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Instagram: now you can buy goods directly in the application

The social network Instagram launches a new feature - this is the purchase of goods directly in the application. Innovation while working in test mode. A record of this appeared in the company's blog.

It is reported that new features are currently available only in the United States of America and only with a certain number of brands.

The developers describe it this way - the user finds the product he likes, and buys it directly in the application, without using any third-party resources.

On the product page there is a button: "Checkout on Instagram." The user clicks on it, after which he opens the characteristics of the product, among which he can choose the appropriate. For example, size, color, quantity. And only after that the payment is made. You will need to specify an email address, your name, payment details, and delivery address when you first order. It is reported that the service will also be available tracking and notification of the order.

Buy through the application you can product the following world brands: Adidas, Dior, H & M, Burberry, Michael Kors, NYX Cosmetics, Nike, Zara, Prada, Uniqlo and others.

It is reported that Instagram sellers will write off commission. But its size is not yet known.



Alibaba integrates blockchain technology into the supply chain

Liu Song, vice president of the Chinese company Alibaba Group, shared that blockchain integration into the international supply system is now being considered. He said this in an interview.

Song also shared information that representatives of the e-commerce giant are now looking for opportunities to introduce the blockchain into the supply chain. Thus, it is planned to create a closed ecosystem and, possibly, to link it with local authorities. Alibaba also plans to optimize interaction with customs blocks, improve international logistics and trade finance. For this purpose, it is planned to combine the blockchain and Internet of Things solutions

It is worth recalling that in October 2018, the Alibaba Cloud company, which is a subsidiary of the Alibaba Group, announced that its BaaS platform (blockchain-as-a-service; blockchain as a service) is entering the international market. It will be able to use the inhabitants of Southeast Asia, Europe and the United States of America.

An interesting point is that Jack Ma, the CEO of Alibaba, often expressed the view that he considers the blockchain to be a potential solution to many logistics problems in the field of delivery. But the entrepreneur noted that the technology does not make sense until the entire global industry is transformed and will not become more environmentally friendly and open.

A striking example of such innovations is the transformation of one of the largest food suppliers - Carrefour. In November 2018, the company's developers integrated the blockchain into a system for delivering chickens that were raised in natural conditions. Therefore, the retailer has shared plans to use blockchain technology to deliver dairy products. This will allow tracing the movement of milk almost from the cow to the shelves in the store.



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