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The perfect script for a marketer. The subtleties of creation.

The perfect script for a marketer. The subtleties of creation.

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To establish contact, persuade the customer to purchase, also by telephone, you need not just a sales script, but a script-candy.

Since you are already on this page, it means that you need it, you know what the script is, you understand what the discussion is about, and therefore there is no need for detailed explanations of the term itself.

And yet, for beginners, a salesperson’s script is a text, a set of ready-made phrases, an ideal communication scheme over the phone (less often in a personal meeting) with a client, the purpose of which is to help the manager voluntarily buy a service or product. Yes, yes, “force voluntarily”! Exactly.

The script is needed for every good online store, more precisely for those who want to increase sales, grow and develop. Agree, you do not always know who is on the other side of the phone. Listens to you manager Ivan or director of the company Ivan Sergeyevich - an approach is necessary in both cases. It is very important to highlight key points and implement them in order to eliminate problems in the work of your telephone salesman.


Who should write the script sales?

What the head of the company does is write a script.

What the seller does is adjusts the script for himself.

In many organizations, management throws off this part of the work to the seller under the pretext ".. he sells, so he needs to write." It is not true. As a rule, if a person holds the position of leader, then he knows every little thing, understands what it is worth focusing on, and what is better to keep silent. No seller can do this for you! The seller accepts the finished script, adapts it to speech, style and enters into a dialogue with potential customers.

A good script is not done in a day. You need to understand this and not yell at the entire office “Why not ready?!”. Sketches, managers' opinions, live testing, edits, and after that, you can get a very good successful sales scenario. 


What are the difficulties?

The most difficult is the preparatory phase: laborious, boring and not fast. Yes, tired quickly, but that’s the truth. Something needs to be sacrificed for the future of the company. Of course, it is better to ask for help from a professional expert - a good manager, so that you are directed in the right direction, saving nerve cells.

Play the “Sent Cossack” - a great way to find out what competitors are doing. Just become a client of competing firms, listen to their manners, remarks, pay attention to what they pay more attention to and what is the reaction of the people. Check how effective their methods are. Perform an analysis of the dialogues of your managers regarding the presentation of the product / services, compare with competitors, make adjustments. Think well about how to present yourself (a product or service) super briefly and clearly. 


What is the feature?

All successful market players have developed individual, interesting chips, tools for users. There are some great examples when it comes to trading floors: 

Are we, for example, a marketplace NYiGDE? - we offer sales in 194 countries of the world, dividing the services into three packages: free, low price and slightly more expensive. That is, they pleased both small and medium, and large businesses.

* AliExpress platform - the cheapest goods from China. Not the fact that quality, but millions are being spent.

* Amazon online service - safe purchase, refund upon receipt of damaged goods.

People like it all! And who does not need profitable sales and safe purchases? This is their trick. So you must do so. You can call if you have something to offer. Create a decent proposal for people, think about your strengths, put it on paper and then carry it over the phone.

The field of activity does not have to be similar to the examples. It’s just that you can just divide it into packages, add something from yourself, provide an assortment, provide bonuses, give the best price and much more, which your business rivals do not have or is badly tuned. Take yours, add someone else's, slightly embellish and give it to people.


Service "Help a friend" - as always in the subject!

Connect the sales team. You must clearly know what the client wants, what you want from him, what you will give him and what the reaction to the call will be. And who knows the audience best? Right, sales people.

Let them study the greeting, acquaintance, presentation, objections, try to predict the next step, recall wishes. Each question should have a clear, reasonably prepared answer. “I don’t know, not my profile”, “I’ll ask again, then I’ll call you back”, “I’ll collect later” - no, no and no! This should not be heard by the client.

Depending on the purpose of the call, the scripts should be different: the first contact or a secondary, outgoing or incoming call, invite to a meeting or sell. Make a list of objections, work together taking into account a possible refusal, counter offers, questions.


Conservatism in everything, especially in scripts.

Telephone calls become a failure just because of verbal chaos. The manager is trying to ring as many of the audience as possible, disrupting the sequence. For example, when you are not interested in needs, but immediately sells. Follow the order:

0) A smile is required. Yes, they don’t see you, but the mood is perfectly conveyed on the phone, so smile while talking with the client and set him up for positive. Ethics, business communication and politeness should not leave consciousness. 1) greeting, making contact; 2) identification of his needs; 3) presentation of yourself; 4) objections (reception and processing); 5) his consent and completion of the transaction.


Non-stop testing.

Before approving the script on an ongoing basis, polish it. Let the team try to communicate with each other, as a manager - a client. Then try on real calls, but not on large clients. Integrate your script with CRM, to facilitate the work (given name, numbers, customer comments). After the next edits, act more actively. Obstacles and mistakes will become clear that the next stages of working on scripts will be dragged along.

Finally create a sales scenario and put it into practice for years - no, it doesn’t. Sooner or later, a month, a quarter, a half year later, a new one will appear that works faster and is many times more effective. Your duty to be in the subject is inevitable. Pre-prepared call scripts and regular adjustments are always effective. Do not be lazy, take the time to achieve the common goal and success of your company. 


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