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Global trends that will fundamentally change e-commerce in 2020 will become more popular and even more in demand than ever. Briefly and readily about the factors of business development on the Internet.

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What home appliances to buy in 2019. Siemens household gadgets with iSensoric technologies. Rating of world concerns.

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The fifth generation of mobile communications. What are the differences from the previous standards. Successfully it replace existing 3G and 4G?

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Where to trim a beard? Best barbershop Ukraine on NYiGDE? Blog! Rates, services, features, interior of a Barber shop in Your city. All your favorite users.

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Cosmetic exclusive for 1 000 000 $ from the manufacturers to the platform NYiGDE. Believe me, it is worth to know.


The Invasion Of Pokemon. People are going crazy! App for Android game Pokemon forced America to run around town looking for imaginary beings.


Pokemon roam the streets of Khmelnitsky!!! True pictures! Real Pikachu in R-n Ozerna.


Instructions for use application Pokemon GO from a Blog NYiGDE? ready! It remains to wait for the release date in Ukraine and ran in pursuit of the pokemon. How to install Pokemon GO on the iPhone and Android and how to play the game Pokemon GO instructions "Read more".

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While Ukraine is waiting for 4G — Asia is ready to start with the system of the fifth generation. Representatives of the Ministry of information stated that the developers are working on a 5G system.

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"Instaphone-revolutionaries". Instagram users staged a boycott of Facebook. The company started losing users and falling in the rankings. Click read more.

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