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How to make the client voluntarily make an order by phone.

How to make the client voluntarily make an order by phone.

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Most online shops complain about the low level of sales, often not knowing what has caused a lull really are. The range is not small, the supply chain is established, call center functions — "What's wrong?". To force the client to voluntarily buy Your product/service, and even over the phone — a skill which is not given to everyone. This is not for everyone, but if competent persons to join the working team for certain reasons fails — never too late to learn.

1. 100% knowledge of what you are going to tell potential customers. You should be ready to be asked questions, easy to navigate in all the Affairs of the company.

2. Start a conversation with a customer with "Hello!", "Good day!". Call the store for company, I represent my name. You can't use "Hello, Yes, You hear me?", and similar words, which are used in everyday life.

3. The sales Manager needs to completely eradicate the word "parasites", "type", "something like that", "so forth," "and so on".

4. Completely remove the "sounds-parasites": "m-m-m...", "and-and-and...", "a-Ah...", "uh-uh...".

5. The Manager must convey to the customer information and to answer inquiries confidently, strongly, absolutely clearly.

6. Smile has value even when You don't see because smile even on the phone. The voice on the phone should sound cheerful, with funny notes, but that doesn't mean you have to laugh and crack jokes.

7. Communication with customers via correspondence in networks also requires restraint, but if the person sends a smiley — should not stick too strictly, answer the same (action possible).

8. Constantly train new managers. The more competent they are, the more You will sell. Send to seminarsrefresher courses, teach lessons online.

9. Do not dare to interrupt the interlocutor (the client), even if you know what more will be discussed. Let a man Express an opinion, let him ask questions.

10. Find out what motivates the client purchasing Your product/service. Examine the goals, preferences, to help You become clearer on what to focus, what product to offer more. Perhaps You even do not have what the customer needs, and You're wasting your time.

11. To tell you about promotions, special offers and discounts on the phone is not the best idea. It is better to send information to the mail, let the person peruse in your free time. Do not strain, do not fall on the ears — no one likes to listen to the Manager will not be.

12. Teach Manager to present the product. If not needed — do not rush to refuse, and will offer similar or even very different, but also the quality and the price is suitable.

13. If the shop/firm promises to call — check period, the date with the customer. Promises to call the client the same thing: ask the date of the call and max prepare.

14. The shop is obliged to inform the customers about any changes concerning their supply schedule, price, quality, quantity, etc.

15. If you hear that a client quietly accepts the offer — domite it with phrases such as "..You can place an order out of turn", "do it for You for a discount on 1st order".

16. Be sure to send promotions and information about discounts on products, specify prices.

17. Do not cram late. Sooner or later however, they find out and then the shop will lose a customer.

18. Be sure to tell your customers about a bag payment. Not after the registration and sending, in advance, people oriented and because of the lack of funds not returned products to the store, not refused the services of the company.

19. In every time, thank the consumer for calling, for their questions and not necessarily in perfect order. You don't pay for the words, and the man pleased. "Thank you for your trust to our company!", "Thank you for your attention.", "Nice working with You.".

20. Recommendation: if the client were too Intrusive, if You are very hard to work with him and do want to inform about new possibilities in Your company, new product in the store and just dream about the termination of the contract — drip in the spoon/Cup with a sedative and calmed the nerves go to the meeting. Personal animosity should not touch the Affairs of the company, and if the "football" every person is difficult to do business when earn?


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