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Reviews in NYiGDE? as a tool for market research.

Reviews in NYiGDE? as a tool for market research.

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Reviews are one of the main indicators of company reputation. So it was, there is and will be, while there is an Internet and active users. To some extent, the reviews are regulated even by the market itself, displacing weak businesses from the business with insufficiently good service distributed by products / services. So sad does not always happen. Reviews are capable of not only burying a company, but also increasing revenues. True, it's not so easy to get a high ranking on the network. It requires a lot of work, leadership experience, efforts from the business creator, including risk: costly multifunctional equipment, high level of customer service, quality products / services. Only with the presence of all of this you can create a cost-effective business, and with it - to succeed, to have a positive reputation.


Reviews on NYiGDE? are the next advantage of the platform for all users and businesses. At any purchase the buyer always wishes to receive the most truthful information. For any company, reviews on our marketplace are a powerful feedback tool. With their help you can find out about the strengths of the product / service, and also correct the shortcomings. Thus, feedback acts as a kind of tool in the market research for both the user and business. Moreover, the purchase of goods / services the people, most often is prompted by a public opinion. Users prefer to believe in expert articles, reviews, test drives, but most of all they are attracted by reviews / comments about products / services, shops, government institutions and entertainment establishments.

A study conducted by Deloitte speaks of the following:

 81% of online users always read reviews and ratings.

 1 of 3 - to share opinions in writing, thus contributing to of the rating of enterprises.

According to users, reviews of previous customers are the most reliable sources of information about products and services:

 97% believe that the reviews significantly influence their decisions.

 94% of people read written responses more often.

 92% of consumers will not buy the product / service if the feedback is completely absent from the company page.

 35% say that even one negative feedback can significantly affect their opinion, deprive them of the desire to buy, use the product / service, visit the institution.

 32% consider more useful and truthful written the reviews.

The complete lack of feedback and comments negatively affects the company's ratings: 92% of users are alarmed by the lack of the reviews. and only 8% are calm about their absence.

The above data are relevant for all categories of online sales, from cosmetics to telecommunications. More confidence is caused by information about the store, which is not located in the store itself under the product, namely on the third-party sites.

Our users independently create ratings of enterprises, evaluating and commenting on the quality of work of companies, restaurants, government institutions and other businesses. For this reason, we give business owners a free opportunity to independently respond to their customers' feedback, the more we try to keep the objectivity on the platform as much as possible. Reacting to each review and eliminating the shortcomings, the entrepreneur can always increase the number of consumers and the level of profit.

The comment on the positive resolution of the problem is one of the most important tools for promoting the business on the Internet. The number of positive reviews depends entirely on the business owner. If the customer is satisfied with the service and the assortment, then the feedback about the company will contribute to the promotion of the NYiGDE?.

We ask you with understanding that the removal of negative / positive the reviews on our platform is impossible. Why? NYiGDE? is a decentralized global marketplace based on Blockchain-technology, which in every way contributes to the preservation of extremely real information. Each review is moderated before recording in the blockchain. Always, without endorsement are delete comments and reviews that are prohibited by these Rules of the business-platform of NYiGDE?. All operations are conducted fairly, without personal preferences of the Parties (User / Platform / Enterprise). Buyers and entrepreneurs have the right to receive truthful data, to know the reliable information in order to be able to buy a quality product / service and / or correct the shortcomings of their business.

The value of the recall is confirmed by the reward in the form of NYIGDE tokens. Write the reviews, leave comments, participate in Bounty-campaigns and earn tokens from the marketplace NYiGDE?.

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