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Interesting developments in e-commerce

Interesting developments in e-commerce

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L'Oreal tests the Augmented Reality technology in Instagram

Now one of the largest manufacturers of cosmetics L'Oreal is testing a new technology of augmented reality in Instagram. Testing is carried out together with Facebook. It is planned that the program will give users the opportunity to "try on themselves" this or that make-up. Using these technologies, L'Oreal's management hopes to attract even more customers.

Reuters reports that L'Oreal teamed up with Facebook to develop augmented reality. It is planned to apply this technology for such brands L'Oreal: Yves Saint Laurent, NYX, Lancome, Urban Decay. L'Oreal's director of digital technologies Lubomir Roche believes that social networks are L'Oreal's biggest online sales engine.

It is worth noting that 3 years ago, L'Oreal's e-commerce revenues were only 5%, and already in the first half of 2018 - 9.5%. So in the future Facebook integrates into the Instagram commercials based on augmented reality.


Mastercard sends Google information about purchases

Bloomberg writes that Mastercard sends Google information about customer purchases, if the product was advertised in the search engine. But the information comes not only from online stores, but also from offline stores.

The information is transmitted as follows: the user using the Google advertising network finds the goods on the Internet. Even if a user does not buy an item on the Internet, but buys it at a real retail outlet, the system still generates statistics about the goods viewed or purchased.

Information was passed only from users who had a Google account opened while viewing ads, and who purchased the product within 30 calendar days.

It was reported that the partnership agreement between the companies has been operating for more than a year. But the clients of Mastercard did not know that the information about them was sent to Google, because there were no public reports about the deal.

Bloomberg reports that Google paid Mastercard millions of dollars for this data. Representatives of Mastercard stressed that they share information about purchases of their customers solely for the purpose of assessing the effectiveness of advertising campaigns.

The representative also noted that Google does not collect personal data, information about personal transactions. He also stressed that each user can turn off tracking of data about viewing advertisements and viewed links.


Amazon opens a second store without cashiers and sellers

The giant of electronic commerce Amazon announced the imminent opening of the second store Amazon Go, which, like the first, will be in Seattle.

In the store, customers will be offered breakfasts, lunches and dinners, ready-to-eat. Food will be prepared by the chefs Amazon and local food workers. But in the first store assortment more. There are also products available from Whole Foods 365 Everyday Value, beer and wine.

The store will be open from 7 am to 7 pm every weekday. After all, it is this time interval that is most convenient for working people.

The new store will work just like the first one. The visitor must install the Amazon Go application before the purchase. Using the QR-code you can get inside with your account. Inside the store there are dozens of CCTV cameras.

The visitor picks up the goods and he is automatically added to his virtual basket. Collecting all the goods that suits him, the buyer can simply leave the store, and with his Amazon Go account, the funds for the selected products will automatically be written off.

A few months ago, representatives of Amazon reported that it is planned to open similar stores in San Francisco and Chicago. Also, there are suggestions that six similar stores are already open outside of Seattle.


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