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The latest developments of the blockchain industry

The latest developments of the blockchain industry

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Update on the blockchain platform Waves

Waves Blockchain Platform presented update node 0.17. This innovation made the RIDE programming language available for dApps. This information magazine ForkLog received from the company.

An important advantage of the language is the ability to program with virtually no errors, since the language protects against this. This saves time on debugging bugs.

This update allows you to create applications for Web 3.0 based on the Waves blockchain ecosystem. RIDE for Dapps is the ability to add programming features to your account. They greatly expand the possibilities: now you can change the status of your account, accept payments using your account and send other tokens.

The developers of the Waves blockchain ecosystem have integrated the new InvokeScriptTransaction team. It is written in the blockchain and it calls the function. For this, the sender is a commission to the miner WAVES for performing this function. After these actions, the state of the contract can be changed.

It is worth recalling that at the beginning of this month, blockchain platform Waves updated its website and announced the transition to Web3.0.



Visa is looking for employees to work with cryptocurrencies

Representatives of the Visa payment system announced the creation of the Crypto Team. Also, the company has a vacancy of the product manager in the new department.

The requirements stated that in order to apply, the candidate must have knowledge of blockchain technologies and how the cryptocurrency ecosystem is arranged. Also, the applicant must understand how to integrate certain FINTECH solutions into the payment sphere.

The duties of the new employee will include the management of the strategy and the roadmap of those Visa products that are directly related to cryptocurrency.

It should be recalled that last October, the CEO of Visa, Al Kelly, made the assumption that in the near future, the payment giant Visa could work with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, but only if they become “a real payment instrument.”



In a few years, Bitcoin will supplant gold

EOS co-founder Brendan Blamer is confident that in the next 20 years, the cryptocurrency will replace gold, namely, its value preservation function. About this he wrote on his page on Twitter.

He also stressed that after the extraction of all bitcoins is over, the commission for it will increase dramatically. But the Lightning Network solution will come to the rescue. It will provide users with more affordable methods of transferring cryptocurrency.


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