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privacy policy

  1. General Provisions.
  2. Collection of information and personal data of users.
  3. Use of personal information and personal data.
  4. Security of information.
  5. The procedure for changing / deleting information by the User.
  6. Use of logos, names, trademarks on the site.
  7. Links to external resources.
  8. Changes to privacy policy.
  9. User requests and complaints regarding privacy.
  10. Compliance with the law and cooperation with government agencies.
  11. Final provisions.


1. General provisions.

Administration of the Site respects the rights of visitors to the resource NYiGDE? and unconditionally recognizes the importance of confidentiality of the personal information of each User of the Site. For this reason, we have developed a "Privacy Policy", which aims to inform about how, where and for what purpose information about the Users of the Site can be used, and help in making an informed decision regarding the provision of personal information. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of the User Agreement and the Rules for posting information on the Website (including the Catalog of Companies, Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Online Stores).

1.1. Before using the Site (Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Online Store, Catalog of Enterprises), the User undertakes to carefully study this document and confirm its agreement with the points indicated here. To do this, you need to fill in the registration fields and tick "I agree with the Rules ...".

1.2. To use the site NYiGDE? for any purpose (to post any information, create an ad, an online store, registering a company), the User must be registered on the resource “NYiGDE?”.

1.3. Using the Site NYiGDE? (posting any information, creating an ad, online store, registering a company) users automatically agree to the terms of this Privacy Policy and allow the Site Administration to use their personal information and personal data. On the page "My Cabinet" you will find all the necessary settings, tools for data protection and privacy.

1.4. In case of disagreement with the Privacy Policy or if the User has not reached the legal age for entering into any agreements, agreements with “NYiGDE?” and / or is not an authorized person of the company, all actions regarding the resource must be permanently terminated.

1.5. Personal data of users,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел are processed by NYiGDE? Ltd., which owns,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел and registered as well as acts according to the legislation of Ukraine, location: st. Kurchatova 1V, Khmelnitsky, Ukraine, IC: 39960875 (hereinafter referred to as the company platform).

* If you are a resident of another country (not Ukraine), then you undertake to act in accordance with the legislation of your country. Please do not violate the current legislation of your country.

1.6. LLC “NYiGDE?” Is the owner of the Personal Database of users,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел.

1.7. Database and servers,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел are located at: Germany, 91710 Gunzenhausen, Industriestr. 25.

1.8. This Privacy Policy does not regulate and LLC “NYiGDE?” Is not responsible for the order of storage and receipt, use and processing, as well as disclosure of personal data of users that are collected through sites,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел (hereinafter referred to as the site, platform, resource), mobile app NYiGDE? and related tools / services that allow users to register on the platform, publish and view already published information, use other services, “NYiGDE?”.

1.9. This Privacy Policy does not regulate and LLC “NYiGDE?” Is not responsible for receiving, storing, processing, using and disclosing personal data of the user to third parties who are not owned or operated by LLC “NYiGDE?” And individuals who are not employees of LLC “NYiGDE?”, Even if the User gained access to the sites, goods / services of these persons via the Website NYiGDE? or mailing.

1.10. The company processes all personal data of users exclusively within the framework of the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine (Law “On the protection of personal data”) and the Convention on the Protection of Persons in connection with the automated processing of personal data. Privacy Policy is made in accordance with the provisions of these documents.

1.11. Using the Site, mobile application, other services and tools “NYiGDE?” The user provides personal and undeniable consent to the processing of personal data to the platform “NYiGDE?”: User name, country / region of residence, contact numbers, email and other contact information, also IP and other communication data, messages, statements transmitted to the user by other users.

1.12. The user consents to the transfer of personal data to third parties, agrees with the transfer of personal data abroad, to any third country, and also grants to “NYiGDE?” The right to receive and process, use and store personal information under the terms of the current Privacy Policy.

1.13. The User undertakes to understand that when navigating through some links placed on the platform or in a mobile application, he may be redirected to sites or applications of other platforms outside of “NYiGDE?”, Where information about Users is collected outside the direct control of the Company.

1.14. The User agrees that in the case of personal negligence regarding the protection and security of his personal data and authorization data, third parties may access the Account, personal and other User data.

1.15. The company “NYiGDE?” Is not responsible for any loss of users.

1.16. If the User for one reason or another wants to terminate cooperation with the platform “NYiGDE?” He has the right to delete his account. Together with the account all data and actions of the User during the lifetime of the account (reviews, comments and other information) will be destroyed.

