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Factors of e-commerce development

Factors of e-commerce development

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Many people use e-commerce services. Online trading is now actively replacing the usual offline space.

What caused such an active development of e-commerce? What conditions are needed for development to continue?



Factors stimulating the development of e-commerce in the global economy 

  • Global market. Ability to enter into business relationships with people from across the world. In fact, e-commerce with the help of marketplaces creates one retail space for everyone from different countries.
  • The cost of entering the online market is much lower than the cost of starting offline trading.
  • The geographical location of the company does not play any role. All communication is done via the Internet. This allows you to effectively establish a business.
  • Round the clock operation. Very few offline stores can afford to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And online stores are not tied to time, days of the week, time zones. Buyers can place an order in the online store at any convenient time.
  • The number of products available for purchase in the online store can reach tens of thousands. A rare offline store can boast with so many items. Buyers prefer to shop online due to the possibility of a large selection of affordable products.
  • Everyone has equal opportunities on the Internet. It does not matter whether it is a big corporation or a small business. Success also does not depend on how long the company has been on the market and how many products it has offered.


A large role in the development of e-commerce is played by the relations established between the companies that buy and sell goods and services in the online environment. That is, the B2B sector.

The proportion of such purchases in e-commerce is quite large. Also significant participants in this area are government organizations and, of course, individuals.



Ecommerce benefits

E-commerce for several years has become a highly efficient sales environment. Its advantages are used both by retail online stores (B2C sector - "Business To - Customers") and manufacturing companies for trade among themselves (B2C sector - "Business To - Business").

The main advantages are:

  • Integration into the global economic and informational market.
  • Lack of geographical barriers.
  • Ability to reduce costs due to the lack of a large chain of intermediaries.
  • Development of technical base.
  • The development of modern banking technologies that serve customer trading.
  • Developed information security system for e-commerce market participants.

Improving e-commerce has a positive effect on global growth. You can make sure of the advantages of the online market by creating your first online store on the marketplace “NYiGDE?”.



Stages of development of e-commerce systems

E-commerce is developing in several stages.

At first, buyers are interested in technological innovations. At acquaintance with the system and satisfaction of the initial interest, the excitement subsides a bit.

Over time, these users become regular customers or participants in the online market.

Then each of the representatives of the sphere is trying to improve the existing system, to introduce modern technologies into it. New payment methods are added, logistics is improved.

Such innovations help develop e-commerce even faster.


E-commerce is, above all, freedom. For the buyer - the freedom to choose the seller, product and price range; for the seller - the ability to quickly enter the world market.



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