Information provided by the User.

4.1. Platform NYiGDE? reserves the right to communicate with the User, namely: send information messages to the electronic and physical address specified during registration, and send messages to the User's mobile phone indicated by the User.

4.2. Information of a technical nature contained in the system, for example, ip-addresses, in accordance with the general rules of Internet communications, is used by the platform NYiGDE? for purposes related to the maintenance of network equipment, as well as for aggregating general demographic and statistical information (for example, about the region from which the user was connected).

4.3. Collection of information is carried out by means of the website's own software tools to specify the appropriate data required by the User to place ads on it.

4.4. The Registered User accesses a part of the resource that is accessible only after entering the login and password, at least once during the session.

4.5. Resource NYiGDE? saves the last access data of the User to the system, in order to ensure the high quality of the services provided, adapted to individual needs, the interests of the User.

4.6. Does the user access the services of the site NYiGDE? during the time intervals of continuous use - sessions.

4.7. The data of the last access to the system is also used to collect statistical information about the use of services by users.

4.8. Disabling the saving of last access data to the system in the browser settings does not affect the ability to use the services of the site NYiGDE? in general, however they can limit their functionality for the User.

4.9. The user is prohibited from providing information in violation of these Terms of Use or the rights of third parties, in particular, the information should not contain:

- information leading to transactions with stolen or counterfeit items;

- calls for violence and illegal actions;

- information that promotes fraud, deception or abuse of trust;

- information containing libel or threats against a person;

- vulgar, offensive language;

- information bearing the nature of pornography;

- Data violating personal (non-property) rights or intellectual property rights of third parties;

- information infringing or encroaching on the property of third parties, trade secret or the right to privacy;

- propaganda of hatred, violence, discrimination, racism, xenophobia, ethnic conflicts;

- personal or identifying information about other persons without the express consent of these persons;

- information containing information infringing on privacy, offending someone's honor, dignity or business reputation;

- information harmful to minors;

- false and misleading information;

- links or information about sites that compete with the services of the NYiGDE Company ?;

- information disseminated by news agencies;

- viruses or any other technologies that can harm sites, the NYiGDE company? or other Users;

- information of an exclusively advertising nature without the offer of a particular good or service;

- information with the offer of earning on the Internet, without specifying the physical address and direct contacts of the employer;

- information representing "spam", "letters of happiness", "schemes of pyramids" or undesirable, as well as false commercial advertising;

- information with the proposal of a franchise, multi-level and network marketing, agency activity, trade mission or any other activity that requires the recruitment of other members, subagents, sub-distributors, etc .;

- information that otherwise violates the law of the country for which the announcement is intended.

4.10. When submitting an advertisement with offers of services subject to licensing, the text of the announcement requires the number of the license and the name of the authority that issued the license.

5. Rights and obligations of the parties.

5.1. All objects available with the help of NYiGDE services, including design elements, text, graphics, illustrations, video, computer programs, databases, music, sounds and other objects, as well as any content placed on the services of the NYiGDE resource ?, are the objects of exclusive rights of the Company NYiGDE ?.

5.2. The use of content, as well as any other elements of services, is possible only within the framework of the functionality offered by one or another service of the NYiGDE resource. No elements of the content of the site's services, as well as any content placed on the site's services, can not be used in any other way without the prior permission of the copyright holder. By use are meant, including but not exclusive: reproduction, copying, processing, distribution on any basis, etc.

5.3. Using the services of the NYiGDE resource, the User confirms that he is solely responsible for the content of the ads placed by him and also possesses all necessary rights, licenses, permissions for posting information in the announcement on the Sites, including without limitation all patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyright rights, or has the appropriate written consent, license or authorization of all persons and companies identified in the announcement to use their names or images.

5.4. To provide a platform for NYiGDE? the right to publish information provided by the User, the User grants to the Company the current worldwide (territorially unlimited), perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive, sublicensable right to use, publish, collect, display, copy, duplicate, reproduce, publicize copyright, publications and databases owned by the User, as well as regarding information provided to them, images and photos on all known or not known tnyh information carriers. The above rights are granted to the Company NYiGDE? free of charge (without payment of remuneration). In this case, the User retains all proprietary rights to the content of the information posted in the announcement.