1.17. If the User does not agree with the current rules of the Privacy Policy, he is entitled to delete his Account with all the information provided to the Company by NYiGDE?.

2. Collection of user information and personal data.

2.1. “NYiGDE?” Collects personal information: full name the authorized person of the organization, its name and details, contact phone numbers, e-mail, address, marital status and other information that may be indicated on NYiGDE?. We can display the full name, company name, company details, contact numbers, e-mail address, address of the company on the pages of NYiGDE?, mailing address for sending correspondence.

2.2. Our services can be used in different ways: to search and distribute information, communicate with people, and create new information. When you provide us with data, for example, by registering an account with NYiGDE?, we use it to improve our services. With this data, we show more relevant search results and advertising, facilitate your communication and provide the ability to easily and quickly share information. At the same time, we want you to clearly understand how data is used and how you can protect their privacy.

2.3. Each User can view the Site without giving his name or any personal information and personal data. All visitors to the Site can remain anonymous until they decide to register on the Site (including on the Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Online Stores).

2.4. To improve the performance of the Site, cookies are used to make the visit to the Site user-friendly.

Cookies are small records that a web server makes in users' web browsers. This allows browsers to store information that the Web servers of the Site may further request.

2.5. On the platform NYiGDE? Cookies are used by:

- to identify users ("Cookies" records are created when users open the Site and are destroyed when they leave it);

- for statistics of visits (each User’s browser receives a unique entry, which is further used to distinguish regular site visitors from registered users);

- to measure web traffic;

- to estimate the duration of visits and account for user movements.

2.6. The default settings of all popular browsers allow cookies to be accepted by default, however, each User can configure his browser so that it reports the forwarding of a cookie, as well as delete any cookie sent from all over the Site.

2.7. Please note that Site advertisers can place or recognize cookies in users' browsers, as well as receive information from the Site Administration on the number of transitions, page views, banners and other data associated with the Website’s advertising activities.

2.8. Personal information and personal data of users can be used by the Administration of the Site for administrative purposes, for example, for internal investigations of violations of the User Agreement and the Rules for posting information.

2.9. Direct access to personal information and personal data of Users is only available to authorized employees of NYiGDE? who service the Site (Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Catalog of Enterprises). They are obliged to keep personal data in strict confidence and to prevent access to them by unauthorized and unauthorized persons.

2.10. Every registered user of the Site NYiGDE? has the right to view, edit and delete personal information and personal data using the Personal Account.

What information we collect.

NYiGDE? collects information that helps to improve our services, starting with language settings and ending with more complex functions. For example, we may find you useful ads, contacts of friends and acquaintances on the Internet or interesting YouTube videos.

We take information from the following sources:

* Information from users. To use many of our services, you must have an account NYiGDE?. When you create it, we ask you for personal information: name, email address, phone number, and store them in your account. Those who wish to use all the possibilities of sharing, we also ask you to create a public profile NYiGDE?, in which you can specify your name and add a photo.

* Analyze your actions. We collect information about how and which services you use. This happens when watching videos on YouTube, when you visit websites or interact with our ads or other content. This data includes the following:

- Device information. We collect information about devices: model, operating system version, unique identifiers, data on the mobile network and phone number. In addition, device identifiers or phone numbers can be linked to accounts with NYiGDE?.

- Log information. When do you use services NYiGDE? (including Forum, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Online Store, Catalog of Enterprises) or just browsing the content, some of your actions are automatically saved in server logs. The following information is recorded:

  • details on the use of services, including search queries;
  • data on telephone calls, including telephone numbers for incoming, outgoing and forwarded calls, date, time, type and duration of calls, as well as information about the SMS route;
  • IP addresses;
  • information about hardware events, including system failures and actions, as well as settings, browser type and language, request date and time, and URL of the transition;
  • Cookies that serve as a unique identifier for your browser or account for NYiGDE?.

- Location information. In services NYiGDE? we collect and process your actual location data. We also use various technologies for determining the coordinates, for example: we analyze your IP address, GPS data and other sensors of the device in order to identify the devices closest to you, Wi-Fi access points and cell phone towers.

- Unique application numbers. Some services use unique program identifiers. They, along with information about the application (for example, version number or type of operating system) can be sent to NYiGDE?, when installing or removing a service, as well as during automatic communication sessions with servers (when downloading updates, etc.).

- Local storage. We collect and store data (including personal data) on your user devices, using tools such as web browser storage (including HTML5) and the data cache used by applications.

