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About us


«NYiGDE?» - a global marketplace for successful operation business online.

We have no analogues. Each newly created functional of the resource is unique in its own way. Millions of pages with a huge catalog of businesses, an assortment of goods, services in free stores just for you!

Global marketplace «NYiGDE?» provides each User with everything necessary for a successful start and further growth of Internet sales.

An effective and rapidly growing team works daily to improve the platform with a modern look at the environment and many years of experience in IT. Any movement of a specialist is carefully thought out, personally tested, and only then given to users of a business resource.

For successful functionality we use the most modern, fast and truly efficient technologies. If in brief - we not keep pace with the times, and in some cases, we try to run ahead of the locomotive. Each of our actions is done with a single and unchanging goal:

* help entrepreneurs develop their business online;

* provide users with a useful platform for comfortable use.

Are the details interesting? Go!

We often hear from users "Why is the platform called «NYiGDE?»?". Probably, it's time to raise the curtain and open this huge secret. "NYiGDE"/"Where is it?" - three different parts of speech, which together mean (with Russian language) "Where to buy?", "Where to sell?", "Where to find?", "Where to get?". These questions are asked daily by millions of users around the world. If our platform is able to help all of them, answer the "hot" questions, then why not say why not «NYiGDE?»?. Probably, it's time to raise the curtain and open this huge secret. Thus, the idea arose about the name of a small company.

It all began in February 2015. Then the idea was born to create something really special in its similarity, something that is sure to help people get useful, desirable, new, productive and at the same time easy to use. So the Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises was created. To ensure that users were not bored on the resource, there was always the opportunity to share information and learn about the upcoming, we started to develop the Forum and Events. This did not stop: began to analyze the behavior of ordinary users, took into account their needs, preferences, which led to the creation of the Bulletin board «NYiGDE?». After fruitful work they saw a very positive result and firmly decided that we just need to move on. Full of strength, patience and endurance by a cohesive team began to translate the new idea into reality.

Having investigated the e-commerce market, having deduced monthly, quarterly, annual statistics, made the final and irrevocable decision - e-commerce rules the world, and we are obliged to take part in it!

So there were Internet shops on the subdomain «NYiGDE?». Adaptive design, free choice of templates and extensive functionality will simplify the processes of setting up channels for the sale of goods / services for the entrepreneur. Buyers, in turn, get comfortable, quick and affordable 24/7 online shopping.

After the successful implementation of the next idea, we, full of strength and confidence, began to work hard, expand the functionality, and not just create a new auxiliary tool, but global action - the introduction of the Blockchain technology into the platform, the transition to a decentralized structure and the creation of the NYIGDE token. Now, users of the platform being in any country and continent can make purchase and sale transactions on the platform for crypto-assets and fiat assets, fully control the transfer of personal funds for goods / services, all thanks to Blockchain technology.

The NYIGDE token was created by us for balancing the platform ecosystem, is the main tool in payments for goods / services, provides user interaction and regulates the system of calculating bonuses, premiums on «NYiGDE?». Integration of the NYIGDE token into the platform provides users with a bonus and premium program. In addition, it provides an opportunity for full-fledged purchases for our tokens in online stores on the «NYiGDE?».

Blockchain - this is the maximum transparency of all operations, and since the technology is built into the platform, «NYiGDE?» is acts as a guarantor of openness, truthfulness of actions and absolute trust in the World of electronic commerce.

«NYiGDE?» - decentralized marketplace for e-commerce. The platform's activities are focused on infrastructure and leading Blockchain-technologies. For this we use the most secure, advanced technologies for converting payment means.

Our platform provides a new type of purchase/sale of goods/services for crypto-users for popular crypto-assets. This service provides a similar type of service, as well as the traditional payment system on the platform, but with the use of crypto-assets.

Of course, the above is not the limit of achievements for the company «NYiGDE?». A lot of useful, phenomenal and profitable awaits us all ahead. We will not tell all at once. A little patience, diligence, work and in World will speak about the new Titan of e-commerce.

In this way the usual startup successfully transformed into a competitive company - the global marketplace «NYiGDE?».