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Winter profits or How to make money on winter holidays.

Winter profits or How to make money on winter holidays.

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Every Ukrainian people is puzzled about how to increase your own budget, and you and I are no exception. “Where to make money?” - one question, but “Where and how to make money in winter?” - the task becomes more complicated. Naturally, when stable earnings come in, there is no need to worry, and what happens there in the open space is unimportant. But if your earnings depend closely on the weather and the season - excitement cannot be avoided, since in any case it causes financial damage.

You should not worry too much, because you can find a way out of any situation. Winter is really another reason for the “monetary depression,” but, fortunately, it can be defeated, in which way our marketplace NYiGDE?.

Winter profits are a seasonal action, and in order to live outside the spring until spring you have to sacrifice New Year and Christmas holidays. Moreover, preparing for the holiday sales of goods / services needed in the fall. If you are ready to make money - welcome to the old blog NYiGDE?.

With your permission, I’ll repeat a little: you need to prepare for winter in the fall, so we suggest considering, for a start, the “preparatory” options.

1. Handmade (handicrafts, embroidery, knitting).

There is so much information on the Internet, so many video lessons and articles on the specifics of the hand-made, that you don’t even have to strain your brain to develop new ideas. Needlework requires a lot of time, so start a few months before the action itself. With a bit of fantasy and some materials you can create wonderful Christmas decorations, snowmen, Santa Claus and Snow Maiden as Christmas tree decorations, sew Santa’s reindeer, make Christmas trees from simple and cheap materials, make Christmas wreaths, decorations for corporate parties, decorations for the hall and holiday table ...

When crafts are ready or the process moves to completion - sell! Place ads on the Internet on various websites, on specialized resources for business, like ours, print in newspapers, post information at bus stops, use inexpensive promotion services in social networks. You can take orders in advance, but to do this, make sure that you can actually do the work (practice, try tinkering).

2. New Year's costumes.

Carnival costumes for children are, of course, seasonal goods and pre-New Year time - a gold mine for everyone who knows how to sew. In megacities there is a lot of competition, but in the regional centers and rural areas to earn on the creation of Christmas costumes for children many times easier.

New Year's mornings in kindergartens and schools do not pass without a masquerade, fabulous performances and scenes. Each parent wants to please the child, and, your own eye with a unique costume. Moms and grandmothers buy cloth and run to the seamstress in a queue until they are ahead of the other moms. You can buy a ready-made suit, but it is even a bit more expensive and not the fact that it will be what you want to see.

New Year's costumes are needed not only for children, but also for adults. Corporate offices in offices are often accompanied by the reincarnation of fairy-tale heroes, because adults are also confused about what to wear, because this version of the festive business is really justified.

3. «Holiday rental».

Create a festive mood for everyone to meet the New Year creatively and effectively. We offer to do rental of festive decorations and carnival costumes for children and adults. The decor on corporate parties, festive decorations in restaurants, cafes are always relevant and not only at Christmas time. Think of other holidays: Valentine's Day, March 8, May 9, Halloween. There are a lot of holidays a year, because such income can grow from seasonal to permanent. Yes, it is in the permanent: weddings, birthdays, the baptism of children are also accompanied by ornaments.

There are two options for developing this business:

A — create the most scenery and sew costumes at the dressmaker (if you do not know how).

B — buy both.

4. "Smile". Photographer for the New Year.

Although we are seeing the movement in the world far from the 90s, when an uncle runs with the camera, offering a photograph with Santa Claus, but paparazzi are needed for a collective, family archive both on high-profile corporate parties, in kindergartens, and on New Year's Eve. There are many people who have professional and semi-professional cameras. So why not earn? Be sure to make a photo background and come up with accessories, decor for more creative photos. Scatter on the network services and use the New Year's Eve hour. You will have to sacrifice your own celebration, but this is a business, friends.

5. Santa Claus.

Christmas mood can be given not only to others but also to yourself personally, and not free of charge, but for money. Santa Claus and Snow Maiden on call or rent (at your convenience) this year is also in the TOP of business ideas. This business brings income depending on the place of residence. You understand that in small, poor areas, where there are 4 five-storey buildings and 20 private houses to earn so that is enough for spring, in any way it will not work, because we hold the guideline to the area where the population is bigger. Parents want to give children a holiday, while they still believe in a miracle. Adults are also not averse to having some fun, to be photographed with Grandfather Frost and Snow Maiden, to listen to the congratulations. For this we need at least the basics of acting, costumes, the script of the holiday (contests, poems, songs) and it would not be bad to find a transport so as not to shake in costumes from address to address in minibuses. A visit to children is cheaper, adults have a much better fare (about $ 100).

6. Catering for the New Year.

Want to eat everything and always, especially for holidays. Many have no time to engage in cooking and table setting, because they are ready to use the services of catering (food delivery). We give an example to all the same corporate events: employees of firms will not prepare food for a general feast. There is an ordinary human factor, which contradicts everything that concerns the New Year's preparations. People simply do not want to do this, because at home, and so are waiting for similar troubles. Women often have to combine work, laundry, cleaning, child care and cooking, especially since such days are not just the preparation of the “1st,” “2nd,” but “3rd,” “4th,” "5th" ... right up to dessert per person 10. When will it be in time? In such cases, the hostesses turn to catering.

For catering, you will need: the desire and ability to cook, culinary creativity, to compose a festive menu. To offer customers you need not just Olivier and aspic, but real, aesthetic dishes. Perhaps a vegetarian will turn to you, and you bother him with meatballs and stuffed cabbage rolls. Think, look on the same Internet. For bulk purchases of products and timely delivery of an order in hot form, prompt transportation will be required, so take care of this as well.

7. Toastmaster.

You are talented, charismatic, with an attractive appearance and a suspended language - why destroy talent and lose income? Money is not superfluous. Competently make a script with songs, dances, competitions, wishes and fight! The main thing: do not get lost, are not afraid to speak to the public and, preferably, I’ll come up with jokes. Services toastmaster, and even in the New Year and Christmas period, great paid.

As we all see from the above, there are enough options for replenishing the budget, but most of them fall on the holidays. And what to do then, after January 1, at the end of the holidays? We also took this into account, we stocked up a couple of ideas for the winter business:

1. If you could not sell crafts, New Year's goods until January 1 - sell after. Offer promotions, discounts, as they do in many shopping centers.

2. Sale of unnecessary things, the same children's carnival costumes, toys, decorations and so on.

3. Take care of cleaning the offices after the holiday (cleaning the office from decorations and decorations).

Profitable you holidays, happy New Year and Merry Christmas! Hopefully, tips and well where really help you in the implementation of ambitious plans.


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