5.5. The user grants the right to access the information he has posted to all users of the resource. User agrees that the text, photos, and other materials added to the announcement can be used by the Company in the preparation of promotional materials, articles, reports, analyzes, etc., and used by the company NYiGDE? at its own discretion without further consent from the User, without payment of remuneration.

5.6. The user is prohibited from:

* Use the names of Users that are similar to the names of other Users in order to issue them and write messages on their behalf;

* discuss the actions of administrators and moderators of the site NYiGDE? in a different way, except by means of electronic correspondence with the moderators.

5.7. The User undertakes to:

5.7.1. Do not use automatic programs to gain access to the site without the written permission of the Company NYiGDE ?;

5.7.2. Do not take any action that could lead to a disproportionately large load on the infrastructure of the NYiGDE site ?;

5.7.3. Do not use information provided by other Users for other purposes, except for the purpose of making a transaction directly with that User, without the written permission of another User. Does this clause of the Terms of Use of Ads not include personal data of the User, which the latter provides to the Company NYiGDE? During registration.

5.7.4. Do not copy, change, distribute, reproduce or represent to the public any information contained on the site (except for information provided by the User) without the prior written permission of the Company NYiGDE ?;

5.7.5. Do not discourage or interfere with the work and other activities on the NYiGDE resource? And also not interfere with the operation of automatic systems or processes, other activities, in order to prevent or restrict access to the site.

5.8. Access to the User's personal data from other Users is possible only with the written consent of the User for such access or pursuant to the requirements of the relevant legislation. The Company undertakes to make every effort to properly perform its duties under this Agreement, including the normal operation of the Sites services and the non-distribution to third parties of personal data provided by the User, except as provided by law.

5.9. To maintain a high quality of services, the company NYiGDE? reserves the right to limit the number of active User ads on the site, as well as restrict the User's actions on the site.

5.10. Resource NYiGDE? can periodically set restrictions on the use of site services, in particular, the maximum number of days for storing ads and their size. Company NYiGDE? has the right at any time to change or stop the services of the site or part thereof with the notification of the User or without him, without bearing any responsibility for such changes or termination of work.

5.11. The Company has the right, at its sole discretion, to reject, delete or move any ad placed on the website for violation of the current Terms of Use.

5.12. The Company may prohibit the User from accessing the Site and the Classified Ads section if the User violates the terms of these Rules. The fact of the violation is considered confirmed if the User has been notified by the administration of the resource about the conduct of activities that violate the rules of the site and the rights of third parties. Platform NYiGDE? reserves the right at any time to delete or disable the User's account, and also to delete all posted User's advertisements, leaving the User's prior notification of such disconnection at his discretion, and not bearing responsibility for his actions to the User and third parties.

5.13. Resource NYiGDE? may at any time require the User to confirm the data specified by him at registration and request in this regard supporting documents (in particular - copies / certified copies of identity documents), which, at the discretion of the User, may not be assigned to granting unreliable information. In the event that the User's data indicated in the documents provided by him do not correspond to the data specified at registration, and also in the event that the data specified at registration do not allow the User to be identified, the company NYiGDE? has the right to deny the user access to the use of the site's services with prior notification to the User or without notice.

5.14. The user has the right to send complaints about the work of the NYiGDE website? through the feedback form info/feedback.html , which will be considered within two working days from the moment of their receipt or from the moment of receiving complete information on the nature of the complaint.

5.15. The Company has the right to transfer the site with all its services and content, including the User's personal information, to its successor under contracts or other grounds. The transfer and notification of Users about such transfer is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine.

5.16. SMS-verification: company NYiGDE? has the right at any time to verify the User through SMS-verification. In the event that the User has not passed the verification, the resource is NYiGDE? has the right to limit the use of the platform and ads, namely, placement, editing, renewal, renewal of announcements. The selection of users who are subject to verification is carried out by the company at their own discretion.

5.17. Platform NYiGDE? on the basis of an analysis of the User's activity on the site, may include the User in the category "Business User", regardless of whether the User has referred to this category when publishing an advertisement. To assign a User to the category "Business" it is sufficient to have one of the following characteristics in the actions of the User:

a) the presence in the ad text of a link to the website / page of the website;

b) use of professional photos (stock photos) when placing an advertisement;

c) the presence in the ad text of information about the possibility of choosing another model, the availability of goods in the range, different sizes of goods, the possibility of ordering the goods, providing the user with a guarantee for the goods.

