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International companies continue to develop online market

International companies continue to develop online market

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Retailer H & M introduced a new service

A new application called Guide will help users choose a gift for the holidays. The service can be used with Google Assistant and Google Home. A guide to choosing gifts using the Google voice command is activated.

After these actions, the user will be able to view products in the H & M HOME service. In addition, the application will be able to pay for purchases using a voice command.

H & M HOME gives you the opportunity to choose a gift for a specific amount, to choose a gift for a particular person based on his personal preferences. It is enough to filter the selection criteria in the application on the smartphone.

For the effective launch of this service, H & M has signed a cooperation agreement with Google and the payment operator Stripe.

The peculiarity of this service is that it is one of the first in which you can buy goods with the help of voice commands. Payment is also available Google Pay. To make it do not need to exit the application.


Volkswagen launched the marketplace for internet-connected cars

According to forecasts, over the next 6 years, the Volkswagen automobile concern will be able to receive additional income that will exceed $ 1 billion.

The company introduced an online marketplace, which presents various online services with additional functionality for connected cars.

Recently, the company presented the global marketplace, on which a variety of online services. Their feature is that the application is equipped with additional features that allow you to connect it in cars.

Jürgen Stackmann, head of sales at VW, is confident that revenues from this marketplace will come from 2020. He also said that the automobile concern is ready to cooperate with Microsoft.

Not so long ago, VW acquired a controlling stake in WirelessCar, a company that develops digital services for cars.

Recently, VW focuses on online business. In October last year it was announced that the company would open fewer dealer centers. Instead, they will come online sales, which the company will launch in Europe in April next year.

Also, VW carmaker concentrates on software. Starting next year, Volkswagen customers will have access to We Deliver, We Connect, We Park services.



Amazon's spending on technical innovations exceeds the GDP of some countries

Amazon has significantly increased research and development spending. For the period from 2009 to 2017, these costs increased from $ 1.2 to $ 22.6. This amount exceeds the GDP of some countries, for example Iceland.

But such investments allowed to invent many new products. For example, Fire TV and smart speakers Echo, as well as many gadgets with artificial intelligence.



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