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News of cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technologies

News of cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technologies

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Bitcoin volatility tripled

Now the attention of the crypto community is focused on the collapse of the market and the fall of Bitcoin. But the Bitcoin Volatility data reports that Bitcoin volatility has tripled, Cointelegraph reports.

Information on the resource suggests that now the volatility of the BTC / USD pair reaches 5.53%, and a month ago the volatility was 1.57%.

Analysis of the six-month volatility chart suggests that it has steadily declined since August, when the indicator was 3.84% and until mid-November, then the volatility was 0.73%.

The last time such volatility was noticed in March, when the cost of Bitcoin was $ 8,771 dollars.

Bitcoin has reached the least volatility in the past 17 years in October of this year.


Facebook is looking for blockchain specialists

CoinDesk reports that there are 5 vacancies on Facebook for working in the company's blockchain project.

The social network is looking for an engineer according to the data and the leader of the team of experts in the blockchain field. Software engineers are also wanted to solve complex problems.

On the job page it is reported that the blockchain division was created as a startup within the company, the main purpose of which is to adapt the distributed registry technology for the social network.

While more detailed information about the project has been reported. But it is known that the company wants to help "billions of people get access to things that they do not have it for now."

China invests billions of dollars in blockchain development

8btc reports that this year the Chinese authorities have invested 40 billion yuan (about $ 5.82 billion) in the development of the blockchain.

Although crypto-trading and the initial supply of coins are banned in China, the government is actively developing blockchain technology. This year, large funds with assets worth $ 6 billion were created in the country.

These funds are located in virtually every major city in China. The coolest is in Hangzhou, its capital reaches 10 billion yuan of which 30% came from the state.

It is worth recalling that this year, the head of the PRC, Xi Jinping, expressed confidence that the blockchain is a technological factor that changes the structure of the global economy.

PayPal has presented a reward system for blockchain-based technologies.

PayPal is one of the leading payment systems that presented a bonus system based on blockchain technology, reports Cheddar. Preparation of the program was carried out for about six months and now it is running.

The reward system is compared to the Venmo mobile payment service, which uses private and public social channels.

Also now, PayPal is developing its own system that allows you to instantly make cryptocurrency payments.


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