6. Processing of personal data.

6.1. When placing an advertisement on the NYiGDE platform, the User grants to the Company, the Administration of the NYiGDE the right to process personal personal data (verification of the reliability of information, the absence of foul language and pornography, abusive language, and other tactless materials addressed to Users and the Administration of NYiGDE).

6.2. Administrators and moderators of the resource NYiGDE? has the right to temporarily block the User, with a warning or completely delete an account from the NYiGDE platform? As a punishment for violation of the current Rules for the use of Advertisements.

7. Limitation of responsibility of the resource NYiGDE ?.

7.1. Using the services of NYiGDE? from any device and in any way the User confirms his agreement that he is using the resource of NYiGDE and his services at his own risk and risk in the capacity he sees, evaluates and carries all the risks associated with the use of posted on the bulletin board NYiGDE? publications / announcements, and the Company NYiGDE, including its management, employees, agents and other employees, do not bear any responsibility for the content of advertisements posted on the resource, for any losses and losses to Users resulting from the use of the ads placed on the site.

7.2. Company NYiGDE? is not the organizer / initiator of the transaction between Users. The site is a trading communications platform that allows Users to place ads for sale, sell and purchase legally permitted goods and services at any time, at any price.

7.3. Platform NYiGDE? is not liable for any unauthorized access or use of servers of the NYiGDE Company? and / or any information about users stored on them, as well as for any errors, viruses, etc., which can be transferred to the pages of the site by third parties.

7.4. Platform NYiGDE? is not liable for the behavior of Users or for the products / services offered by them indicated in the posted ads. All disputes and conflicts between users are solved by them independently without involvement of the Company NYiGDE ?.

7.5. Administration of NYiGDE? It can not control the reliability of the information placed by users in the ads. The company is not liable for any damage caused as a result of the transaction or improper conduct of both parties to the transaction.

7.6. Safety, legality, quality and conformity of the goods / services, their description, as well as the ability of the User to sell / purchase goods / services are beyond the control of the Company.

7.7. The user can not conclude that the offer, sale, purchase of any product / service is valid and legal based on the fact of placement, sale and purchase of goods / services on the site NYiGDE ?. The company is not responsible for the transaction by the User of the resource. The user assumes full responsibility for personal actions.

7.8. Resource NYiGDE? Encourages Users to exercise caution and maintain common sense when using the services of the site. The user must take into account that his counterparty may not have the appropriate legal capacity or impersonate another person. The use of the Company's services implies that the User deliberately accepts all sorts of risks, and agrees that the Company is not responsible for acts or omissions on the part of the User.

7.9. If the User has a claim against another User as a result of the use of the latter by the services of the site, the User agrees to submit these claims independently and without interference from the Company NYiGDE ?, and also releases the Company (along with its subsidiaries, affiliates, employees, directors, authorized and employees) from all claims, liabilities, compensation for damages, losses, costs and expenses, including attorney's fees, known or unknown, arisen h or in connection with such requirements.

7.10. Company NYiGDE? does not bear responsibility for the malfunctions in the operation of the site, caused by technical interruptions in the operation of equipment and software.

7.11. The user has the right to inform the company NYiGDE? on the fact of violation of his rights by another User, using the link info/feedback.html The user has the right to inform the company NYiGDE? on the fact of violation of his rights by another User, using the link

7.12. Inaction on the part of the Platform for NYiGDE? in the event of violation by the User or other users of the provisions of these effective Rules for the use of Advertisements, does not deprive the Company of the right to take appropriate actions in defense of its interests at a later date, and does not mean the Company's refusal to NYiGDE? from their rights in case of subsequent violations in the future.

7.13. Under no circumstances shall the Company, its management, employees and agents, other employees be liable for direct, incidental, consequential, special damages, damages and penalties of any kind (even if the Company has been advised of the possibility of such damages) as a result of use of the site NYiGDE? and its services by the User, including without limitation the cases in which the damage resulted from the use or misuse of the site and its services.

7.14. Resource NYiGDE? is responsible for advertising placed on the site, within the limits established by applicable law.

7.15. Nothing in the Agreement can be understood as an establishment between the User and the platform NYiGDE? agency relations, partnership relations, joint activity relations, labor relations, or any other relations not expressly provided for by the current Agreement and the current Rules.

