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Connection of payment systems PayPal & LiqPay in your web-site.

Connection of payment systems PayPal & LiqPay in your web-site.

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The integration of PayPal and LiqPay payment systems simultaneously solves a number of tasks of the transaction participants:

 Payment guarantee on time

 Transaction control. 

 Maximum payment conversion. 

 Security access 99,9%.

 24 hour supportа. 

To connect payment systems in your website on NYiGDE? the following steps must be taken:

а) in your dashboard, select tabs

“My Stores” => “Management” => "Edit"

b) in the menu on the left, click

"Payment Methods" => "Add" => PayPal / LiqPay

Each payment system is connected in turn. Choosing one of the ways click «Go to settings». You will see required fields for entering your unique keys that must be filled in, but they will be available after registration on the payment system website.

What gives the registration to "PayPal" and "LiqPay": after completing the registration steps (you will find instructions below) you will be provided with identifiers and secret keys. They need to be saved and copied, and then pasted into the fields with the identical name of your website on NYiGDE? (located in the settings) and click "Save." After that, the payment system in your site will be connected.


Connection instruction PayPal 

To get started with PayPal, integrate the system into your site on the Marketplace NYiGDE?:

Follow the link:

1. Enter the "Dashboard" (in the upper right corner of the page where the arrow points).



Set e-mail, PayPal account password. If you do not have an account, register.

2. Click the "Create App" button.


3. In the blank field “App Name” enter the name of the program. The “Sandbox Business Account” field is automatically populated. Next, click «Create App».


4. In the upper right corner, select “Live”, after which two keys will open to you: “Customer ID”, and after clicking “Show”, the “Secret Key” will also be available.


5. Copy and save the Client ID and Secret Key. Go to your store settings on NYiGDE?. Paste the received identifier and key into the appropriate fields and save.

Connection payment system PayPal ready.


Important! If you use the test mode PayPal - be sure to select specialized keys. What you need to do this: in the PayPal Cabinet, select “Sandbox” instead of “Live”. Next, perform similar actions: click "Show", copy the keys.



Insert them in identical fields in the settings of your store on NYiGDE?.



Connection instruction LiqPay

1. To start working in LiqPay, check your website for compliance with all system requirements, otherwise it will not miss you:

- availability of contacts for feedback;

- photos of goods / services and their corresponding descriptions;

- the complete absence of prohibited goods.

2. Register an account on the phone legal entity, which will make all payments.

3. Fill out the form with your company information. Add the name, phone, web address, e-mail and category of the goods / services provided. Then specify the details of the company.

4. After successful registration, you will be assigned the keys: public key and private key.

5. You need to save, copy and be sure to paste the identifier and key into the fields with the identical name that are in the settings of your site on NYiGDE?.

6. After executing the “Save” command, the LiqPay payment system is connected.


In case of any ambiguities, contact our specialists by filling out the feedback form or by calling:


tel: +380670119119


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