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Updates in the main Waves network and the growing popularity of the blockchain

Updates in the main Waves network and the growing popularity of the blockchain

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There was a launch of smart assets and smart accounts in the core network of the Waves Platform

After the launch of smart accounts and smart assets in the Waves core network, the rate of Waves cryptocurrency has shown strong growth.

Thanks to smart assets, users can apply scripts to tokens. Scripts validate transactions for smart assets before adding them to the blockchain.

Smart asset scripts are used for such purposes:

  • Freezing tokens, that is, blocking them until they reach a block with a certain height.
  • “Black and white lists”. They provide the ability to allow / prohibit the shipment of tokens to specific addresses.
  • Transactions using multi-signatures.
  • Ability to set a commission.
  • The ability to control trading pairs and exchange tokens for assets that are determined in advance.

The developers emphasize that such functionality can be used in business structures.

Representatives of the Waves Platform claim that Smart Accounts are Turing-incomplete smart contracts. With their help, you can execute code on the blockchain, but with limited functionality. Restrictions help avoid unforeseen usage scenarios and ensure system reliability.

Smart accounts are used for transactions with tokens.

According to CoinMarketCap, in a week, WAVES increased in price by 68%. Now this cryptocurrency takes 21 place by market capitalization.

It is worth recalling that the test launch of Waves smart assets occurred in November.



This year Bitcoin is one of the most popular search queries on Google

According to Google Trends, this year Bitcoin is the most popular search query from the “What is ...?” Category in the US and the UK.

Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency term found in the top of Google Trends.

Also popular is the query "How to buy a Ripple?". The question "How to buy Bitcoin" in the United States is in 8th place.

In early November, data were published, according to which, starting in September 2018, search queries for the word “Blockchain” surpassed the number of queries with the word “Cryptocurrency”.



LinkedIn report: blockchain experts became 33 times more popular in 2018

According to the report on the professions, which was published by representatives of the social network LinkedIn, in 2018 the number of vacancies that are associated with blockchain technologies in the United States increased 33 times. As you know, LinkedIn is looking for and establishing business contacts.

In the second place in the ranking were machine learning experts. Over the past year, they have become more popular 12 times.

LinkedIn chief economist Guy Berger is sure that time will show whether the blockchain is a long-term trend in the labor market.

It is worth recalling that a few months ago, the head of the analytical department of LinkedIn Michael Lee became the vice-president of data processing of the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase.


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