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Cryptocurrencies are becoming full-fledged means of payment and still need proper regulation.


The fifth generation of mobile communications. What are the differences from the previous standards. Successfully it replace existing 3G and 4G?


According to forecasts, soon the majority of the population will use Chinese or American online services.


Find out what changes are waiting for the cryptocurrency sphere.


How to choose a gift for February 14? What to give on Valentine's Day if there is no money? Buy gifts cheaply and give expensive surprises to loved ones in honor of the holiday.

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In a short time, global e-commerce will follow the same rules that the WTO is developing. Xiaomi company enters the global market. In the ranking of the most expensive brands in 2018 again lead companies from the United States.


President Nasdaq is confident that crypowers have a future in the global economy.

UN experts believe cryptocurrency "new frontier" in the world of finance.


Thanks to Amazon, grocery pickup points will appear in big cities, and improved robotic loaders will be in storehouses.


Hardfork Ethereum called Constantinople has not yet taken place.

WordPress will launch a blockchain-based platform for news sites.


What should people with oncology know and follow? The main thing here! This is too important to miss.

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