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National Ballet of Georgia "Sukhishvili"

National Ballet of Georgia "Sukhishvili" in Cherkasy


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Выслали не то, что заказывал, на цифру другую деталь, перестали брать трубку. Другую деталь морочили голову неделю, в итоге сказали, что её не будет. В общем, шарашкина контора....

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About the event: National Ballet of Georgia "Sukhishvili"

"Try to bounce, united in the air. Then, too, fall straight to the floor on his knees and jump again to repeat again and again! Do rotation fingers in soft boots so fast that no one saw your face. And then Rotate kneeling on the perimeter of the scene. beautiful ladies charm, calm and playfully watching your courageous dance, which - to win their affection. "

The magic of Georgia

"Two and a half hours fly by like seconds before you have time to decide what to pay attention than admire more - music, stunning costumes, incredible skill or technique dancers, rich traditions of Georgia."

National Ballet of Georgia "Sukhishvili" was founded in 1945 Iliko Sukhishvili and Nino Ramishvili. In Georgia, it was the first professional dance ensemble, an example of which created all these. In the 30´s of last century folk dance itself did not exist in Georgia. There were song and dance ensembles Eastern Georgia West Georgia - five or six people and several dance repertoire. Large groups and large-scale productions in Georgia were not, they were only together with the creation of the ensemble under the direction Iliko Sukhishvili. Thanks to the family Sukhishvili Georgian national dance art became actively develop and gain popularity. Iliko and Nino made his dream a reality: Georgian dance culture has received worldwide recognition, and young people have become partners, not only on stage but in life, their work continued by children and now grandchildren.

Event Source:http://in.ck.ua/ua/koncerty/nacionalnyy-balet-gruzii-suhishvili-1

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