8. Changes in the Rules for the Use of Advertisements.

Terms of use Advertisements on the platform NYiGDE? can be changed by the administration of the NYiGDE resource without any special notification from the User. The new Rules come into force from the moment of its posting on the Internet.

FORBIDDEN: Prohibited products / services

Dear users of the resource NYiGDE? please familiarize yourself with the list of goods and services that are not allowed for publication on the NYiGDE platform. Ads that contain information about products / services from this list are deleted without the right to restore. If the ad contains information about products / services prohibited by law, the user account may be blocked without prior notice.

It is forbidden to place ads that do not make sense or contain the following:

1. Erotic, pornography, photo of erotic or pornographic content.

2. Information written in any foreign language, except for state and Russian (in some cases English is allowed).

3. Any objects and services that do not conform to the foundations of law and order and morality.

4. Multiple spelling errors that distort the meaning and mislead.

5. Discrimination on national, racial, religious, sexual and other grounds.

6. Description and / or comments on any methods of fraud and / or extortion.

7. Information written in translit.

8. Propaganda and / or calls for violence, racial hatred, illegal actions.

9. Non-normative vocabulary, offensive language, incl. racist and religious.

Also prohibited:

1. Combat vehicles.

2. Items that the User does not have the right to sell. It is prohibited to sell goods and provide services for which an official request was sent to the Administration from the owner of the TM (trademark) or the owner of the patent.

3. Any weapon (accessories and accessories to it), except antiquarian. If the knife, bow, crossbow and other types of throwing weapon is not a cold steel, you need to attach a certificate or an opinion of the Ministry of Internal Affairs to the announcement that this product is not a cold steel. Also indicate in the description of the announcement of GOST, TU and the appointment of a knife, bow, crossbow or other type of propelling weapon, as described in the certificate. According to the Law on the Licensing of Economic Activities, all proposals for the manufacture and repair of non-military firearms and ammunition for them, cold steel, etc. must have a license in the description of the advertisement or in the form of a photo.

4. Sale of goods and services, prohibited by applicable law. Goods prohibited for sale and / or withdrawn from civil circulation.

5. Means of active and passive protection (electric shock, gas cartridges, gas pistols, weapons with rubber bullets, noise effects, signaling devices, rubber batons, handcuffs), special means containing tear and irritant drugs, which refer to special means of active defense used by law enforcement agencies .

6. Anti-radar, radar-detectors, frame curtains, anti-bullets, antishukachki and similar technical devices.

7. Special technical means for removing information from communication channels, other means of secretly receiving information (micro-headphones, camera shots, glasses with a built-in camera, clock-camera and the like), objects related to the activities of law enforcement agencies (radio electronic and special technical means).

8. Human organs, donor services (I will sell / buy blood / sperm and the like).

9. Medical supplies, medicines, veterinary drugs, some biologically active additives, steroids, anabolics, and viagra.

10. Surrogate motherhood services, breast milk.

11. Explosive, pyrotechnic substances and materials.

12. Customs confiscation.

13. Narcotic, psychotropic substances, poisons, poisonous substances and their substitutes, as well as plants and ingredients used for their preparation. Hallucinogenic plants, fungi and products derived from them.

14. Animals and plants listed in the Red Book. The announcement of the sale of animals grown in nurseries, but included in the International Red Book, must necessarily contain:

* correct and full name of the animal;

* The name of the kennel and / or a link to the official site of the kennel.

Without such data, the ad is not allowed on NYiGDE ?.

15. Pirated optical media with illegal copies of movies, music, games.

16. Software, application clones.

17. Smuggled goods and stolen property.

18. Vehicles that are wanted, without documents.

19. State awards, awards on perpetuating the Victory in the Great Patriotic War.

20. Foreign currency and other currency values (excluding sales for numismatic purposes).

21. Virtual money, tools, services / consultations, programs, devices and their components for the generation or generation of virtual currencies.

22. Shares and other securities owned by third parties.

23. Counterfeit banknotes and fake postal payment signs.

24. Existing (including expired) or valid state identity cards and documents of any existing countries of the world (passports, id cards, rights, student cards, credit books, diplomas, travel tickets, permits, permits, certificates, licenses and like), as well as the forms of these documents.

25. Manufacturing and sale of license plates (standard, registered, elite and similar). The service of winding / winding the run of the car, as well as devices.

26. Official forms, forms of strict accountability.

27. Finished diploma, course, master's works, lecture notes.

28. Spam databases, products and services that can facilitate unauthorized distribution. Parsing - offering services and software.