- Cookies and similar technologies. To receive and record data about how services are used NYiGDE? (including Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Online Store, Catalog of Enterprises), we use a variety of technologies, for example, we can add cookies or similar technologies to your device. In the same way, we get statistics on services intended for our partners (usually, these are advertising solutions and the function of NYiGDE?, implemented on external sites).

Statistics on your actions performed in your account NYiGDE? also considered personal data.


3. Use of personal information and personal data.

3.1. Thanks to the obtained data, we can provide, maintain, protect, develop existing services and create new ones, as well as ensure the safety of NYiGDE? and our users. Among other things, this data is needed in order to more accurately personalize the content, including increasing the relevance of search results and displayed advertising.

3.2. The Site Administration does not sell, provide on lease terms and does not share your personal information with third parties, with the exception of the business partners of the Site. However, it can use email addresses to send updates or news from the Site. In this case, the User may at any time refuse to receive such messages.

3.3. Information relating to the type of the User’s browser (IP address, requested URL, link URL, and time stamp) can be used by the Site Administration to diagnose services, monitor servers, and also to provide high-quality user service. In addition, personal information and personal data can be used to analyze the behavior of visitors to the Site, to assess the interest shown in relation to various sections and pages of the Site.

3.4. For authorization on the Site it is allowed to use third-party resources and social networks so that users can share selected information with these resources. At the same time, the Site Administration may receive information from them about other Users.

3.5. All reviews written by users are published on the Site (including Forums, Blogs, Events, Announcements, Business Catalogs, Online Stores) in the public domain, signed by the name specified during registration, and are available for viewing by all visitors to the Site. Also, the texts of reviews can be used in the development of materials for filling the pages and blocks of the Site (including Forums, Blogs, Events, Ads, Catalog of Enterprises, Online Stores), as well as promotional materials NYiGDE?.

3.6. The Site Administration keeps an archive of all correspondence with Users to support effective communication, but does not transfer this data to third parties. The Site Administration reserves the right to share personal information and personal data of users with the founders and managers of NYiGDE?, as well as with all its branches, representative offices and other related NYiGDE? companies, but undertakes to require from all who receive access to this information, compliance with the terms of this Privacy Policy.

3.7. Publicly available data of your account NYiGDE? (name and profile photo), as well as information about actions that you perform in Google services or in external applications related to your account (for example, reviews, comments and +1 marks), can be used by us for commercial purposes, including advertising. We do not violate the level of access and privacy settings that you use in your account NYiGDE?.

3.8. When you contact NYiGDE?, your messages are saved so that we can solve the problem at any time faster. Sometimes we send users email notifications about upcoming changes or improvements in the work of services.

3.9. Our systems automatically analyze your content (including e-mails) to provide you with useful functions. These can be search results selected for you, relevant advertisements, spam and malware detection.

3.10. If you need to use your data for purposes not mentioned in this privacy policy, we always ask for prior consent.

3.11. Servers NYiGDE? process personal data of users from all over the world, therefore such information can be processed by a subject of personal data located in another country.

3.12. We can use your name, date of birth, gender, marital status, e-mail address, password to identify you as a user. We can display the full name, company name, company details, contact numbers, email address, company location on the pages,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел, postal address to send correspondence.

3.13. We may use your contact information in the mailing lists, namely to notify you about new opportunities, promotions and other news,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел. The user can always refuse to conduct the mailing of his contact information in the corresponding section of the personal account.

3.14. In some cases, in order to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Resource and improve its image, we can disclose the statistics of your site, without disclosing personal data and information that is a commercial secret.

3.15. Information about you, including personal data, is used to ensure the implementation of civil law, tax and relations in the field of accounting, the fulfillment of contractual obligations to provide services. As well as to identify the client as a user of the site, in order to provide and offer services, process payments, create and implement bonus programs, send commercial offers and information by mail, e-mail, offer new services, transfer any information other than the subject of the contract, conduct settlement operations, reporting, accounting and management accounting, improving the quality of service, providing site services, placing customer information on the website those of the owner of the personal data base, the creation and support of the personal page of the client on the site owner.

Transparency and choice.

