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Новости криптовалютного рынка

Новости криптовалютного рынка

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51% attack on Ethereum Classic network

The developers of Ethereum Classic have always denied the possibility of a 51% attack on this cryptocurrency network. But this Monday, it still happened. Ethereum developers had to admit this fact. They also stressed that the reason for the attack is testing new miners.

Initially, representatives of Ethereum denied the possibility of such an attack and stressed that the network works fine. But later, the developers were forced to admit that the attack of 51% still took place. They then called on the exchange to increase the number of confirmations of transactions when withdrawing funds and accepting deposits to 400.

There were also reports that the Chinese company SlowMist has notified of such a problem. The growth of the ETC hashrate was explained by the activity of an anonymous mining pool.

Later in the evening, representatives of Ethereum Classic said that the cause of the incident was the manufacturer of ASIC miners Linzhi Shenzhen. He confirmed that he had tested new devices for the Ethash algorithm with a factor of 1,400 / Mh.

The company also stated that mercenary mining had occurred, but there were no cases of double spending of coins.

Litecoin and NEO to lead the growing cryptocurrency market

On Monday, January 7, the cryptocurrency market showed growth. For example, Bitcoin increased by 6.33% per day. But more convincing growth results for Litecoin and NEO.

Thus, these two cryptocurrencies were the only ones in the Top 40 CoinMarketCap, which showed an increase of more than 10% per day.

NEO has grown quite a bit - “Chinese Ethereum”. During the day, he increased the cost by 15%. At some points, its cost reached even $ 8.89.

The highest is still the rate of Bitcoin, which costs $ 4040. The second place is taken by Ethereum, the course of which is in the $ 156 area. XRP is third, during the day it showed an increase of about 6% and its cost is around $ 0.376.


Bitcoin cost exceeded $ 4,000

Last Sunday, the cost of Bitcoin again surpassed the $ 4000 mark.

Now the world's first cryptocurrency is trading at around $ 4040.

At the moment, the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market amounts to $ 138.6 billion.


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