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About the future of cryptocurrency

About the future of cryptocurrency

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SEC will study the blockchains leading cryptocurrency

Official information appeared on the website of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, which states that the agency is now looking for a company that will analyze information about blockchain systems of leading cryptocurrencies.
The application was made public on January 31. Companies that can extract data from blockchains and translate them into an easy-to-read format can participate.
The SEC also reports that it will use the data to support risk monitoring efforts, improve legal compliance, and collect information in order to form a unified digital asset policy.

The authors of the initiative emphasized that they only need information from the most popular blockchain systems. The Commission also expects to receive all publicly available information and transaction details. Contestants are obliged to guarantee the verification of information, its authenticity and integrity.
Companies can submit an application for participation in the tender until February 14.


Head Binance: Amazon will release its own cryptocurrency

The CEO of the largest Bitcoin exchange, Binance, is confident that the e-commerce giant Amazon will launch its cryptocurrency sooner or later. This online retailer will show an example to other similar companies.

Zhao also stressed that online business is more profitable to use crypto payments, and not to integrate the usual payment gateways. He is confident that when using cryptoactives, much less paperwork is needed. In addition, cryptocurrency - a payment tool that covers customers from all over the world.
Recall last autumn, Amazon launched a blockchain platform for creating decentralized networks.
Last fall, the Internet commerce giant launched a blockchain-based platform that allows you to create centralized networks.



CEO Twitter once again called Bitcoin the future native currency of the Internet

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is confident that Bitcoin will become the native currency of the Internet. He voiced this thought while recording the podcast with Joe Rogan.
He believes that the Cash App from Square will only support Bitcoin.
According to Dorsey, the Internet is like one single digital state. And the Internet should be a single digital currency. Also, the head of Twitter is confident that Bitcoin makes financial services more accessible.
Similar thoughts were expressed by Jack in May 2018 during a discussion with Elizabeth Stark, CEO of Lightning Labs, at the Consensus 2018 conference.
Jack Dorsey also expressed this opinion for The Times magazine.


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