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Steve Jobs. The success story of IT genius.

Steve Jobs. The success story of IT genius.

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Apple — the most expensive, most influential and most prestigious company in the world, and a person who would not admire its achievements, is hardly to be found. Apple is certainly cool, but who made the company so popular among the elite, who created the glamor brand and embodied the desires of the “top” in one “golden apple”? Yes, it is he, God of IT - Steven Paul Jobs. A talented engineer, a genius of entrepreneurship and marketing, who knew what the Universe wanted, he shook the world beyond the innovative gadgets of iPod, iPad, iPhone.

As you understand, today's article about him is about Steve Jobs, about his career, ups and downs, about incredible achievements in business and how he managed to outrun the mobile market for several years. Business Blog Platform NYiGDE? and the heading "Rich and famous" does not tolerate silence! On the unspeakable facts about the "mobile" genius, without slowing down, right now!

Steve's troubles were comprehended since childhood, 02/24/1955 in California (USA), when his own mother (parents: American Joan Chiblais and Syrian Abrulfattah Jandali) abandoned the child, giving them to an orphanage. Then he was not Jobs yet. Soon he was adopted by the family of Clara and Paul, who gave the boy a surname, which is now known in every home where there is a computer and access to the network.

Childhood was not easy, Steve was a bully, and even “ran into” the exception from school after the 3rd grade. After being transferred to another school, Jobs seemed to have been replaced, the boy began to learn, changed behavior. What is the reason for this: changing the situation, the team? No, the truth is that the teacher paid Steve for every task she did. Yes, for the study he received, though not large, but all the same money. Desire to learn woke up so that he jumped 5th grade.

Commercial vein woke up since childhood, and Jobs got his first job or, more precisely, a summer part-time job when he was 12 years old. Imagine, as early as 12 years old, and he did not ask for it, but quite the contrary, he heard a proposal from the president of Hewlett-Packard, W. Hulett. Then there was the acquaintance with Steve Wozniak and the first business idea - “The Blue Box”, graduating from school in 1972 and a few months of college in Portland. All the savings of my parents went to Reed (liberal arts college), therefore, feeling guilty, after six months of training, the guy dropped out of college, I quote: "Now I understand that this was one of the best decisions in my life."

Maybe the best, maybe not, but outside of the college I had to pass a real test: “I didn’t have a place to live, I didn’t have a room in a hostel, so I had to sleep on the floor with friends. I had no money, I had nothing to buy food for, and in order to feed myself I handed over bottles of Coke for 5 cents for one. Once a week, on every Sunday, I walked across the entire city, for 7 miles, in order to eat normally in the temple of the Hare Krishnas ... ”

After a year and a half of wandering, voluntarily-compulsory Steve to return to California, met an old friend of S. Voznyak and got a job at Atari as a technician (1974). A year later, Wozniak showed the leadership of Hewlett-Packard a ready-made model of a personal computer, but the company did not believe in his invention. After that, Steve Jobs persuaded him to show PC to Atari, but they also did not see the future in the assembled car.


Everyone represented the computer as a large cabinet filled with a lot of drafts and a piece of iron, and then they brought a small square car, quite decent in weight. Naturally, this did not produce a furore, did not arouse even the slightest interest. After rejecting both companies, young people create a club of home-made computers. They periodically developed computing systems, worked on improvement. After a year of activity, Jobs finally decided on profitability, proposing Wozniak not to show everyone his designs for free, just like that, and to sell them. The idea was that the company created by them would sell computers and computing systems on the basis of boards, that is, they would continue to do what works well, without reference to Hewlett-Packard and Atari. After persuading Ronald Wayne, a draftsman to join Atari, Steve Jobs took up the registration of a newly created company.


April 1, 1976 the official registration took place, the birthday of the company "Apple".

Why "Apple"? Apple (apple from English) - the favorite fruit of Steve Jobs, everything is painfully simple.

At Jobs’s request, the draftsman drew a logo, although it was not exactly a logo, it was more characterized as a drawing. Soon, the new “Yabloko” received a large, at that time, order for 50 units. Everything is cool, business goes to the top, but without a “but” in business does not happen: there is no money for parts, investors too. Then Steve Jobs, in order not to lose customers, begging suppliers for components on credit, for a month. For ten days they gave the order and the loan was paid.

