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DIZEL Show with the "funny spring"

DIZEL Show with the "funny spring" in Cherkasy


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Выслали не то, что заказывал, на цифру другую деталь, перестали брать трубку. Другую деталь морочили голову неделю, в итоге сказали, что её не будет. В общем, шарашкина контора....

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About the event: DIZEL Show with the "funny spring"

About "Diesel Show" say - a breakthrough 2015 humor! Sketches and numbers browsing the Internet millions. Jokes cite this team online and they flew on the Internet worldwide. Photos and parody discuss all lovers of quality humor.

A unique humorous show qualitatively distinguish clear and close any topic accessible to any age, interesting men and women!

Concert "Diesel Show" - mass competitions and interactive performances. Everyone - the active participant of the concert. The show is made up of thumbnails, numbers, musical interludes and interactive with the audience.

The cast of "Diesel Show" - it´s most popular comedy television projects, film actors and TV presenters. They know the names of everyone who loves and appreciates humor: Egor Krutogolov Alexander Berezhok, Hashenko Eugene, Eugene Smoryhin Oleg Nice and our prima - Jan Glushchenko, Victoria and Marina Bulitko Poplavska.

Viewers not only laugh but also fun to compete.

On the Internet and on TV you do not see this!

Event Source:http://in.ck.ua/ua/koncerty/dizel-show-z-programoyu-vesna-smishna

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