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Oh, these holidays!
What to give for Valentine's Day.
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Gifts love everything, always and without a difference when they are presented: for Christmas, March 8, or on weekdays. Gigantic Teddy Teddy, a package for the Caribbean, a heart-shaped lollipop or Love is chewing gum - as the budget allows. Anyway, everyone deserves attention.

February 14 is a hot time, like the pre-New Year period. Order gifts should be immediately after the Christmas holidays, to have time to make, if it is an individual order, and in time to deliver.

Several Valentine's Day alternatives for every wallet:

1. Gift up to 100 UAH. You don’t flush that much, but it’s really possible to get out..

* Souvenirs. Cups with a photo - there are cheap options, a puzzle from the general photo. If simpler, then choose magnets, key rings, pillows in the shape of a heart, a photo frame. How without a valentine? Find a pair of UAH on the holiday symbol.


* Flowers and rafaello. Well, rather, even one flower and one candy. Bouquet or basket for 100 UAH, and even on a holiday, you can not buy. A flower in a pot is a better option. Although you can enjoy longer, not a couple of days. Insert a sign with a declaration of love. Buy a cactus - it will stand forever! ))). Fortune chocolate or cookies - ok too.

* Accessories. Socks, underwear should not be given, even if they are with hearts. Even if you have been married for 10 years and you really need them, keep the atmosphere of romance at least on this day. Coffee and chocolate set, at least a mask for sleeping, cosmetics, organizers ... in the online stores lack of all good. Open categories, look through the pages of marketplace NYiGDE? and calmly pick a gift for Valentine's Day to your favorite people.

* Jar / box with love notes, the values of a loved people. Time to make and take a little, but cheap.

* Launch a Chinese lantern together: romantic and super-economical ))

2. Gift from 101 to 700 UAH. Collage, aroma of candles, natural soap in the shape of a heart, T-shirts with inscriptions or photos. Buy movie tickets. On coffee with cake, too, should be enough. Give a case on your phone / tablet with a special picture / photo - enough money. Charging in the car, flavoring - is simple and necessary. Give a gift that is useful in the work: flash drive, computer mouse, headphones will not be superfluous. The range of useful and at the same time cool pieces is huge. Look in the online stores for NYiGDE?, do not be lazy.

3. Gift from 701 UAH. Here you can think about going to a restaurant and handmade gifts. Cardholder with initials, passport cover, gift sets, bags, cosmetics, care products and everything else that your imagination is capable of. Yes, even gifts for adults, if only the elects would like it. Certificate in the SPA .. yes, girls will appreciate. Give motoristsGPS or DVR, compressor, tools. The beautiful half of humanity will be useful curling, ironing, kits for manicure and makeup. Yes, such gifts do not smell like romance, but very necessary devices.

4. A gift from ... let's call "how much you do not mind" )).


I can say one thing: pamper each other. Give jewelry, devices (look in the “Electronics” category), designer clothes and accessories, go to a ski resort, tour Europe, or warm up the bones on the islands. It is so beautiful when nothing prevents our desires and fantasies! You Love ?? - use every opportunity to be together. Attend exhibitions, go to concerts, parties, dance and have fun! Give joy, pleasant emotions and "sweet" memories.

What to do if there is no money at all for a gift? "Porridge from the ax", that is, a dinner from the fact that in the refrigerator scrape, warm words and a sleepless night - a very good way out. Be guided by the commonplace ".. but from the heart"! Wonderful holiday for all of us, worthy gifts and more attention not only on February 14, but every day!

Yours truly, Marketplace NYiGDE?!

We love our users not only February 14! ))) 


Олег Войтков 12:21 04.02.2019
Купив в подарунок подорож до Єгипту на 5 днів. Дівчина дуже щаслива, бо там ще не відпочивала. Зараз ціни аж надто круті, шкода втрачати таку можливість. На 2 осіб 398 $. Розумію, що не сезон, температура 26 С, але ж подорож, як би там не було )))) подарунок чудовий для 2-х, виліт 10/02. Усім гарного святкування!))
Любов Крамар 09:31 11.02.2019
В этом году ограничусь подарком до 100 грн., увы, но аванс потрачен, так что милый перебъеться на том, что есть. Пусть радуется, что вообще не проигнорировала)))
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