People have different views on privacy. We want them to clearly understand what information we collect and make informed decisions about how it should be applied. In particular, each user can:

  • use the history of your account NYiGDE? - special settings allow you to limit the collection of personal data by services such as Search, YouTube and Location History;
  • view and manage certain types of information in your account NYiGDE? using your Personal Account;
  • view and change the settings of their advertising preferences (this determines which ads to NYiGDE? he will see in NYiGDE? services and on the Web), including the categories of interests, and also to refuse certain advertising services to NYiGDE;
  • customize the appearance of the profile associated with your account NYiGDE?;
  • manage data transfer to other users through the account NYiGDE?;
  • collect information related to your account with NYiGDE?, from many of our services;
  • use the functionality of the Forum, Blogs, Events, Ads, Online Stores and Business Directory according to the Terms of Use.

In addition, the user can completely prohibit the browser from accepting all cookies, including from NYiGDE?, or choose to be told about the latter. We would like to remind you that without cookies many services in NYiGDE? do not work completely correctly. For example, in this case we will not be able to save the user-selected interface language.


4. Security Information.

* On the Site NYiGDE? measures have been taken to ensure the security and protection of personal information and personal data of users against their loss, abuse, unauthorized access, use, disclosure, modification or destruction.

* Please note that none of the existing data transfer methods can be completely secure, therefore the Site Administration, despite all the measures taken to ensure security, cannot guarantee 100% safety of information and data of all users.

* The Site Administration is not responsible for the illegal actions of third parties, hackers, intruders and other violators of the legislation of Ukraine and other countries who may violate the terms of this Privacy Policy and try to seize all or part of the personal information and personal data of Users. purposes.

4.1. Information that NYiGDE? provides to third parties.

We do not disclose the personal information of users to other companies, organizations and individuals that are not connected in any way with LLC “NYiGDE?”. The exceptions are cases:

* User has given his consent.

We may provide information about you to companies, organizations or individuals not associated with NYiGDE?, if you personally gave consent to this. For disclosure of special categories / sections of personal data, we ask you for consent.

* The domain administrator has given his consent.

If the account is NYiGDE? managed by the domain administrator (this applies, for example, to Google Apps users), access to your account data (including email address) will be available both to himself and to resellers who provide technical support to your organization. The domain administrator is authorized to perform the following actions:

- view account statistics, including a list of installed applications;

- change account password;

- suspend or block access to the account;

- view and save account data;

- receive account data in accordance with the requirements of the law, a court decision or a request of public institutions;

- limit the ability to delete / change information or adjust the level of privacy.

Additional information can be found in the privacy policy of your domain administrator.

* For processing by third parties on behalf of NYiGDE?.

We provide personal data to affiliates of NYiGDE? and other trusted companies, persons to be processed on behalf of NYiGDE?, and such processing is carried out in accordance with our instructions, privacy policy and other applicable privacy and security requirements.

* As required by law.

We provide your data to companies, organizations or individuals not associated with NYiGDE? In the event that we honestly believe that it is reasonable to receive, use, store or disclose such information in order to:

- comply with or comply with applicable law, sub-legal regulatory act, court decision, or a compulsory execution request of a public institution;

- enforce the Terms of Use or investigate their possible violations;

- identify, prevent or otherwise prevent fraud, as well as eliminate technical problems or security problems;

- to protect the rights, property or security of the company NYiGDE?, our users or the society as a whole, as required and permitted by law.

We may provide aggregated, anonymized data to all users and our partners, such as publishers, advertisers, or related sites. They can be used, for example, to illustrate the usage trends of our services.

If the company NYiGDE? will be involved in mergers, acquisitions or sale of assets; we will continue to ensure the confidentiality of all personal data.

We are doing everything possible to secure the resource NYiGDE? and our users from unauthorized attempts to access, modify, disclose, or destroy the data we hold. In particular, we do the following:

- we actively use SSL encryption in our services;

- we provide two-stage authentication for access to the account of NYiGDE?;

- we are constantly improving the methods of collecting, storing and processing data, including physical security measures (security, control, locks, alarms, special equipment), to counteract unauthorized access to our systems;

- we restrict our employees, contractors and agents access to personal data.

4.2. Access to the database.

4.2.1. We do not transfer personal data to third parties, except as otherwise provided below. The user, agreeing with the Privacy Policy, provides the right of LLC “NYiGDE?” To disclose personal data to third parties that provide LLC “NYiGDE?” Services, in particular, but not exclusively, process payments, deliver parcels. Third parties can use user information only if they provide services to LLC “NYiGDE?” And only the information that is necessary to provide the service.

4.2.2. Disclosure of personal data without the consent of the User or a person authorized by him is allowed in cases specified by law, and only in the interests of national security, economic well-being and human rights, in particular, but not exclusively:

- based on reasonable requests from state bodies that have the right to request and receive such data;

- if, in the opinion of LLC “NYiGDE?”, the User violates the terms of this Agreement and / or other contracts and agreements between LLC “NYiGDE?” and the User.

