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Innovations in the field of e-commerce

Innovations in the field of e-commerce

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The social network Instagram introduces new opportunities for online trading

Very soon, users of social networks will be able to purchase products from the video that they see in their tape. It will also be possible to save the goods in the selection in bookmarks and buy directly in the profiles of companies.

The product selection section will have the appearance of an online store. For the convenience of users, posts will be organized in straight rows. But only companies with business accounts can create such posts, and they should also get permission to tag their stories with special product stickers.

Now companies will be able to tag not only stories, but also video in the tape. Thanks to such trademarks, users will be able to see a button in the lower left corner, clicking on which will open all the products shown in the video. If desired, any user can buy them directly in the application.

Business profiles waiting for redesign. Posts for purchases will become available when you click the "Shop" button. So it will become more convenient for users to make purchases right in the profiles of companies.

Companies may tag individual products on posts, allowing the audience to make purchases directly next to the photo.

Microsoft and Nielsen have teamed up to promote big data and Artificial Intelligence in the retail industry

Nielsen and Microsoft have developed a solution with which you can manage corporate data. This decision makes democratic one of the most voluminous sets of consumer data. This alliance was brought to life with the help of Nielsen Connect, which uses the capabilities of Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft and Nielsen have teamed up to help companies that work with everyday goods in the retail industry. The new system will allow such companies to more quickly implement innovations.

With deep analytics and intelligent services based on Azure, Nielsen Connect gives companies the ability to integrate data. They will help to more easily identify new trends in the market and quickly use new opportunities for growth. For example, the platform allows the use of data as a corporate asset.

The Nielsen Connect platform uses available data on the trade in consumer goods. This information allows us to understand what is happening in the market now, to look at this market from different angles. Nielsen carefully analyzes information from sellers and consumers. These include: information on fresh products, consumer assessment of goods, information on retail outlets, cross-platform data, data from e-commerce sites. Background information from Nielsen helps its customers implement their own technology strategy.

This application, developed in conjunction with Microsoft and Nielsen, is already available.

Former Ebay Head: Ripple Solutions Will Play a Big Role in E-Commerce Growth

Pittman, the former head of eBay, is confident that Ripple solutions will help accelerate the development of e-commerce. At the 2018 Ripple Swell conference, Pittman stressed that online operations in the United States account for 10–20% of the total number of transactions.

He is confident that Ripple solutions such as XRP, xCurrent and xRapid will help transform global online trading. Because for companies like eBay, international payments will become much faster.

Each buyer is interested in whether the seller’s goods are sold. At the same time, the seller is interested in whether the client has paid the money and where they are now. Ripple and xCurrent and xRapid provide the ability to instant payments. Long payment chains are no longer effective. They are being replaced by innovative technologies that will solve this issue.



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