29. Databases containing personal data (questionnaires).

30. Materials containing state, banking or commercial secrets.

31. Materials violating the secret of private life, encroaching on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities.

32. Alcoholic drinks, tobacco products, moonshine. Products containing ethyl alcohol.

33. Food products with expired shelf life.

34. Skins, horns, limbs and stuffed animals of rare and endangered species.

35. Information on dubious financial services (for example, "Credit for an hour without collateral", "Sale / exchange of a confirmed tax credit", "Assistance in payment systems", etc.).

36. Fraud, extortion, request or offer of material assistance and support in any form, including "I will become a sponsor", "I am looking for a sponsor", "I will provide material support", "seek financial support", "commerce" and the like.

37. Universal keys (for the entrance door, for various locks).

38. Items depicting Nazi, communist symbols, except antiques in the rubric Collectibles.

39. Fangs of walrus, elephant ivory, mammoth tusks, whale tooth (sperm whale) are not in the product, precious metals (sale, purchase) and precious stones (sale, purchase) are not in the product.

40. Proposals, goods / items related to occult subjects (spells, conspiracies, fortune telling, satanism, rituals, witchcraft, witches, magic, healing, psychics, etc.), as well as personal manuscripts on this topic.

41. Information, the only purpose of which is to promote other Internet resources or online stores (there is no product / service and its descriptions or listed all the goods that are sold in this store, for example: "We are an online store of household appliances, we sell microwave ovens, plates, TV sets, etc.).

42. Placement of advertisements about advertising offline stores.

43. Materials that can be used as a slander against a person or a group of people. Calls for strike, protest, proposals to take part in any auctions, lotteries, rallies and the like.

44. Program activators, CD keys, registration numbers, offers of original software bases.

45. Poachers' tools and equipment (electric rods, nets, traps and the like), as well as services for their manufacture.

46. Messenger accounts (ICQ, Skype and the like), email addresses, social networking accounts.

47. Services related to offering assistance in gambling systems that contain bets.

48. Sex services, prostitution, any services of an intimate nature, types of massage (erotic, body, lingam), any intimate (sexual) purpose.

49. Doubtful job offers, including on the Internet without specifying the physical address and direct contact of the employer (work for everyone, processing of e-mail at home, work without investments, passive income and the like).

50. Proposals of working in night clubs abroad, web-models, offers of swinger clubs, escort services, translators / interpreters in marriage agencies, assembling of pens at home and the like.

51. Information with an offer of agency activity (an agent of PrivatBank), a sales office or any other activity that requires the recruitment of other members, subagents, sub-distributors, offers of earnings in stock markets, trader's activities (Forex trading and the like).

52. Information with the offer of franchising, multi-level (network) marketing (Avon, Oriflame and others), except for the section Business and Services.

53. Real estate: offers from so-called "information" agencies. Please note: a clear indication of the information about the agency (company name and contact details) is a prerequisite for users representing the real estate agency. If this information is not listed in the ad, then your account may be blocked.

54. Proposals for employment services, according to the Law on Employment of the Population. Allowed are only free for the job offer seekers for job placement in Ukraine. All proposals from intermediaries for employment abroad must have an appropriate license or order of the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine. The license number and series or the date and number of the order are necessarily indicated in the description of the advertisement.

55. Information about dissimilar personal things and objects in one ad. It is incorrect: "I sell a blouse and boots", "I sell a mixer and a washing machine", "I sell everything that you see in photos" and so on. Information is allowed about one item in one separate ad or several items in one ad, when they are all sold in a set for the total price.

56. Any new ads about dating, friendship, easy relationships.

57. Used underwear (bras, panties, body, stockings, tights, corsets).

58. Cheat sheets (clock-cheat sheets, pens-cribs and the like).

59. Proposals of replenishment of the account of the mobile phone number through the transfer of funds, the calculation of bonuses.

60. Offers services for manual and software placement, distribution of ads on any resources, as well as vacancies for this position.

61. Goods / services that encroach on the territorial integrity and inviolability of Ukraine.

62. Sale of political parties, public organizations and foundations.

63. Individual armor protection: rigid protective elements (armored plates separately), body armor (of different types and classes of protection), bullet-proof shields, protective helmets (of different types and classes of protection), body armor covers, etc.