«Аpple I» - This is the name of the 1st computer: a simple board to which you need to connect a monitor and keyboard, they were sold in stores for $666.66. Wayne was disappointed in the affairs of a small company, even despite the order and sold his 10% stake to the companions for $800. They did not have their own separate office, so they worked in Jobs' garage. There was no way to find investors, no one wanted to invest in an unknown, such as the company that the guy in slippers represents. Representative clothes from Steve was not, because out of what was.

1977 and the second model of PC “Apple II” and with it the success and recognition of the country. It was already an improved model: it distinguishes colors, there is an entrance for a floppy disk and a plastic case. Again, there was no money for the release of the new PC, this did not attract investors, and each time the partners were refused. The world was not without good people and Steve managed to convince a former employee of Intel to invest $250,000.

With a new logo (colored apple), they launched an advertisement, the purpose of which was to inform people about the changes in Arrle. Investments allowed friends to get out of the garage and recruit full-time employees to start production of the second model. Then came thousands of large orders from all over the country, recognition by America as a computer manufacturer, millions of earnings and until 1980 Jobs made a fortune of $ 200 million. Computers have become known outside the country and began to enjoy strong demand in other countries. Shares of the company Arrpe Computer bought up with incredible speed, just a couple of hours. Steve Jobs is becoming one of the richest people in the United States. An ordinary guy without a material foundation has managed to win worldwide prestige and recognition of many.

1984 - another successful Macintosh project was presented in its original packaging, which is based on a graphical user interface and gained the ability to control a mouse. Why Macintosh? - again, a sort of favorite fruit of computer genius. "He is a crazy genius and he will not calm down until he turns everything upside down, he doesn’t throw anything halfway, he doesn’t allow inadequacy and no compromises ..." We did not come up with it ourselves, this is a characteristic of S. Jobs from one of the company's managers. 


A year later, (in 1985) because of a conflict with Vice President D. Scully, Jobs was deprived of the position of CEO of Apple and, unfortunately, Steve left the company, which he himself founded. After leaving, he created NeXT, a computer company, made an investment in Pixar (3D design), which earned 1.5 million in revenue. After 2 years, Jobs returned to his native apple company as an executive director and radically changed everything, from which the profit and the price of shares rose. In 2001, Apple presented the iPod, the first player with built-in memory. Two years later, three years later, other models of the player were released ... and then there was an iPhone. The year 2007 changed the life of the company and its employees dramatically: about Apple, even those who did not have computers, who were never interested in technology, found out about Apple. The iPhone really glorified Steve Jobs and the business of his life, all actions, all efforts, efforts, victories and defeats were justified!


New achievements until 2010 were not, it is connected with the diagnosis, in 2003, the genius of Jobs - pancreatic cancer. Treatment Steve always postponed, did not agree to surgery, which, perhaps, reduced his days of life. The iPad device produced no less awesome effect than the iPhone. After Jobs's condition worsened and on March 2, 2011, at the presentation of a new tablet model, he already appeared as SEO “Apple”, and resigned on August 24. Replaced him as general director Tim Cook.

Despite all the difficulties that a man presented to him, he coped with all the obstacles and burst into the sphere of engineering under a lucky star, proving to the world that it costs a lot, He really stands for nationwide recognition and serves as an example in IT.

A truly great, truly talented from God man, “Brain” of nanotechnologies, Genius IT, who brought computers to our world, the first touchscreen mobile phones and tablets that created the giant “Apple” - Steve Paul Jobs, finished his way 5 October 2011 So ended the "Age of Jobs", but Apple did not end, it continues to live, continues to give us new achievements, His "Apple Company".


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Очень громко сказано Б-Г IТ :)
Я его вообще считаю немного "помешаным". Это надо настолько ганятся за баблом, чтобы не замечать собственных детей. Жадным человеком был, жадным, но умным. Теперь Бог судить будет за все его айфоны и айпады.
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