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Elimination of the initial causes of cancer.

Elimination of the initial causes of cancer.

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A weak immune system is the primary cause of cancer.

What is immunity?

We are used to hearing from grandmothers and mothers that immunity is the resistance of our body to mild colds, severe infectious diseases and all that. If got sick with the flu or snot appeared, then you have weak immunity anyway. Of course, this is true, although, in fact, the definition is much broader and inexplicable in one sentence. Topics the Immunity should be given not a paragraph, but a whole block of articles, which we will definitely do, but a little later.

Immunity is also the protection of the body from any external (air pollution, heavy metals, preservatives) and internal (all kinds of parasites, fungi, cell mutations) of foreign influences, bodies. At a normal level, it is able to cleanse the body, so to speak, “expel” old cells that are unsuitable for work.

Well-coordinated work of immunity is a shield against many serious diseases, including the only way to protect against oncology. This is because the presence of microbes, parasites, toxins, unhealthy diet, environmental factors, viruses, bad habits, inappropriate breathing and even depressive state, however strange it may sound, provoke oncology. With all this, to put it mildly, “unpleasant” bouquet of root causes must be fought. Who is at war with the above? Yes, immunity. But, again, how should he fight in a weakened form? The main defender of the person can not cope with the above. The sadness is this: the mechanism of the immune system is so complex that it is impossible to understand the thoroughly “how?” and “what?”. How to improve immunity and maintain it in excellent condition has not yet succeeded the most competent scientists. Theoretically, we are all very smart in this direction, and in practice - 0.

Natural cancer treatments are pretty good at coping with their primary function. If the patient has not previously resorted to chemotherapy, then the chances for improvement are truly great. We have repeatedly written about this in the section “Health” on the platform NYiGDE?. Remember the C-therapythe use of pomegranate juicethe benefits of essential oils and, of course, the drug dr.Budwig. There are a number of other effective ways, but we will write them in the near future.

Few people focus on the initial problems - to get rid of all the germs in the organs. This is too important to miss, since most oncological diseases stem from the presence of pests. Alas, the immunity is not able to recognize some species of fungi and worms, and they must be eliminated! Here nutrients will help. It is best to apply folk methods, drink herbs. They act like medicines, but are practically harmless to health, unlike standard methods that 99% of doctors advocate. Do not rush to apply chemotherapy, it only aggravates the imbalance, prevents the fight against microbes (as they say on the resource Cancer Tutor). So you kill not only mutated cells, but also healthy immune ones. They help to fight the disease. The whole system suffers, living organs.

 Get rid and control the presence of germs.

 Enhance immunity, monitor changes.

This is the main thing that a person with oncology should know and follow. In this way, it is possible to reduce the number of affected cells, stop the mutation and restore the body. Cancer goes into remission and does not progress if you force it to starve, dieting, purifying blood and, of course, raising your immunity to the maximum. Listen to the body, fight the root causes and be healthy!

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Підняти імунітет - це щось на рівні фантастики. Що вже не пробував, протестував на собі чимало засобів, максимум, то це з 4.12 показник зріс до 4.13. Все.
Violka Сh 10:24 06.03.2019
Вадим Мельничук
Підняти імунітет - це щось на рівні фантастики. Що вже не пробував, протестував на собі чимало засобів, максимум, то це з 4.12 показник зріс до 4.13. Все.

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