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Mission OU and WHERE?

Our mission

«NYiGDE?» - Doing Our City Is Better!

Our mission is to create a free local search resource that will be an indispensable assistant for you in finding the right companies and organizations, interesting institutions and, of course, the entire previously unknown sphere of business not only of your city, but of the whole territory of the state.

First of all, we create a tool that becomes a powerful mechanism that allows each user to influence the development of enterprises in all cities of the country. Thanks «NYiGDE?» users can create a rating of firms, cafes, sports clubs, car dealerships, government agencies, shops and much more. Tell on our resource the whole truth about the quality of service! Thus, you notify other users about the strengths and weaknesses of an institution. Entrepreneurs, in turn, having read your opinion can eliminate comments and significantly improve the quality of the services offered. Therefore, dear users, do not be afraid to leave feedback, because this resource was created precisely for your needs and for your comfort!

«NYiGDE?» not looking for simple ways, we have clearly set priorities - to help the development of small and medium-sized businesses by using all available networking opportunities within Ukraine. We strive for the company's actions to provoke only the trust and sympathy of the society.

Already today on the resource «NYiGDE?» There are hundreds of thousands of firms, offices and private entrepreneurs in the most diverse fields of activity. Their list is processed daily and updated, new businesses are added. We do this in order to give you the opportunity to follow up on new offers in your city. With advanced search, you can always get the information you need in seconds! Also you can always add favorite places and institutions, if they are not already in the site directory.

It is important for us that you find it fascinating to be on «NYiGDE?» and that's part of the mission «NYiGDE?», so our experts created Events, a Forum and a Blog where you can discuss at any time on TOP topics, keep on life the city life, read funny stories and quality business ideas. You will be the first to find out about a new business in the world, about actions and unique offers from companies, about cultural and entertainment events. Here you will find important information about where it is profitable and safe to buy an apartment, find a good lawyer and the most experienced doctor. We worked hard and achieved that you had the opportunity to choose the best places for rest, shopping and learning in Ukraine.

We wanted and we did it: now every user can leave an independent but true testimonial about restaurants, sports clubs, entertainment centers, beauty salons, share their opinions and impressions about previously visited places, and have a direct dialogue with representatives of companies.

Team «NYiGDE?» is focused on creating a unique online directory that will be useful to every user, a site that allows you to save time and choose the best for our country!

«NYiGDE?» - Doing Our City Is Better!