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Trends of e-commerce 2020. TOP-7 forecasts for the year.

Trends of e-commerce 2020. TOP-7 forecasts for the year.

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E-commerce in 2020 - the next revolution in business! Over the years of development, people have seen a lot of changes, reconstructions, falls, take-offs, and little can be surprised. Companies that clearly follow e-commerce marketing strategies, try new things and not be afraid to change directions drastically, observe steady growth. Development is fairly fast, but this does not happen by itself. Analytics, planning, choice of strategy ... very often even the smallest implementations of new in your Internet business can significantly affect the result.

E-commerce is growing at about 20% annually. 2020 will be no less effective, promises to give even more opportunities for business and the buyer, by dictating new trends, ignoring which is not the best solution. As before, the top will be video promotion and advertising in instant messengers. It is effective, so why not continue in the same vein. These methods will continue to dominate and significantly change the budget for advertising, but there are more substantial ways that will take you to a new level, a more substantial result.

№1 Chatbots. AI assistants can easily complete a number of tasks assigned to humans. For example, the same request processing and management. Bots perform various processes, freeing our time and allow us to focus on other, more important aspects of doing business.

Chatbots really simplify the work: they can easily satisfy a number of needs for servicing your customers, from answers to questions about the product and right up to discussing a complaint. Bots, as well as artificial intelligence, learn from dialogs with customers, and are developing rapidly to help users more efficiently in e-commerce. To simplify the purchase without losing personal contact - automatic answers and built-in chats for small businesses .. yes, this is what you need.

№2 Personalization. In electronic commerce, personal communication with the client is completely absent, compared to offline stores. There is no consultant who can recommend a buyer to buy goods based on his interests and preferences; understand what the buyer pays more attention to when passing between the counters. In order to somehow eliminate the shortage of personal communication, companies use personalization throughout the purchase process. If you try to master this trend as much as possible this year, this will give you a good result. Segment your e-marketing more to send products to the right people — shopping-inclined users, not everyone. Think about target groups, provide a competent offer to customers on the recommendation of products. All this will facilitate and accelerate the choice of the buyer. Use personal data (search queries, purchase history, visits) to best suit your needs and interests.

№3 Buy via smartphone. Mobile traffic is superior to computer traffic, which used to seem distant and almost unrealistic. Modern devices are crammed with new, exciting, convenient to use, so it’s much easier for users to visit websites using their smartphones, and go run their PC. A huge number of online stores have not yet worked on the mobile version. Naturally, this is not at all ok for retail. Adaptability of pages for any device is a must for every online store.

№4 Payment systems inside your store. 

If the buyer cannot attach a bank card - this is a failure. Not complete, but partial, but still. Mobile payments are carried out by every third active user. It is comfortable for large and small needs. Do you think it’s worth introducing functionality? If your options are limited, you cannot afford to add payment systems financially - you just need to create an online store on NYiGDE?. Our marketplace gave such an opportunity to everyone. Do not complicate your life and workflow, just use a ready-made tool without involving programmers.

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№5 Voice shopping. The voice will become more popular among buyers who have already decided on a purchase. Voice assistants are only gaining momentum and 40% of respondents already use voice for online shopping. They buy more small appliances, food and household goods, but in 2020 it is possible to spread to other categories of goods. Google Home and Amazon Echo have become highly successful products, so worldwide recognition is coming soon.

№6 AR. “Buy or not buy?” This question torments every customer when placing an order. People are afraid to pay for ignorance. If before the review, a short description and characteristics were more or less enough, then in 2020 people crave for an improved picture, they want more understanding of what they are going to buy.

Yes, it’s expensive, not everyone can afford additional reality, but you can try to create such things. It may not be as cool as that of ikea, but, nevertheless, better than the existing one.

№7 Social Networks. Agree, the benefits of Facebook have always been few. Now, the creators provide a little more business opportunities, but they are not enough for successful commerce. Many prohibitions, restrictions, etc. What else business can use is Messenger. Last year, the indicators were not bad, this year, perhaps, they will become even better. The number of customers in social networks is growing rapidly and this is a merit more Instagram. People, in the literal sense, live with likes, posts, reposts and buy goods in the daily visited social networks - this is much more convenient than looking for specialized stores, registering and so on. The impact on sales will only increase, and this is natural.

If you want to make more money this year too - form the business vector correctly! Do what imagination and capital allow, but be sure to keep a reference to the needs and hobbies of your client.


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