Concert Via "Plum" in Cherkasy


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About the event: Concert Via "Plum"

The musical group "Plum" was established in autumn 1975. The backbone of the group made up of musicians VIA "Gems": Nikolay Mihaylov (head band), Sergei Berezin, Valentin Dyakonov, Anatoly Mogilev, Yuri Henbachev, Gennady Zharkov, George Peterson, Alex and Irina Shachnev. Name the new group came up with Sergei Berezin.

VIA "Plum" - winner of the All-Union competition for the best Soviet songs, multiple winner of the TV project "Song of the Year", winner of the World Festival of Youth and Students, held in the capital city of Havana, Cuba.

Musicians band "Plum" applauded Bulgaria, Hungary, Lithuania, Madagascar and Finland, where they also were winners of various music competitions and festivals.

Event Source:http://in.ck.ua/ua/koncerty/via-plamya-1

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