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SEO-optimization for your online store.
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Proper SEO optimization of any site can work wonders for your business. The owners of online stores do not even suspect how powerful SEO tool is, if you approach the construction of a strategy correctly. Having groped that very thing, you will successfully produce at least three major business points:

 raise the resource in the TOP of search engines;

 increase traffic several times;

 increase sales.

Perhaps you should not rush things. Calmly, do not run ahead of the locomotive. Let's go in order.

So what is SEO?

SEO-optimization provides a set of techniques that allow any store, online resource to get and keep on the first search page in Google, Yandex. Throwing in any request the search engine gives us a list of resources where you can dig and get the requested information (shops with goods and services, cafes, restaurants, salons, clinics well, and much more). Do you know why these sites are displayed in the first place? Yes, it works a powerful SEO-leveling. The specialist did his best - the site ranks first and your products / services will overshadow competitors. Less effort is applied - the resource will, at best, go to the second, third, etc. pages. The conclusion is obvious: the better the SEO works, the more people will see the store when they request it and take advantage of it.

How to build a successful online store using SEO, which will be wildly popular? It is difficult to promote a huge marketplace with millions of pages, and if you are a small store, then standard tools will suffice if you find the right use for them.


Create an online store on NYiGDE?


If development and, especially, optimization are terribly tedious and costly for you - do not suffer. Create your online store on the marketplace NYiGDE?, free, ready to use and already optimized for SEO.

Shop owners are asking for help when they don’t get a result. In most cases, this is not inconsistent:

a. Either an experienced optimizer is needed, but this is too expensive.

b. Either already too late and raise the site is unrealistic.


Internal store optimization:

  • The “title” and “description” fields should be filled in, different, and contain the key as close as possible to the beginning of the sentence. Each page can have only one title.
  • There is no way without a unique description for each product and the keys set in the text. Description contains at least 60 characters of unique text. Remember this. Search robots analyze the field, use to fill in the page snippets in the output, because everything needs to be done as correctly and beautifully as possible. A page should have only one description, since search robots can be lost, and you will not see any result. If you do not follow the rules, then Google itself in the snippet will not pull up the discs, but a piece from the text.
  • It is imperative to allocate headers with key phrases. Usually, the H1 field is automatically registered, repeats the title, but if there is an opportunity to register manually, then it is better to use it. Check for errors.
  • Fill the page with the most unique pictures. Do not steal from the Internet, it will only reduce the conversion. There is no possibility to take your pictures - at least edit in the photo editor. Be sure to use the alt tag attribute where the key should be. When adding a picture it is necessary to remember that the buyer likes with his eyes. Before digging into the functionality and description, people look at the image. If they do not find what they came to the site for, they leave without hesitation. Even when they see the wrong product, it should look as attractive as possible, so that even without the need would want to buy. Image optimization is really important. And with the usual monitoring of similar products, the user can stumble on your photo and go to the site.
  • Add reviews, videos, try to get comments, reviews and provide links to similar, relevant products.
  • Hide extra content, empty pages from indexing. Correct the mistakes as much as possible, clean the duplicates, clear the text of the goods cards to shine.
  • Get rid of all inactive links (both internal and external). This can be done using the Screaming Frog SEO Spider Tool, in addition there is a free version that can be downloaded to your computer. Look for online tools, but they are not free.
  • Optimize URL: clear words in Latin letters, separated by hyphens, without using special characters. As short as possible, but it is obliged to set out the essence of the page. Use a minimum of stop words. Check for errors.

Important! Avoid the following errors:

* Title and Description - duplicates, empty and complete lack of description, the use of more than one tag, the lower and upper bound by the number of characters.

* H1 - more than one title, duplicates, the same title and H1, the length of the text should be reduced to a minimum.


Optimization of descriptions.

The description of the main page, categories and product cards is one of the most important parts of an online store optimization, although many people ignore textual content, allocating catastrophically few resources. This, like many other things, is not so easy, but it’s worth the effort. What should be the SEO description:

  • Informative text. Write two texts: a small one will go to a general but brief description that users see before switching to a product; large (text block) - directly the very description of the goods in detail (color, parameters, functions, purpose).
  • The size. Yes, strict rules on the volume, however, does not exist. To create a “candy” page you need to try different options and constantly analyze what works more efficiently. However, Google is too capricious, and therefore, the text block must be at least 500 characters of plain text (without spaces).
  • The keys. Text without keys is not text. Collect the semantics and most useful implement in the description. You can use two keys for SEO-optimization of the product card: high-frequency and low-frequency or high-frequency and mid-frequency. Again, the number of keys depends on the amount of text.
  • Uniqueness. All that you write, than fill the online store, must be unique. You can not "spy" text from the store of competitors and add yourself. If someone else’s site lives longer than yours, then its pages will be indexed, if not all, then part of it is accurate. Seeing a copy, the search engines will not just lose you, but will drop below the plinth, start up in such jungle that you will not climb. Do not steal the text - it does not mean that you can create one and scatter it across all the pages of the store. For each position / category you need to create a different text, not to be repeated within your own site.
  • Blog. There is a possibility, functionality is available - keep a thematic blog. On the NYiGDE? there is such an opportunity, so go ahead! Write articles regularly, optimize them for yourself. Unique text like Google and therefore will bring results. Let not immediately, not today and not tomorrow, but in a month, a second, but the effect will be.

Important! Check the text using online or downloaded services, for example, Advego,, Miralinks and others. Even if you did not copy, do not steal from others - check. At the time of writing, not infrequently, the thought is formed on the basis of previously heard, read phrases. Using them in the text reduces% uniqueness. In addition to uniqueness, watch for water content, spaminess ( suits well) of the text.


Up-sell and cross-sell.

Recommend visitors related (accessories, gadgets) and similar (more expensive, cheaper) products. Why is this necessary:

  • Increases store profitability.
  • The buyer is longer on the site.
  • Help the user to tune the purchase.
  • Internal transitions are carried out.


Schema and Open Graph implementation.

Schema — micromarking that constructs content on the site and facilitates the work of a search engine. It is the markup that gives the correct direction to the search robot when constructing a snippet. Schema allows you to add a review, rating, price of goods / services and so on to the snippet. Simply put, Schema allows users to see brief information about the contents of the page without going to the site, which makes the search faster for the user.

Open Graph micromarking is needed for beautiful display of information in social networks. When properly configured, the text looks attractive, makes you want to follow the link.


Optimization for mobile devices.

A high percentage of purchases are made from a mobile device. People almost do use a smartphone around the clock, a bit less often with a tablet. And, yes, why wait for the computer to start, if you can use a convenient device at this very minute? Quite often, users buy online on the way to work, home, at lunchtime. The store should be as easy to use and optimized for any device. If it is impossible to view the assortment comfortably, beautifully and from a mobile device on your resource, the customer will leave the store without having made a purchase.


External store optimization.

If it is easier - work outside the site. You do not touch the designer himself, but make efforts to increase the number of backlinks.

What is a backlink? These are active links that should be placed on other resources, but lead to your store, become a kind of pointer, direct users to your pages. Alas, just like that to hang a link on any site is impossible. Backlinks cost money. Find popular blogs, forums, sites with as close as possible, check attendance and try to negotiate a partnership. There are special stock exchanges. Here, just, there is everything! The main thing is to understand them personally: what is good and what will not bring results.

Online stores that do not use SEO-optimization, you should not even count on the recognition of customers, increase in sales, development and success in the network. Hire an SEO Guru, upgrade your store properly, and you will be envied by the most successful competitors.


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