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Cryptocurrencies can become a world currency

Cryptocurrencies can become a world currency

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CEO Nasdaq: future cryptocurrency could become a global currency

Adena Friedman, CEO and president of the leading Nasdaq stock exchange, is confident that cryptocurrencies should be part of a secure future for the world economic system. This information can be seen in her LinkedIn account.

These beliefs about cryptocurrency and the future development of the cryptocurrency industry were published on the eve of the International Economic Forum in Davos.

The head of Nasdaq emphasizes that Bitcoin appeared 10 years ago. And since then thousands more new cryptocurrencies have appeared, which are actively fighting for the attention of investors. Adena Friedman believes that the term “crypto” has gone through all the classical stages of the development of a technological invention, from appearance to the hype, with which most novices have entered the sphere.

She is confident that cryptocurrency has 2 ways of development:

one). Cryptoactive assets will have real practical application and they will successfully integrate into the world economy.

2). Cryptocurrencies will not be able to find wide application and will remain a limited medium of exchange.

Adena is confident that in order for cryptocurrencies to become a stable part of the world economy, recognition and transparent regulation by states is necessary. She stressed that the Nasdaq is already making some efforts to this. For example, an investor in cryptocurrency enterprises, and this year will launch Bitcoin futures.


UN considers cryptocurrency "new frontier" in the financial world

The UN report entitled “World Economic and Social Survey 2018. Frontier technologies for sustainable development” published information that cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies will soon change the financial world. For example, thanks to these tools, the bureaucracy is reduced, and the centralized economic institutions lose their absolute power. Thanks to blockchain technology, the opportunity to create new business models has appeared.

The authors of the report confidently called the cryptocurrency assets "a new frontier in the field of digital finance", referring to the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto.

Blockchain technologies have already been used to prove the origin of medicines and food, for registration of property rights and personal identification, the report’s authors emphasized.

The report also mentions Climatecoin. This is the basis for creating a global carbon accounting system. Within the framework of this program, a direct exchange of credits for emissions is planned, as well as connection to the Internet of things. In addition to all the above, it is planned that the devices themselves will calculate the level of carbon emissions and acquire credits.

In addition, according to the report, the UN, together with the World Identity Network, is exploring the possibility of using blockchain technology to combat the phenomenon of trafficking in children.

Recall that last year, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) announced a partnership with the IOTA Foundation to integrate the IOTA Ledger distributed accounting system into its work processes.


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