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December - the peak of New Year's Eve shopping

The pre-New Year period is very productive for e-commerce. RTB House, an international company that provides retargeting services, decided to investigate user behavior.

The period for research was chosen December. Because most want to buy gifts for Christmas and New Year. For example, last year the peak of New Year's purchases fell on December 12th. On this day, customers visited online shopping 19% more often. And they made 2 times more purchases than on ordinary December days.

But according to RTB House data, activity drops significantly in the last week of December. This is due to the fact that Catholic Christmas is celebrated on December 25, and by this time most of them were already buying gifts. The total number of purchases is reduced by 56%.

According to the data received, online buyers are most active in the first half of December, if they are not ready to postpone purchases to the last moment. Buyers who buy gifts on the last day prefer to do this in offline stores.

For countries in which the majority of the population celebrates Christmas on January 7, the statistics is slightly different, but the peak of pre-holiday sales also falls on December 12. On this day, purchases are 16% more than the average in December.

Also in such countries, the least profitable day is January 1 and 6. On the New Year, there are 55% fewer purchases than the average in January, and at Christmas - 29% less.

The least profitable day for online stores is, of course, December 31st. On the day before the new year, customers are inactive and make purchases 64% less than the average for all of December.

UAE became the leaders in online shopping readiness

The UNCTAD Global Trade and Development Ranking was published. In 151 countries, an indicator of residents' readiness to shop online was assessed.

Places are as follows:

  1. Singapore.
  2. Hong Kong.
  3. Seoul
  4. United Arab Emirates.

Rating called Business-to-Consumer (B2C) E-Commerce Index demonstrates the economy's readiness to support online trading. According to him, the UAE has a fairly large Internet coverage, which covers 95% of the population. There are also enough bank accounts in the country and high reliability of postal services.

It was also announced that Dubai CommerCity, the first e-commerce city in Dubai, will be built in Dubai. According to Fitch Solutions Macro Research, the e-commerce sector in the UAE will grow from US $ 9.7 billion to US $ 27.1 billion.


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