4.2.3. Disclosure of personal data is made when the User orders goods / services at,,,,,,,, нуигде.рф,,,, нуигде.бел provider of such goods services, but only to the extent necessary to identify the User and his order.


5. The procedure for changing / deleting information by the User.

5.1. Resource Users NYiGDE? may at any time change or delete personal information or unsubscribe. For this you need to use your Personal Account.

5.2. The work of tools NYiGDE?, which require the presence of information about the user, may be temporarily or completely suspended from the moment of change / deletion of information.

5.3. User personal data is stored until the User deletes them from the Site NYiGDE?.

5.4. The notification of the User about the removal or other processing of personal data is an information letter sent by e-mail specified by the User.


6. Use of logos, names, trademarks on the site.

All copyrighted names and logos of companies, shops, institutions, institutions, infrastructure and business are used on the Site NYiGDE? solely for the purpose of identification.


7. Links to external resources.

7.1. Resource NYiGDE? may contain links to other sites. The Site Administration is not responsible for the rules of confidentiality that are accepted on other sites, nor for any damage that is caused and arising from users visiting such sites.

7.2. Transmission of personal information when visiting third-party sites, including sites of partner companies, even if they contain links to the Site, or the Website (NYiGDE?) Has links to these web resources, is not subject to the terms of this Privacy Policy.

7.3. Site Administration NYiGDE? not responsible for the actions of third-party sites. The process of collecting and transmitting personal information and personal data by users is governed by documents on the use of such information located on other sites.


8. Privacy Policy Changes.

We may change the Terms of Privacy Policy without notifying the Resource User NYiGDE?. Users are requested to periodically review these conditions in order to be always informed.

8.1. The Site Administration reserves the right to update, edit and make changes to these Rules, terms and conditions. In the event of changes, we provide a version of the document on the Privacy Policy page.

8.2. The date of entry into force of changes is the date of publication on the Website of the updated version.

8.3. LLC “NYiGDE?” Is not responsible for damages and losses that may arise due to the lack of understanding or misunderstanding of the terms of this Privacy Policy of the Site “NYiGDE?” and subdomains., regarding the order of the data and any other issues.


9. Privacy Requests and Complaints.

9.1. In cases where, in the opinion of the User, the terms of this Privacy Policy regarding personal information and personal data are violated, or if you have questions relating to confidentiality, you need to use the “Feedback” function on the Site NYiGDE? and send the corresponding request to the Site Administration NYiGDE?.

9.2. In case of any questions, complaints or requests regarding the information you provide to NYiGDE?, Please contact the contact address:

Khmelnitsky, Kurchatova str. 1V, Ukraine, 29025, LLC “NYiGDE?”.

Phone for companies: +380670119119

Telephone for users: +380673837080

9.3. Upon written request and upon presentation of a document that establishes his identity, authority, the user may be provided with information on the procedure for obtaining information on the location of the database.


10. Compliance with the law and cooperation with government agencies.

Company (resource, site, business platform, marketplace) NYiGDE? regularly monitors compliance with users of the Privacy Policy. We use several self-monitoring systems. After receiving a written complaint, we contact the sender and consider the problem. If we are unable to resolve any issue of transferring personal data directly to the User, we will seek assistance from local government agencies of the appropriate profile, including authorities with competence in the field of personal data protection.


11. Final provisions.

11.1. All information posted on the Website is protected by the Law of Ukraine "On Copyright and Related Rights". Copying to electronic media, replication, use on third-party resources, translation into other languages, recording in the archive for the purpose of commercial use is prohibited. All rights to publish and reprint belong exclusively to the Administration of the Site NYiGDE?.

11.2. From time to time privacy policy NYiGDE? may vary. All updates to the Privacy Policy are reflected on this page, and we report the most significant ones in a special way, often via email.

11.3. If any provision of this Privacy Policy, including a clause or part thereof, any proposal, etc., is deemed to be contrary to the law of Ukraine or invalidated, this does not affect other provisions that do not contradict the law of Ukraine, they remain in force and are valid, and any invalid provision or provision that cannot be fulfilled without further action by the Parties shall be considered modified, corrected to the extent necessary to ensure its validity and performance capabilities.

11.4. The current Privacy Policy applies to the User from the moment he agrees to the terms of this Privacy Policy and is valid as long as there is NYiGDE? on the Site any information and personal data is stored.