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China and the United States can divide the Internet

China and the United States can divide the Internet

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The head of the Chinese AI-company Sinovation Ventures Kai-fu Lee predicts that in the coming years there will be not one Internet, but two.

The process of transforming a single global network into the Internet into several local networks is called Spline Internet. Between such local networks there will be artificial borders that will be established by states. But now we are talking only about the division into two segments - American and Chinese.

Last month, the World Economic Forum was held in Davos. Among other topics, the forum discussed the opinion that, in the near future, only American and Chinese applications will dominate the Internet.

But this does not mean that the Internet will be divided into Chinese and American. There will simply be countries that for the most part use Chinese applications and countries that use American services for purchases. So says the CEO of venture capital firm Sinovation Ventures Kai-Fu Lee. He shared this information in an interview with CNBC in Davos.

It will be difficult for Chinese applications to win primacy in the American market and in all English-speaking countries. But such applications will find their customers in India, South America, the Middle East, Southeast and Africa. The rest of the world's population will prefer US applications.

In China, a lot of users. Also, there is a sufficiently developed support for artificial intelligence (AI). The development of this technology is supported at the government level. These circumstances make China a leading country in the implementation of artificial intelligence.

For example, Alibaba is actively expanding its activities abroad and owns a controlling stake in Lazada, which in turn is a fairly large representative of e-commerce in Southeast Asia.

In 2018, the Chinese market also received a positive outlook from former CEO Kai-fu Lee. He is also confident. what will happen is a split of the Internet. This suggests that the majority of the world's population will use either Chinese applications, or others, but led by the US market.


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