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Geopathic zones, as a source of cancer.

Geopathic zones, as a source of cancer.

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Incredibly hard to believe in the existence of geopathic zones, unnatural phenomena and other mystic. People for decades live in houses, complaining about health, depression, continuous disaster. A witness of the terrible car accidents on the same intersection, but no one even suspects in is really the cause of sorrow. The effects stay in geopathogenic zones are too fatal: imbalance, poor health, headaches and the most horrifying — Oncology.


The influence of geopathic zones on the body.

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Studies of European scientists confirm the relationship of adverse areas and health problems. Constantly being in "bad" areas is accompanied by headaches, fatigue, irritability, daily hassles, the presence of fear + pressure surges, swelling of the limbs and terrible disease — CANCER. If bad energy is concentrated at the head of the bed, the body is vulnerable to cancer of the brain, a stroke; in the stomach — ulcer and malignant tumors of the stomach; the legs — varicose veins, thrombosis. Suffer from nightmares, insomnia is the result of the placement of the bed in the Geopathic zones. Particularly sensitive are the babies, and if the bed is located in the Geopathic zones, the tranquility You can not see.

K. Bachler (Austrian scientist) watched by 11 000 people (children, adolescents and adults) for fourteen years. The results of the study: chronic diseases, disorders of the nervous system, cancer, effects of sleep and location of the workplace in the GPA.


How to identify geopathic zone.

The simplest way to determine GPZ are animals (cats, dogs). Adverse locations create noticeable human vibration. Purring cats too like in such a process, and as we know, animals can feel unearthly. That's because the cats sleep in the infrasonic pathogenic zone.

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The dog is the complete opposite of the cat will never fit in geopathogenic zone. The vibrations too are irritable, reminiscent of a kind of growl, which she could not tolerate.

The conclusion is that where cat — geopathic zones; where sleeps the dog positively for You. Drag the bed to the same place and be healthy!

Unexplained death of plants is another indicator of the presence of geopathic zones. Particularly susceptible are dwarf conifers, rose, aralia, haemanthus, freesia, asparagus, vallota, but the mutual influence of these plants with negative thoughts, it is possible to turn the use of man. Even with careful care, while in the anomalous zone, Pets, flowers will not survive. Wheat, also legumes will not germinate.


How to protect the house from anomalies.

To protect homes from negative you first need to understand the value: what is it, what is the impact. Geopathic zone — no radiation, no chemical fumes, no radiation. A precise definition is still there, but in a nutshell, it is the accumulation of the energy of interaction between the Earth and the Cosmos. The danger arises in the case of a long stay in the active power flow. When the body is saturated with cosmic-earthly power, fails the human system.

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If sleeping, working place, favorite sofa, chair located in a disadvantages place and move them is not possible, Feng-Shui will help. Kind of energy shield, spreading stones or metal bars under listed furniture. You can also place foil. Began construction lay in the Foundation of the aluminum foil, the reflection down. Such a method is resorted to in Japan, and you know, they say, helps. Unfortunately, the foil is not peculiar to 100 % to overcome negative energy impact, but partly to cope.

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And another tip from a business platform NYiGDE?: more a walk, preferably near water. In the open space energy increasingly dissipates, and the water geopathic zones do not tend to accumulate. Be healthy, take care of yourself and protect your home from GPZ exposure.


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У меня вообще на шерсть алергия!!!! Не переношу в доме животных. Ну разве что рыбок))) Плохо, что они не разбираются в этих неблагоприятных зонах)
Моя собака під дверима в кутку на коврику спить. Сьогодні ж скажу дружині, що там де спить пес анти геопатогенна зона. А здоров´я треба берегти!!!!! Знаэте за 11 років спільного життя вже замучився ділитися одиялом і вислуховувати скарги перед сном, а тут бач такий гарний повод !! Отож висновок мій такий, що геопатогенні зони це не завжди погано!
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