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404 or redirect? How not to lose traffic from old product page. Streamline blank pages in your online store.


Answers for the entrepreneur:

1) how to place the goods to buy it;

2) how to build long-term cooperation;

3) how to keep the customer and make him buy your product / service again.


Create an attractive product card and persuade the user to purchase. How to accomplish this is told quickly and in an understandable language. Want a big sale - follow the instructions!

4 answer

"Select from the total mass of the potential consumer and please him." - Rule number 1 in e-commerce. Pray to your client! But how do you know whom to pray and whom to worship? Subtleties of the process in the article.

2 answer

The “golden key” to successful marketing in e-commerce. How to find and apply productive methods for your business in the short instructions on the marketplace NYiGDE?.

1 answer

To force the client to voluntarily buy Your product/service, and even over the phone — a skill which is not given to everyone. This is not for everyone, but if competent people to join the team fails — never too late to learn.

1 answer

To get the respect from the team - great work, but to keep him even harder. As Director of the company to retain credibility among employees: 8 tips from marketplace NYiGDE? not to be redundant.

2 answer

How to earn respect at work. How to act so that the team is not rebelled against. How to obtain recognition of employees and to strengthen the credibility in the company. Want to become the best boss and the most successful instruction from NYiGDE? will help to make the right decision.

1 answer

How to communicate with customers so that Your business is kept in the TOP? Adhere to instructions from NYiGDE?, establish contact with potential customers and keep the situation under control.

1 answer

How to find a common language with clients? What you need to do and say in order not to lose old and gain new, loyal users. Communicate with visitors at the correct level and increase the rating of yourbusiness platform NYiGDE?!

4 answer
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