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Alibaba bought German startup Data Artisans

The Alibaba group managed to buy out the Berlin startup Data Artisans. The deal cost $ 103 million. Data Artisans offer large-scale streaming services and distributed systems for enterprises.

In 2014, Data Artisans established a team that actively developed the open technology for processing big data Apache Flink. The clients of dA platform are Uber, ING, Netflix and, of course, Alibaba.

Alibaba has been working with Data Artisans for over 2 years now. Also, the e-commerce giant is one of the largest users of Apache Flink.

After the takeover, Artisans will gain access to the great resources of Alibaba. The joint statement says that this cooperation will open up new opportunities and Flink will become a valuable data processing environment in a modern enterprise that manages real-time data.

The Blink publication reports that Alibaba representatives are ready to transfer the Flink version of their own design to the Open Source community.

Alibaba is known not only as an e-commerce giant. The company also has its cloud business and streaming services. Therefore, the transition to infrastructure and open technology is logical for Alibaba.

Over the last quarter, the net profit of the Chinese company amounted to $ 2.66 billion, and revenues - $ 12.4 billion. So Alibaba has enough funds to implement the planned strategy.

Why are Alibaba stocks cheaper?

After the head of the e-commerce giant Alibaba said that there is now a slowdown in the development of the consumer market in China, the company's shares fell 1.7%.

Alibaba President Mike Evans said that the current circumstances are short-lived and the situation will soon change for the better.

But the slowdown in sales was noticed not only in Alibaba. For example, Apple has decided to reduce the production of the iPhone in the first quarter by 10%. Experts emphasize that Nike and Starbucks will also have to take action.

In December last year, exports from China fell slightly, namely, by 4.4%. Also in November 2018, the company lowered its revenue forecast from 6% to 4%. But Mike Evans is confident that this is a temporary decline and within 10 years the Chinese economy will become the first in the world.

Alibaba now sells more than 1,000 brands directly to the Chinese. According to analysts, the profits of this company will grow with the increase in Chinese welfare.



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