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Product page in the online store: why not delete?

Product page in the online store: why not delete?

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How to create the perfect product page, of course, you already know about this wrote. How to persuade a customer to repeat purchases and attract the target audience is also well informed from our blog headings NYiGDE?. It was the turn to discuss what to do with the old product card, or maybe not so old, but empty: the item is out of stock and it’s not a fact that it will appear soon. With the off-line store, in this case, it is simpler: removed the sign, removed the price tag and there are no problems. In the online store this trick will not turn.

«Execute and not pardon». The easiest way to remove the page, everything will be clean and neat again. This is permissible only if you did not spend on optimization, you are the first to issue it from the end and it’s not a shame to lose the contents. Delete the page, even despite the liking of the search engines - not quite reasonable. If your SEO really allows it - look for a new, more competent specialist. So you can not do? Why for which there is a considerable list of reasons:

1. If you start with the elementary, then: the user could pre-add the page to bookmarks, favorites, share the link in the networks. A little later, he opens, and there ERROR. Well, it is at least unpleasant. “Why waste time on this site? Anyway, all removed." - As a variant of the first thought of the client. Of course, this is fraught with consequences. Not everyone understands the meaning of 404. People will think that the site has completely resigned and sink to competitors, without becoming a preliminary understanding: the store is working or there is only one item missing.

2. Impact on SEO: if the page is successfully optimized (photo, text, keys, uniqueness is in order), 500 people shared the link to the product or even 1000, you are also pleased with the issue of the position ... Are you really ready to abandon the successfully completed work? Or is it better to make a redirect? Yes, it is necessary to deceive the visitor a little by sending him to another page, but still the answer 301 is much better than 404. This way you will save the links and do not show people the stories. To do this, you need to search for the most similar products with a small price difference or send a visitor to cards with "bestsellers". In the case when you have already sold the product line, you do not plan to replenish with similar ones, but money was invested in the promotion and you don’t want to lose your TOP in issue - recommend another model here. For example, iPhone 9 sold - beautifully offer iPhone 10 or iPhone 8.

How to figure out whether to delete a page? You will need Google Search Console. Filter the pages for three months in the "Efficiency" section. Next, look at how active, by what queries, it was more found and searched for at all. Do this by going to “Requests”. You see zeros - the page is allowed to delete, are many requests - it is more effective to "pardon".

Save the "live" page does not always work. On popular platforms there are restrictions when adding products, such as on the same “Prome”. Limit is exhausted - pay. You have to delete good pages, for the sake of adding fresh goods. In order not to have to spend money on optimization, and then still destroy the card - create a store on a free site. On the marketplace NYiGDE? You have the right to add an unlimited number of goods / services for free. What does it mean: do not need to destroy an effective product page.

Create an online store on NYiGDE?

«Execute impossible!». What to think of with the old product page, if you have already decided that you still cannot delete itLeaving just the way it is is a bad idea. Why? The visitor will come, having seen the goods - will want to buy, will start knocking. And what can you offer him, if the former position is not yet available, and not a fact that it will appear? Better to do the following:

 Hide product and do not display in catalogs. True, there is a risk of cessation of indexing, which is not good for the sale of this product upon soon arriving at the store.

 Put a bright label that this position is not available. Try to somehow interest the visitor, in the case of planning the receipt of goods. It will be good to add fields where the buyer leaves, if desired, his contacts. After the appearance of the product / service, your manager will send a notification to the specified address, telephone.

 Mark and give a link to another product line, if you do not plan to receive subsequent receipts, but you cannot delete the page.

 Remove any links in the store on this page so that no one can find it. Unlikely, but still possible hit by direct links.

 Recommend similar products: if this equipment is close in characteristics and price; cosmetics - by color; clothes - style, etc. Efficiency will be. Even analyze yourself: if you don’t find what you want, go and buy a similar product. Many do the same.

 It seems as much as possible that the majority prefers to reform the page for another product, but it’s impossible to foresee how a search engine will behave. Google can leave you in the same position, or it can throw you so deeply that you don’t rise and you will regret not giving the “Delete” command.

What not to do:

 The client himself will guess what exactly will happen with your goods / services: whether they are, no, whether there will be receipts. Tell whether it is possible to make an individual order, whether it is expected in the near future, etc.

 Cross out all sizes, price, color - not the best that you can crank. Remove completely or make inactive the buttons "Buy", "Order", "Add to cart" too. Such feints are unsuccessful: annoying, cause anger, aggression.

 The small inscription "No goods", "Out of stock." You inform people, therefore, it is necessary to do so that everyone sees.

 Be careful with redirects. Redirect correctly. If the former item is a dress, do not send the visitor to the category with jeans. Looking for a dress - give a similar dress from the same manufacturer. It is better to notify the customer about the replacement. The reason is simple. Imagine a situation: a girl in advance drops a link to a young man in a blue-blue bag from Michael Kors, which she wants to receive by March 8th. Of course, the holidays, the excitement, all bought up, there is not such. The seller does, say, a week before the event 301 on the scarf Prada. The guy buys what he sees by reference, and you know what the reaction is.

 Do not make single pages. What it looks like from the side: “There is no goods! Your problems. Search where you want yourself.”.

And finally, a tip: check periodically the cards in the Google Search Console. Perhaps your store is littered with dead and completely disinterested pages, from which it is better to get rid of. If the card is beneficial - squeeze to the maximum and do not force the client to be nervous.


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