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E-commerce delivery schemes
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Logistics affects e-commerce so much that it is no longer considered separately from it. Delivery is the most significant service for e-commerce


Choosing the right delivery system is important

One of the frequent reasons for refusing to buy is the lack of flexible choice of the type of delivery. Such refusals generally have a negative effect on the conversion of an online store. Some categories of buyers are ready to save on delivery and wait for the order a little longer. But there are buyers who need the goods here and now and they are willing to pay for shipping more expensive.

An online store that cares about its customers must satisfy all customers. For example, on the marketplace NYiGDE? You can create your own online store and choose delivery methods that will be convenient for customers.


Types of delivery

Consider what types of delivery exist at this stage in the development of e-commerce and logistics.

Express delivery. The method is in demand in large cities and is almost uninteresting to customers in the regions.

The advantage of courier delivery is that the customer receives the goods within 24 hours. And the online store receives payment for goods faster, in comparison with cash on delivery.

Payment for your own couriers at the initial stage of development of an online store is not cheap pleasure. In this case, you can use the services of courier companies. As soon as the flow of orders becomes large and constant enough, the online store can organize its own courier delivery. When choosing this method, it is worth remembering that the courier or courier service is responsible for the goods.

Courier delivery "to the door on the day of order" is more expensive than the services of a post office or a transport company. It should be provided only for demanded, small-sized goods and in large cities.

Postal service. The most common type of delivery.

  • It has several advantages:
  • high speed delivery;
  • reliability;
  • possibility of delivery of oversized cargo;
  • great coverage.

Of course, delivery of bulky goods is more expensive, but its cost is gradually reduced.

Delivery by postal companies is fast. In most cases, if the store offers cash on delivery, the buyer can first inspect the goods at the post office, and only then pay for it. This method of online shopping is quite popular.

Pickup items. Only the most popular online stores allow themselves such a way, and only in the main cities for their business. The buyer goes to the warehouse or office, presents a passport or other documents and takes the goods. From the obvious advantages for the buyer: the lack of payment for delivery, the possibility of payment in cash and payment only after inspection of the goods. Also, the client does not need to wait for the courier, who may come at the wrong time.

In the pickup point, you can organize an additional storefront with the goods. After seeing it, loyal customers can buy additional items in your store.

Transport companies. It is not a popular form of delivery.

This method is only suitable for:

  • delivery, in which the buyer himself takes the goods from the warehouse;
  • large cargo.

Transport companies have less coverage. In addition, online shopping is not recommended to provide the possibility of cash on delivery in such cases. Better use prepaid.

Other. Less common, but convenient types of delivery.

Own delivery service. Such delivery can allow only large representatives of online businesses. This method has such advantages as reliability and high speed of delivery. But, unfortunately, its own delivery service is costly to organize.

Post Office. The new invention, which is intended for private customers and small loads. The principle of operation of the post is quite simple. The customer receives on his mobile number information about where the cell is located and the code for opening it. Then the buyer just go to the address and pick up the goods.

Very convenient, no queues, no filling of numerous documents.


The choice of delivery methods for e-commerce is large enough. The task of each owner of an online store is to choose one or several types that fully meet customer needs and product features.


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