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Coronavirus: what happens to our body when infected.

Coronavirus: what happens to our body when infected.

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We will not talk about the level of global threat to humanity. The network is full of regularly updated information, on TV several times a day show news about the pandemic. What exactly is happening, what is the situation not only in Ukraine, but throughout the world - no one will tell us the truth. And there is no point in wasting your and our time on what is already being shouted at all resources. In this article, we do not spread rumors, do not try to create a panic mood or increase fear. We will just talk a bit about what the coronavirus does inside us, how the body fights COVID-19, what is the role of immunity and why sometimes a fatal outcome occurs.

Coronavirus is a whole family of bacteria that cause diseases not only in humans, but also in animals. If you recall how much has happened over the past 15 years ... you must agree that we have experienced a lot. This is a rather mysterious phenomenon that contains living and non-living particles. As with most infections, in order to absorb the coronavirus, first you need to make contact with its source, its carrier. Just like that, from nothing, it will not enter the body. Well, at least a little relief. You can catch COVID-19 in the same way as everyone experienced the flu, that is, by airborne droplets during physical contact. So if someone sneezes and coughs, run away or at least turn away, cover yourself with a scarf, sleeve, collar, whatever. Oh, and also, don’t shake hands, refrain from kisses

Contact with surfaces is also a way to get infected. If, for example, you touched a doorknob, a pyril, and then scratched your nose, eyes, lips - the chances of getting infected are great. Wash your hands first, and then scratch what you want and as much as you like. Carefully monitor your actions, and even better, wear disposable gloves. 

Yes, on TV, radio, on the net we are told that it is extremely important to put on masks during a pandemic, often wash hands, and strictly use antiseptics and gloves in public places. But why so little notice that masks do not protect a healthy person from infection? Wearing a mask that is simply impossible to buy in a pharmacy does not mean maintaining your health! And in a very tedious search for the above, you can even more catch any bacteria, not only from the “crown” series. Of the seven pharmacies, I found only a pair of gloves, and then, two sizes larger. You can not even ask about antiseptics. They can not be found in stores, and do not buy for any money in pharmacies. Do not have time to voice the purpose of the purchase, immediately the answer: “We do not!”. Miraculously they sold a jar of alcohol and then for happiness. From this question: is it worth upholstering the thresholds of pharmacies? Meaning? Collect even more bacteria? You know, we won’t help ourselves. 

In smart books they write that all viruses act according to one scheme: they carry out the transfer of DNA, RNA. In this case, RNA. As soon as the virus enters the body, it immediately starts active work: it begins to pick up the “key” to your cell in order to penetrate in any way. If a cell has let in a virus, it starts collecting information for itself, reads out a cell, and begins to fully control the mechanism of its functioning. In ordinary cases, it happens this way: the mechanism acts on human DNA, uses ribosomes that produce protein. Next begins the journey through the body. This happens often, but not with coronavirus. Coronavirus uses its RNA to start production of the protein it needs and turn a person, sorry for comparison, into a personal incubator. “Corona” creates protein without stopping, in large quantities, to fill the cell with viruses in full and then advance to the membrane, destroy the whole process (cells die). After cell death, the immune system awakens, begins to respond. In then we feel the symptoms of the disease. 

You have already heard that Wuhan coronavirus manifests itself according to the flu method: cough, headache, sore throat, nasal discharge and fever. Based on these indicators, it is very difficult to recognize what exactly a person has contracted. To find out, you need to pass a proficiency test, examine the mucus and blood of a sick person in the laboratory. If the test is negative - this is a real celebration! Immunity after detecting foreign bodies will start an attack and destroy the virus. The temperature rises, immunity works better, an aggressive field for viruses forms, sputum appears, which does not allow the virus to fix on your cell. In parallel with this, dead cells are also excreted from the body. The body fights, which is a complex process, because it is palpable strong fatigue, infinite weakness over a long period. A large number of white blood cells is produced, therefore bone pain is inevitable.

After detecting COVID-19, the body asks the DNA to produce antibodies. Enzymes in the nucleus look for the right fragment of viral RNA, create a copy. This copy goes to the ribosome in the cell, starts to work correctly and create protein. Thus, millions of ribosomes turn into a factory for the production of antibodies and yes, that's great! The sadness is that immunity is not capable of immediately detecting foreign bodies. The search takes many days. Until that time, the virus becomes too much in the body of the infected. A healthy, strong immunity is able to find and overcome the virus in a few weeks. A weakened immune system cannot prevent the spread of infection and suppress it.

If coronavirus enters the body, it does not mean that it will kill a person with weak immunity. When the system cannot fight, bacteria and other threatening elements have free access to any organs. Then all these harmful microorganisms are happy to rush to cause complications wherever possible, often where it is easier and easier to get. The organs that are affected first stop functioning (more often we observe the lungs). A block of oxygen supply to the blood can also form, which also causes fatal cases.

To summarize. If you know about your weakened immunity, you hear from various sources that you are at risk - stay home. Read books, study online, go in for sports, start painting, singing, dancing ... whatever. There are a lot of useful things on the Internet for continuing education, study, develop, share new and get new. Just don't panic. Remember that there are millions of fakes on the network whose goal is to spread more lies, get likes, comments at any cost.

Meditate soberly, stay positive, take care and be healthy!


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