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Internet as the basis for successful e-commerce

Internet as the basis for successful e-commerce

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The emergence of the Internet has turned many areas of human life. The network offers unlimited opportunities for communication, obtaining the necessary information and running a business.

The development of online business contributes to e-commerce. This is a technology that provides various opportunities to market participants and which has already made changes to this market.

Manufacturers and suppliers are online products and services of different categories. They accept and process customer orders over the Internet.

Buyers browse the marketplace stores, catalogs and price lists of the goods and services offered; place an order for the goods you like and suitable services.




Benefits of e-commerce for entrepreneurs

The development of e-commerce, the use of online distribution channels and advertising gives entrepreneurs various benefits:

1. Quick adaptation to new market conditions. Entrepreneurs can instantly add new products, change prices and product descriptions.

2. Reducing costs. In online trading there are no costs for renting or buying a store, insurance, utility bills, etc.

Electronic catalogs, which turned out to be much more profitable, replaced the printing and distribution of paper catalogs of goods.

With the development of e-commerce, marketplaces have emerged that have richer functionality and carry many opportunities for both buyers and sellers. For example, marketplace NYiGDE? offers free opportunities to create a store and conduct online trading.

3. Building relationships. Sellers get feedback from buyers. More often in the form of feedback or thanks. Entrepreneurs analyze this data and improve business. Also, sellers can provide a description of the product, advise customers about the quality of products and placing an order via the Internet.

4. Reaching an audience. The number of visitors, customers and buyers of the online store is easily monitored using modern services.

The information obtained will help to improve not only the range, but also the quality of technical support. Careful analysis of sales statistics will help improve and advertising.



Four main advantages make e-commerce attractive for business:

1. Accessibility for both large and small and medium businesses.

2. Online advertising space is practically unlimited.

3. View the goods in the online store and make an order at any time of the day from anywhere in the world.

4. Electronic purchases are made confidentially and quickly.



Internet e-commerce statistics for 2018

All listed benefits are confirmed by the latest statistics.

According to the results of the current year, 47.3% of the world's population already buys online.

Now digital media receive about 44% of the total advertising budget of the world, which corresponds to $ 237 billion. The championship is still for search advertising, which by the end of the year will spend $ 113 billion.

Online sales for 2018 will be about 9% of global retail sales.

25% of the population make at least one online purchase per week. And ⅔ buyers are sure that it is better to shop online, rather than in traditional stores.

The advantage is given to orders that require free shipping. Now about 30% of stores offer this feature.

You can check the listed advantages in practice on the marketplace “NYiGDE?”.

Do not waste your time, because the e-commerce marketplace “NYiGDE?” is developed, start to use it today. If you do not become a participant today, then tomorrow the competition will only increase.



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