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Frequently asked Questions

NYiGDE? – This is a local search service that collects information about hundreds of   thousands of companies, institutions, organizations, & nbsp; various infrastructure facilities, enterprises and entrepreneurs   . For your comfort   all companies are grouped by understandable, to each user, categories and sub-categories, the search is   by keywords using the local search engine. For the most accurate search, the service   is equipped with a filtration system, which is also integrated with the map of Ukraine.

Service «NYiGDE?» It is created for effective interaction of usual consumers and business audience of a city. We strive to satisfy the request & nbsp; as ordinary people,     who are looking for relevant and high-quality information about businesses and entrepreneurs,   companies, institutions, institutions, and value their time spent searching. We also pay maximum attention to & nbsp; and representatives of business - create the conditions for establishing a direct dialogue with customers and provide new opportunities for the development of their business on the Internet.

All information on our portal is carefully checked before entering it into the database, work is constantly under way to update and correct all data. Accommodation of all companies and companies is carried out with your help, & nbsp; or entered by a representative of the business. Then there is a mandatory moderation and only after the verification is published for open access.

To find a company quickly, you are always accompanied by search fields, it's     two windows: "Well?" and "Where?". If you know the name of an institution or company, just enter it in the box "Well?" And enter the desired   in the window "Where?".

If the name is unknown - it's not scary! Search on the site is configured in such a way that you can search by alternative requests: at the address, features of establishments, the type of kitchen, or the type of enterprise, the specialization of medicine, the brand of goods, etc.

But you have to take into account that for search quality it is necessary to build a query more accurately, therefore we recommend making queries that best match your desires.

If you can not find a specific company, institution or a certain entrepreneur atNYiGDE? use several guidelines:

  • - check your request, may have made a mistake;
  • - try changing the query;
  • - try to search through the catalog of companies and using the filter

If you do everything right and still does not give you the right information, most likely this company is not yet on our site. You can do your bit   in the development of our resource and   send us a request to add the necessary information.

Registered users have much more features on the pages of our service. You get free access to  My Account& nbsp; with a wide range of additional functions, and also have the opportunity to write and comment reviews, communicate with the owners and representatives of companies and institutions, use all the functionality of the site.

Most of all for us -   Your comfort, so we've simplified the process   maximum registration, the entire registration process takes a few seconds. If you do not want to register, but you still would like to fully use the site, on NYiGDE? the function of authorization through all popular social networks in two or three clicks by the mouse is provided.

To each user NYiGDE? after registration, access to the Personal Office opens up - it is a kind of personal mini-site within the resource, which creates many additional features on the site. In your personal   office, you have the opportunity to communicate with other users within the resource, & nbsp; make lists of companies and institutions where you have already been or plan to visit, save your favorite places.   There will be all your feedback and comments to them from other users, as well as the responses of official representatives of companies and institutions to your gratitude, wishes and comments.

All reviews on our website are written by real people, these are real customers   who rely on their personal experience, express their opinion and express their emotions and impressions received from visiting the institution, the quality and cost of purchased services or goods, the level of service and service in general. All reviews of the company show the company's quality trend, which is displayed in the evaluation.

We do not post or delete reviews at the request of companies. We monitor the quality and correctness of our feedback, and we also try to remove false reviews written by the company itself or its competitors.

If you wrote a review and it was not published on the site - most likely it was rejected by the moderator NYiGDE? due to a violation of  Rules for posting information.

The rules of our portal are the removal of others' reviews, if they do not violate the Rules for posting information,   is prohibited. We do not delete reviews at the request of companies. If the reviews contain incorrect information: insults, advertising, spam, etc., then such comments are deleted by the moderators.

Initially, try to find your company, maybe it already exists on   portalNYiGDE?. If it already exists, contact us and you will have access to your Personal Area, and then you will be able to manage your page on our portal. If your company is not among the companies in theNYiGDE? - fill in a short brief, we will check the information and add your business and you will get access to your information in the Personal Area.

We do not remove the company from our database without sufficient grounds.
If you believe that the information is incorrect (the company has moved, incorrect phone number, etc.) or violates any rules (contains insults, spam, etc.), you can specify where exactly the error was found - we will quickly fix it or make all the changes from your Personal Cabinet.

If you want to remove a company due to a large number of negative reviews, the best solution will be register with us on the site and respond to user feedback on behalf of the company, try to resolve the issue and correct the situation.


If your enterprise stopped its existence then inform us and we will do all the necessary steps to ensure that your company does not participate in the search.

Responding to   comments and comments to your company, you create loyal conditions for impact on your consumers. Users are pleased that they can directly interact with a representative of the company, thank them for their pleasant feedback and react to any criticism, perhaps this will improve the quality of your service if there are flaws in something.   You yourself build trust in your business.

Rating of companies at NYiGDE? It is formed on the basis of the estimates made by users when writing reviews. Based on their personal experience, people objectively assess the main criteria, the general impression and can recommend or not recommend the institution to other users of the site.

Rating NYiGDE? is an independent, popular rating, and influence   it can only consumers. That is why the top positions of the rating will always be occupied only by those companies and institutions that are really popular and provide excellent service, companies that care about their customers and deserve national recognition.