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Rich and famous
TOP 5 rich and famous. Millionaire women.

TOP 5 rich and famous. Millionaire women.

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They say: "The place of women in the kitchen...". Oh, men, how are you deeply mistaken. And to prove the opposite, we present the ranking of the most influential women millionaires who managed to achieve career growth without the help of rich patrons and grandmother's inheritance. Self-confidence, hard work, dedication and a wild desire to realize all of them led to success. TOP 5 of the rich and famous under the heading "The Rich and Famous" on the blog of the company NYiGDE?.

Margaret Whitman ($2,1 billion)

« a big company one cannot trust intuition. ” She started her career with an ordinary manager, but earned her recognition at Hewlett Packard as an intelligent SEO specialist. Since 2015, she has led the same company (selling software and servers) and has led to success. Nobody hoped, but her actions did bring results. Previously led by eBay, Walt Disney, Hasbro. I tried myself in politics, but SEO out of it turned out much better.

Sara Blakely ($1 billion)

Earns on its own lingerie brand "Spanx". Its products are bought in forty countries around the world. She started working as a sales agent, and later occupied the position of top manager of the well-known Nike sports shoes. Thanks to her efforts, clothing for active recreation appeared in the sale of the chain of stores. The initial capital of Sarah's business was only $ 5000 - production of corrective underwear. The business has become more than successful, because many women who crave to wear dresses, pencil skirts, and look slim and very attractive need her products. The company is valued at $ 1 billion, but the owner does not even think about selling her own line. 

Sophia Amoruso ($300 million)

California girl without education, but with a narcotic addiction. So passed the youth of Sophie. When she had to pay a fine for stealing a stove for grilling, she finally thought about her way of life: she went to college and started digging into her head, looking for something substantial and legal. At the age of twenty-two, the girl went to "eBay" and set up a clothing store there. Friends, this is a wonderful example of earnings on the Internet, by analogy with the platform NYiGDE?. Here you, like Sofia Amoruso, can create a personal online store, but absolutely free, unlike other resources. Only with us you will save on the domain and hosting. All opportunities for successful business management and development are free! Want to get rich like women from the TOP-5 - rather add a store with your list of goods / services. The future millionaire bought cheap clothes in second-hand, took photos of her friends and laid out photos in the network. Who or what the buyers liked more, beautiful fashion models or used clothes, alas, we do not know, but the fact of profitable sales is really impressive. Not everyone can buy an old jacket for twenty, and sell for 1500 green ones. Several years of online sales brought hundreds of thousands of dollars, led to the opening of the office and the development of a personal website. Things from the Sofia website literally swept away. Used outfits have been bought every week. A little later, no longer a small office, but a full-fledged company, Nasty Gal, moved to Los Angeles and hired a designer to model accessories, shoes and, of course, clothes. Next was the opening of real boutiques, attracting multi-million investment.

Katie Ireland ($360 million)

From the age of 16 she worked as a model, appeared on the covers of glossies, TV shows, movies. Due to its attractive appearance, charisma and good oratorical abilities, it acquired its own home early. One of the most profitable projects turned out to be the furniture business, oriented towards the audience of busy moms, but more on that later. “Always beautiful, always young ...” - this will not always be the case. The model realized this when, from the first positions, it began to be pushed by a generation of young and attractive. $ 50,000 and a licensed own brand in her hands. The first brand under her name became pantyhose - “Kathy Ireland”. Next was a collection of swimsuits, accessories and even sportswear, which is not very typical for a model with experience. Over the years, the business model has switched to recording fitness lessons, comfortable clothes for moms and tips on entering the big market from Warren Buffett. Everything for the home, and only. Katie signed a little under each product, hoping to get a% profit from sales. The furnishings created by her did not provide for sharp corners, the carpets were treated with a dirt-repellent agent, hypoallergenic materials, household chemicals, bridal outfits and even animal products with her name.

Dorothy Herman ($270 million)

Co-owner of a company that sells real estate in New York ("Douglas Elliman"). Dorothy's net annual income is $ 600 million. In my childhood I lost my mother, and my father became disabled after a car accident. In the eighties, she worked in real estate, and a decade later bought a large part of the same company where she started her career. The time has come to realize that matriarchal is rushing all over the world. Women have never been taken seriously in any field. Alas, even today there is discrimination in many companies regarding liabilities, monthly salaries and other things. In the harsh conditions of business it is necessary to fight for a place under the sun, to defend the rights. Dear women, nothing but the sobriety of reason, maximum patience and responsibility. Under any circumstances, keep a punch, firmly defend the position, take an example from the rich and famous business-woman. Only then will it be possible to shine with achievements in the Forbes list.


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