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The global retail market has changed. Tens of years ago, shopping centers forced out small shops and street outlets. Now shopping malls are falling prey to online trading.

The e-commerce giants and the rapid growth in the number of online stores are a threat to offline sales. Brands and shopping centers either lose online trading or become part of it.

How do online purchases attract shoppers?


Why buy online

The popularity of online sales is driven by the benefits and benefits for customers.

The global network is like a huge shopping center with departments and stores. Only you get into it at any time of the day from anywhere in the world. And in seconds you move from one department to another.

Users like to buy even in the early morning or late at night, sitting on the couch, on the way to work or on vacation.

Often, products on the Internet are cheaper than in offline stores. And yet, there are no queues. Also, buyers are attracted to promotions, discounts in online stores, positive reviews.

According to statistics, online sales leaders are:

  • clothes and shoes;
  • home electronics;
  • books.


Users buy clothes online because:

  1. Consider it quality.
  2. Find here unique things that are not in stores.
  3. They can immediately see, buy a particular thing, and not go shopping in search of the right product.

On the Internet it is possible to view the goods of any store. Both cheap and expensive boutique. In online stores you can long choose the style, color, model, search for goods cheaper, not feeling embarrassed in front of the seller.


Big electronics brands develop their online stores, sell goods offline and online. With this approach, buying becomes easier.

Now you do not need to ask anything. It is necessary to decide for what purpose the equipment is purchased, and the characteristics and description can be read on the Internet, in the product card.

No need to go to the store, wait for the sales assistant, stand in line at the cash register. Without leaving your home, you can choose, pay for goods, order the delivery of the purchase in a convenient place.

A little used but cheaper equipment is also available at online electronics stores. For many, such a product becomes a profitable acquisition.


Online can buy a book that has already been released, but has not yet been delivered to stores. Thanks to Internet, you can purchase a publication that remains only “in the hands” of readers, and it has not been found in usual stores for a long time.

Online stores allow you to choose the appearance of the book: the cover, the presence of illustrations, font; quickly find a publication from a specific series.

This is not a complete list of products, but only the most popular categories. Thanks to the development of e-commerce, almost everything can be purchased online.


Shops choose online commerce

Market participants understand that those who feel the mood and desires of buyers will stay afloat. Many networks have decided to change the strategy: close part of offline stores and focus on online sales.

The use of online sites as the main distribution channel for a product carries many benefits for sellers. No need to pay for rent, utilities, maintain staff. One or two online consultants who provide support for a website or a store on the marketplace are enough for small shops.

Experts are sure that only omnichannel strategy will help to sustain the development of e-commerce offline stores. The popularity of online trading is already irreversible. Those market participants who master online sales in time will remain in demand.



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