Global marketplace for e-commerce!
The Marketplace - a new stage in the development of e-commerce.

The Marketplace - a new stage in the development of e-commerce.

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Marketplace NYiGDE? - ready solutions for your business!


Marketplace rule the world. Half of the global online sales generate marketplaces. To perceive it properly it is not necessary to be analytically statistically savvy.

What is the essence and why marketplaces are a new stage of development for e-commerce?

It would seem that we are all modern people, active users of the network, we fall asleep and wake up with devices. Despite the mega-activity in the Internet, this question is still relevant. Most offline entrepreneurs are not aware of the characteristics of online commerce for each business industry. But everything is so simple: it is the trading platforms that easily solve logistics issues, open the way for global trade, and expand technological capabilities. Most importantly, they require minimal investment or else they give ways to sell for free. There are few, but yes, they also exist. Why waste energy and material resources to create a new Internet project, worry about increasing traffic, work on search engine optimization, develop a design and do a lot of other work if you can fit on the marketplace and avoid a million problems in one fell swoop? Such happiness awaits business owners on the marketplace NYiGDE?.

Why business and consumers prefer marketplace?

Anyone who has not transformed into the Internet, it will be interesting.

Prefer marketplace
The Business The Consumer
 an incredibly quick start to sales and expansion of the range in the future (without rent, staff and taxation).  on-line search and ordering + round-the-clock availability from any device.
 saving money on web development. billions of all kinds of goods and services from different manufacturers, representative companies.
 having an audience of potential buyers (saving time on finding customers).

low prices compared to off-line stores.

 Import / Export of goods and services automatically.  the ability to compare stores, their rating and prices.
 store statistics in your personal Business Cabinet.  personal account with a history of purchases/sales.
 multilingual and multi-currency for global implementation and negotiation.  multicurrency and multilingual for convenience when shopping around the World.
 operation of crypto and fiat assets + implementation of the most popular payment systems: Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, etc.  calculations using crypto and fiat funds.


Why run for expensive services in a web-studio, if on the marketplace NYiGDE? is everything ready for sales in the B2B and B2C segment not just locally, but around the world?! Listed in the table directly relates to your online store on NYiGDE?, therefore i see no reason to waste time. Create a store and earn!


Create an online store on NYiGDE?


World brands known to us, for decades have won the trust of the client and have worked to increase awareness, investing a lot of money in the promotion. It is wonderful when there is something to invest, then all the doors are open. And what about the small business that does not have time to attract buyers and funds for basic needs (the rent of the premises, the payment of the patch to the seller)? It is in such cases that the marketplace is useful, where the functionality is pre-configured for wholesale and retail sales with a wide base of potential partners and buyers. Over the past two years, at the peak of the development of commerce, 50% of world purchases have been made by people through TOP-marketplays (data from Forrester Research). One has only to imagine what the numbers are preparing us for the coming years. You can imagine what numbers we will observe in the coming years.

There are not so many exemplary models to follow for marketplays, and those that exist are of enormous proportions. The number of them will certainly increase not only throughout the world, but also in Ukraine, they massively weaken and destroy single sites. The process started and stop it unrealistic. The marketplaces alternately, one by one, will absorb each market segment, the main thing is to jump in time, choose the best one for a successful start and prosperity of a business project.

All the best is here:

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Я более чем уверен, что маркетпейсы не со временем, цитирую: "массово ослаблять и уничтожать сайты-одиночки". Они уже мощно ударили по мелким сайтам. Людям проще пойти на один ресурс, где есть товары впсолютно все: от инструментов и до продуктов питания, чем отдельно искать определенний сайт счем-то. Сам давно не хожу по, как Вы называете, сайтам-одиночкам, в скором времени и другие перестанут
Согласен с Виктором! Маркетплейсы запустили поглощение мелких сайтов.
Не вижу смысла тратится на веб-команду, если можно сразу получить нужные функции и сразу делать оборот.
Більш ніж впевнена, що всі розсудливі підприємці підуть на маркетплейси створювати магазин. Навіщо втрачати час, поки програміст накрутить, пропише, перепише й т.д., це ж лише збиток. Ще й блок витрат тягнеться за процесом розробки.
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