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Blockchain technology news

Blockchain technology news

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Ethereum upgrade postponed

CoinDesk reported that the Ethereum hardfork called Constantinople was postponed again. The reason for this was a critical vulnerability, which was discovered in one of the improvements.

The vulnerability was identified by the audit company SmartSecurity. It is called EIP-1283 and allows hackers to steal user assets.

On the vulnerability was held videoconference. On it, the Ethereum developers, along with some clients and representatives of other projects, decided to temporarily suspend plans for launching the Constantinople hard drive.

The conference participants analyzed the situation and found that it was impossible to eliminate the vulnerability before the launch of hard forks (around 04:00 UTC on January 17).

Re-entry attack - this is the name given to this vulnerability. It allows a hacker to enter the same function an infinite number of times, which allows infinitely withdrawing funds as well.

Joanes Espanyol, one HUNDRED for CoinDesk, an analyst firm, stressed that this vulnerability resembles the problems that were discovered in The DAO in the summer of 2016.

The developers are not yet ready to name the new launch date of hard forks.



WordPress will launch a service for news publications with tools based on blockchain technologies

Recently, a new publishing platform on WordPress was introduced, presented by a company that is also involved in the development of WordPress, Automattic. The platform is designed for small news sites. Interestingly, the Newspack service has built-in tools based on blockchain technologies.

The project was invested by large companies, for example: Google ($ 1.2 million, through the Google News Initiative), John and James Knights Foundation ($ 250,000), Lenfest Institute for Journalism ($ 400,000). The total investment is $ 2.4 million.

Another Newspack investor was ConsenSys, which is the developer of Ethereum solutions. The amount of investment of this company was $ 350,000. The project is also launched in collaboration with Spirited and News Revenue.

Automattic representatives said that the new platform will help small and medium news resources around the world. For example, they do not need to “choose technology, develop and maintain a site, search for hosting and engage in security.”

Thanks to the Newspack service, news publishers will be able to access blockchain-based tools using the Publisher product, which was developed by Civil Media startup.

With Publisher from Civil, publishers will be able to archive content on a decentralized network. This feature is built into Newspack as a widget.

The project is still at the development stage, which will last until January 2020. And then the platform will be open for 60 news publications. Before the launch, the platform is financed only by Automattic and its partners, but then its users will pay $ 1-2 thousand each month.



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