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The race for the creation of space Internet.

The race for the creation of space Internet.

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SpaceX plans to send 60 satellites into space with its Falcon 9 rocket, which will form the first wave in the Starlink constellation. This is an extremely important and difficult launch for the company, but the effort is worth it. The result is space internet. The rocket has already completed all the important preliminary work, the fire test passed successfully, everything is ready for launch. The weather will allow - May 15 will start.

ReminderAfter launch, 2 degrees of the rocket returned to Earth in Florida, and the third landed in the ocean on a special platform. The Falcon Heavy rocket can take up to sixty tons of cargo and easily deliver it to space.

"Racing with competitors"

SpaceX - Not the only company that sees the future of connectivity in space. Mask's largest competitor is “OneWeb”, which in March took 6 of 650 satellites into space and already received a cash injection of $ 1.25 billion.

Jeff Bezos is also working on "Kuiper" satellite project. Now for SpaceX, the success of a planned mission is not just as important as another achievement. There was a sports interest - to surpass competitors.

Billions around the world are interested in the event, and the result is especially interesting for competing companies. If SpaceX fails to realize the idea, they will get a huge advantage - a lot of time for improvement.

The founder and CEO of SpaceX did not explain exactly how the 60 satellites will be distributed along their respective orbits. Now Mask company can launch a limited number of satellites at a time, so there will be quite a lot of missions to put them into orbit. This year they plan to carry out from two to six Starlink missions. Their exact number will depend on the success of the upcoming launch. Let's see what happens. We follow the continuation.


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