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Million to 30. The youngest millionaires in the world.

Million to 30. The youngest millionaires in the world.

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Millionaire..sounds tempting, isn't it? A welcome word for most of us. Always wanted to know what it feels to be a millionaire. Each of us wants to be them, to find a huge fortune and don't то deny it — I love all the money! Is it true that "Millionaires don't become, they are born"? The children of officials, oligarchs...the chair in petroleum companies have long been prepared.

Some manage to marry more expensive. And if you buy the lottery? And that is also an option, maybe you are lucky and someone of us will find the status of the new millionaire. Dreaming never hurts, right? And what about the earnings of their brains, knowledge, education, talent, a hobby? In any case, you have to live a real life, to think soberly and to assess the environment and understand that without serious investments not to earn a million. According to this principle the rich get richer — the poor remain poor.

If you look through the Internet or, even better, read the section "history of business success" on the Blog NYiGDE?, becoming a millionaire is not so hopeless. It is proved by many examples in the modern world. Moreover, to earn his first million as a young man, when you're not yet 30 too real. Read and make sure yourself!

Ashley Kvols.

14-year-old Ashley Kvols noticed that her friends are trying to create original personal pages in MySpace. Having borrowed 8 bucks from my mother, she created her own web page, where she laid out ready-made bright wallpapers for the pages. Her passion was graphic design, so the occupation for her was only fun. In 2007, her site traffic exceeded one million per day! In the same year, her website Whateverlife raised more than $ 1 million in revenue per year. Fantasy? No - reality.

Mark Zuckerberg.

As a Harvard student, he started the Facebook network, right from his dorm room. It is worth noting that interest in programming appeared at the age of ten. Mark's software inventions, while he was studying at school, had already attracted the attention of IT industry giants like AOL and Microsoft. The launch of Facebook took place in February 2004, and in November the number of users exceeded 1,000,000. Combining work on the improvement of the portal and study at the university was not just so boring, and the guy quits Harvard. The huge success of the social networking site Facebook is what happened next. It became the sixth site in the world in terms of the number of visitors (about seventy million people per day). In 2010, Mark is recognized as the youngest richest person in the world.

Fraser Doherty. 

An amazing story about a guy who became a millionaire before the age of 20. At age 14, young Doherty laid the foundation for his own company, SuperJam. Experimenting with grandma's recipes, the guy made jam in the kitchen of the parent house. The first customers were neighbors and friends. At 16, he leaves school to work full time. Later it was possible to develop a technology for the production of sugar-free jam - only fruit. After improving his recipes and brand promotion, Fraser becomes the youngest supplier to the Waitrose supermarket chain. Now selling SuperJam has reached 50,000 cans per month, and Doherty’s fortune is estimated at between one and a half million $.

You see, the number of examples grows. From an early age, when most guys and girls think about entertainment, sitting for hours in computer games, endlessly fall in love and struggle with their complexes - some with enviable persistence, determination and work earn "loot" by doing what you love.

Ukrainian millionaires:

Alexandr Viniychuk, Anton Kolesnik - founded agencies that produce corporate and digital promotional sites, interactive flash applications - Digital-production Youshido. As students of Dnepropetrovsk University (Faculty of Applied Mathematics), the guys worked together to create websites. In the same Dnipropetrovsk, Anton and Alexander worked for several years, and then moved to Kiev and concentrated their attention on digital production. Today they have over a hundred customers. Citroen C4 Facebook GrandPrix, McDonald’s Coffee, Dirol chewing gum promotion company, Lvivske Christmas beer company - all these are successfully implemented projects of programmers. Youshido collaborates with top international advertising agencies such as Saatchi & Saatchi and SPN O’Gilvy. Earnings for one promotional company - up to $20,000.


Victor Andreenkov — The owner of the company is Ellipse, CrystalGlass and PackStore, the founder of the windsurfing station "Ulet". When Victor was 17 years old, he got a job as a filmmaker in a filmmaker. After 4 months, already led 16 illuminators. On the basis of the experience gained, Andreenkov created his first company that was engaged in shooting video clips and advertising. After 2 years, he leaves her partner and creates a new - CrystalGlass for the production of plastic packaging for various types of industry.

More than 300 clients-enterprises use a wide range of services. The company's turnover reached $ 2.5 million per year.

Yuri Tsverkun - the founder of the translation agency ”Profpereklad” and the Apostil and full legalization agency. The modest budget of Yuri's parents (his mother is a translator, his father is a sailor) did not allow him to buy the bicycle he had dreamed of. This prompted the boy to earn from the age of 13, handing out leaflets on the streets. The guy finished 10 classes, and after working in the call center of Nokia. Soon he is recognized as the best employee of the year. After some time - he enters the University named after T. Shevchenko at the Law Faculty, where he becomes the best scholar of the program tomorrow. Further, Yuri starts a business that does not require capital investment - translation from English to Russian. The first translator is his mother. In 2008, the company staff consisted of two people and several translators, after 5 years - 120 translators and 15 employees. About 6,000 customers apply for the company's services annually, the company works with 45 languages. Turnover ”Profpereklada” - 4-5 mln. in year.

These are just a few examples of how our young Ukrainians earned their first million. What is it: just luck, luck? In fact, each of them has a lot in common, which makes them stand out from the crowd:

1. Great perseverance and special attitude to work. Statistics show that on average, millionaires work 50-55 hours a week. At the same time, most of them earn from an early age.

2. Favorite hobby is money. That which absorbs all free time brings an impressive result in monetary terms. It makes you improve, move forward and be the best in a particular activity.

3. Initiative and courage. At a certain point, each of them had non-standard ideas and a tremendous desire to implement them, to the intended goal.

4. Do not quarrel with money. Although most wealthy people can afford to buy luxury goods, they still know the value of money and prefer to invest in business development.

5. Time is money. Real millionaires know how to value time and fully devote themselves to the achievement of their goals, some of them drop out of school, like Zuckerberg, move to another city or country, leave their relatives. Interesting, but 20% of millionaires do not have higher education. No wonder they say: "Do not mock the Losers - then you come to him asking for work!"

So, dear users of NYiGDE?, let's draw certain conclusions, make optimal decisions and effectively invest our capital. And if you are not sure how, where and in what way? - go to the free site NYiGDE? and get answers to your business questions! Everyone has a chance to earn the desired million, despite the place and age.


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